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Love and family story in the south Georgia

Romance / Mystery
Jerry Smith
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Southern Love Exposure

I went down in the far South United States of Georgia big plantions massive side mansions

and Southern Bells all dress up in their gowns and showing southern hospitality. The single

Ladies were looking for man to have a relationship with no matter if their married or not

they had rich parnets like the song Summertime and the living is easy. I like to help them out

but it won't beme for I was already married with three children maybe find love for a frien of

mine that single and looking for a soulmate I will not cheat on Sasha no matter the reason but

It look very tempting. But I couldn't live my life that way for I went to find , Sasquatch I took.

Sasha and Rebecca with me on my final trip I watch while Sasha and Rebecca did the

research stay in hotel two separate rooms. They brought In our luggage we arrived about

about 6:00 P.M. TIme for supper take a ride around the area came back at 8:00P.M. we went

to find information on the Sasquatch sightings. We place the sightings and land owners,

we got back in time for lunch the two children stayed at home they 17 years old by than.

Sasha and I Were still madly in love with each other. She went in her room we stayed in our

room .we were invited to stay a couple days in a massionthey had plenty of room serve

breakfast eggs, beacon, biscuits. That morning we went hiking some mountains they did

the research I was there to help and protect them if they came face to face within yards of a

Sasquatch I brought a 44 magnum revolver with me . Ssaha and Rebecca found the tracks

large Sasquatch 18"inch foot prints .they learn how too with plaster casting. DIdn't see any

Sasquatch they know there was one in the wooded area. We headed back to mansion. We

ate supper Rebecca went to her room to work on report of Sasquatch Reasearch. Sasha and.

I relax for the evening till supper time we went to Wendy's and ate . Came back to mansion

and relax for the evening sitting on the wrap around porch second floor. We could see the

mountains. In the morning was our last day for them to research the woods they found

Some hair new tracks to cast. Ssasha and I made love the night before. That mornig

we saw a Sasquatch 50yrd out beside a tree trying to hide form us. It smell bat like rotten

meat. Sasha took photos with flash . We headed back to car went back to the mansion we ate

lunch paid the land owner $50.00 Pack bags in car headed back to Kansas it took a couple of

days For months later I found out she was pregnant again. We were a loving happy family.

The End


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