Stop in the Name of Love

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Chapter 6

My back hurts as Jordan presses me against a tree. He’s trying to remember to be gentle, but I don’t think he’s thinking clearly. His hands have run a course down from my face, over my neck and shoulders, caressing my arms and rest on my waist, pulling me closer. His hands fumble and run over me, I can barely keep up with him as his lips attack mine and his arms wrap around me. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with my hands, so out of fear of upsetting him or getting in the way I keep them in fists against my chest. He pulls his face back, breathing heavily. My lips are sore.

“Umm,” His voice is barely above a whisper, “I’m... I’m sorry. I should have asked first, I’m sorry,” He slowly puts distance between us but never once lets go of my waist, “Are you alright?”

My breath shakes, I feel the cool air bite at my now very warm body. I nod, unable to find words.

“I didn’t scare you or hurt you or anything, did I?”

I shake my head and stare at his lips. I wish I could find the courage to find the words to tell him I want to kiss him again. My hands shake against my chest, my warmth is slowly sapped away from me.

“Can you say something, please?” One of his hands carefully comes to my chin, lifting my face to look at him.

“D-don’t stop,” my voice sounds like a pathetic little squeal.

His mouth forms a smile as his eyes sparkle. He pulls me against him, wrapping his arms tightly around me. I can feel his quick breathing against my neck. I, again, don’t know what to do.

“Jordan,” I whimper, “I don’t-- what am I supposed to do? I don’t know what to do.”

He squeezes me tighter, “You do whatever you want. Right now though, I just want to hold you close to me, just a little longer.”

I move hesitantly as I press my hands to his chest. I can feel his heartbeat against my finger tips. Careful not to make any sudden movements, I let my hands migrate up his chest and neck to rest in his hair. Goosebumps cover me at the sound of him moaning as I play with his hair.

“Rhea,” His voice is rough and desperate as his hands travel over me again.

He pulls away for only a moment before tenderly places his lips to mine again. He carefully puts little kisses on every part of my lips that he had previously bit or sucked on. It’s so soft and gentle I don’t even try to fight the content sigh I release. I lean in and deepen the kiss. My hands tighten on his hair as I push my body closer to him.

The feeling of bliss only fades when he pulls away, I of course embarrass myself by whimpering like a little kid. He chuckles at the little noise.

“I... Should get you home.”

For the first time all day, I remember just what is waiting for me at home and fear settles in again. Suddenly all desire to kiss Jordan and let his hands run over me is gone and replaced with a need to cry. Jordan’s face sinks as he pulls me into a tight hug.

“It’ll be ok, I promise you. Somehow it will be ok,” He presses his lips to the top of my head.

My nose starts running from the cold, I realize Jordan is right, we can’t stay out much longer. I desperately wish he was wrong, I desperately wish I could stay in this little bubble for the rest of the night. I want to go back to his arms around me and his lips pressed against me.

“Jordan please,” I cringe when I realize I’m begging, “Please don’t take me back. I don’t want to, I can’t! He’ll kill me for sneaking out and staying out so late. Please don’t make me go back!”

He grabs my hands as I grip his jacket sleeves. I start crying, I can’t fight it any longer, I collapse against Jordan and start balling.

I clearly caught him off guard, as he quickly wraps his arms around me to support me. He starts petting my hair and gently shushing me.

“Don’t cry, please don’t cry. I don’t know what else to do right now. I’m so sorry, I am so, terribly sorry.”

I beg more. More likely than not, I’m just embarrassing myself, looking like a psychotic fool. I don’t know why Jordan isn’t running away now.

“I don’t know what to do. If I could I would take you home and hide you and keep you safe,” He shows a small grin that quickly fades, “I just... I don’t know if something like that is possible. You don’t have anything for the night and my parents could be home. I don’t know what to do.”

“I can’t go back tonight. I’d sooner sleep outside... Once a year ago, I was running late at work and didn’t give him dinner, he nearly broke my arm! I can’t go back tonight!”

I watch him think for a while, his lips are tight as he stares down at me. I can’t stop crying and he looks devastated.

“I might have an idea, give me ten minutes,” He gently guides me back to swing and leaves me there as he pulls out his phone.

I watch him, and seconds feel like hours as he paces with his phone to his ear. I push myself back and forth with my toes, the light rocking calming me down. Jordan will figure something out, he’s good at that stuff, he’ll come up with something. His back is to me, so I can’t read his face, but he’s moving a lot. I wish I could hear what he was saying.

After a small eternity passes, he hangs up and comes back over to me. A big smile plastered on his face.

“We are so fucking lucky! My dad had a business trip this weekend, he won’t be back until Monday morning, but my mom decided she wanted to go too and get some time out of the house. She caught a flight three hours ago. A buddy of mine was able to fudge up the security cameras so my parents will never have to know, because trust me they would ask so many questions you might explode. You can stay at my house tonight, the maid will be the only one there and she’s very understanding. I want to run by your house though, so you can have clothes and stuff since I don’t have anything you can borrow. Is there a window to your room you can sneak in?”

I struggle to keep up with his words but I manage to nod, “Its by my desk, I used to use it to sneak out to go to school.”

His smile becomes sympathetic as he lifts me up and we walk back to the car. Together we go over the layout of my room, where my backpack is, my school stuff, clothes, soap. Luckily I keep all my stuff organized and away from the rest of the house.

I try to stay quiet on the drive back, afraid that if I speak I’ll cry and chicken out. Jordan puts on some music and holds my hand through most of the trip. The closer we get to my house, the harder I squeeze his hand.

Pulling up in front of the house, most of the lights are off. My dad’s office light is on, but thankfully my room is on the opposite side of the house. Jordan and I carefully round behind the house and find my window.

“Be careful,” He whispers as he boosts me up.

I slide in and grab my backpack that is still sitting on my bed. I move quickly and quietly as I grab a few pairs of underwear and clothes, I grab pj’s, my sneakers, and my homework, I grab my makeup and toiletry bag. I shove it all into my worn backpack, afraid I might rip it. I lower it down gently for Jordan to grab. The last thing I find is my jacket, quickly putting it on as I slide out of the window again and into Jordan’s arms.

I close the window to the best of my ability before following Jordan back to his car. I focus on slowing my heartbeat while he drives.

“Do you have work tomorrow?” He asks, “I could drop you off if you’d like. I have no problem with it, and if you want I’ll pick you up and bring you back to my place if you aren’t ready to go home.”

I smile and nod, he’s being so generous it almost makes me feel guilty. I don’t know what to do or say. Instead, I focus on how the passing houses slowly get nicer until we reach a big, sky blue house with pillars out front. My jaw drops as Jordan punches in a code at the gate.

He drives up a long, gravel driveway and parks in front of the door. I’m still too stunned to move, he takes my bag and comes around to open my door. The front door opens as we walk up the stairs.

A middle aged woman with fiery red hair steps out, giving Jordan an annoyed look, “It’s a good thing I love you kiddo. If you’re father found out about this? Whew! Not even your mom could save my job or your hyde!”

I turn pink, I don’t want anyone getting in trouble because of me. The woman looks at me eagerly.

“Rosie, this is Rhea. And trust me, she’s worth the risk. I’ll explain it all later ok? Right now I want to get her inside and comfortable,” Jordan puts his hand on my lower back, guiding me to the woman who then wraps her arms around me.

“Poor thing looks like a dear in the headlights! Let’s get you some food and a place to rest sweetie,” Her voice is very shrill, but endearing.

I follow them into a grand entryway all white and polished, a number of doorways appearing on both sides. I feel sickly overwhelmed. I follow the two as they take me in a doorway and up a set of stairs. I find myself in a long hallway with five closed doors.

“This is my room,” Jordan cringes as he points to one of the doors, “You don’t want to go in there. You can take the guest room next door. I won’t be far if you need me. Rosie, please help her get comfortable, I’m going to the kitchen to find some food.”

After a long pause, he removes his hand and walks back down the stairs. I’m left with the smiling redhead.

“I’ve never seen Jordan so worked up over a girl. Come on lovely,” She takes my bag and heads into the room, “I’ll draw you a bath and turn down your bed. You look so exhausted.”

I step into the gorgeous room and take in the gold and olive green furniture. There’s a large closet with a desk next to its door. A huge bed sits against the main wall with a tv across from it. I don’t need to look in the bathroom to tell its gorgeous too. I sit down on a small, couch looking thing and take it all in. Rosie bustles about and I hear water running, I smell roses. It’s not long before Rosie returns to my side with a robe.

“Why don’t you get undressed? I put some bubble bath in to help relax you, your backpack is on the desk and the tv remote is on the nightstand. If you don’t need anything, I’m going to make sure Jordan doesn’t burn the house down trying to impress you.”

She laughs and I give a genuine smile in return. I watch her leave and shut the door before I strip down and take the robe into the bathroom.

The tub is huge and full of bubbles, steam is still rising. I carefully lift my leg and climb in. I feel the soft bubbles surround me, the warmth soothing every inch of me. I let myself sink farther into the water, not caring if it’s warm enough to sting my skin. I feel a hesitant smile spread over my lips as I close my eyes and drift into daydreams.

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