Once upon an us

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This story is about a world where magic is the norm. There are witches that believe humans shouldn't exist because they burned some of their ancestors these witches are called rouges.Sam is a 18 years old woman who's father died because the rouges burned down the house in the middle of the night. Sam's dad was the leader of the good witches who team up and live peacefully with humans. The 1 rule is human's and witches can be friends but they are not allowed to be intimate.they and only be in love with their own kind.will this all change?

Romance / Fantasy
Tammy Casteel
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Sam's flashback

Page 1. Once upon an us.

Sam's FlashBack.

"DAD!!".."MOM!!!" All I see is thick grey smoke my throat and nose burn from it. I cant breath my eyes burn. Everything burns . I'm terrified beyond words how can such a peaceful night turn into this.I called out for my parents the best I could. As I felt my eyes start to close I feel my Dads hand grab my arm."its ok my princess. Mom is safe outside waiting for you...its ok"my dad says this through his coughing and tears he looks dirty and is covered in blood his blue sea eyes looks cloudy and half shut. His once sturdy hands shaking in fear. I try to keep my eyes open I'm trying to move fast. Suddenly I see flames grow I can feel the heat slamming against my skin like knives. My Dad shoves me out of the house as far as he could. "I LOVE YOU BOTH!" My dad screams as the burning house we called home came falling

down on him...

I was thirteen years old when Rouges came and burned my home,my Dad..the world was so peaceful for sixteen years after my dad led the witches that wanted to live in peace with humans.He made a deal with the humans that they would protect them and live in peice. There would be a school for humans and a school for witches that way witches can learn how to use their powers for good. The only rules are each human needs at least Two or more witch neighbors for safety reasons. Humans and witches can be friends but they can never be married or in any intimate relationship. Witches can only be intimate with witches, humans can only be intimate with humans. Small price to pay for peace right? Does true peace even exist? And what's the point of such a stupid rule?Rouges are witches that hide away from everyone. They believe humans shouldn't exist because witches where born first and when humans found out about witches they burned some of them.that's why they made a plan to kill my dad the leader of the good witches. They thought if they could kill him the humans wouldn't have a chance. A war broke out between the good witches and the rogues after rogues killed my Dad. The humans brought weapons fighting along side all the good witches. Some of the rogues saw the way humans where taking the witch children inside protecting them. They saw humans and witches fight side by side. The rouges who noticed that turned against the other rogues and soon became one of us. MS.Nell the librarian told me this story. She used to be a rogue because the humans burned her mother when she was a child which led to her believing humans where all bad. She said things have changed people have changed that's why she was able to abandon the rouge life. We won the war but rouges are still out there we need to be careful. We need to stick together.

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