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"HAPPY EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY SAM!!!" that is the sound of my mom jumping for joy in my bedroom. I look up at the clock its nine o'clock in the morning. I laughed when I saw mom standing there with a cone shaped hat holding a platter with a huge chocolate birthday cake and on one side of the platter I see bacon the other I see biscuits and orange juice. "So we are having cake,biscuits,and bacon for breakfast" I say smiling at my mom as I climb out of bed to give her a hug. "Of course its your birthday a really big birthday." Mom says this as she sets the platter on my desk tears dropping from her face.i gave her a hug and kiss."ok mom let's eat!!thank you."

After me and mom ate cake until we couldn't anymore mom stood up patting her stomach. "I think cake for breakfast was toooo much I'm tired I'll be taking a nap". "Ok mom thank you for everything sweet dreams literally. I'll be headed out." "Ok sweetie have fun geeze I'm getting old cake for breakfast used to be my thing when I was young" I laughed as I was about to walk out of the house "mom your not old your cake it just to amazing I'm definitely gonna need coffee. I love you by mom."

My town is very small. I don't have a car but I don't really need one considering how small my town is. The library is a 3 minute walk from my home.i love the library it's one of my favorite hangouts. I love the scenery of the library.walking up to the small white fence around the library I always pause and look around. Hearing the birds singing beautifully from the three bird houses in front of the library. The building looked like a cozy big brick house with a garden in the front yard. I sit on one of the benches in the garden. Looking down theres a small pond with baby ducks. The pond had grey smooth stones surrounding it making a perfect circle. The scent of flowers surrounding me beautifully. Walking into the front door wiping my feet on the big Welcome mat.the wind shines that let everyone know someone has entered is much better to me than a plain loud bell.

"Sam honey it's so nice to see you" the beautiful woman in her 30s with long black hair and the most blue eyes I've ever seen smiled with her perfectly white teeth with a little red lipstick on her front tooth.thats miss Nell she is the owner of this library and the only librarian in it. "Ms. Nell you see me everyday Haha it's nice to see you to .you have lip stick on your tooth" ms. Nell grabs her mirror from her purse and fixes her teeth. "Thank you Sam for telling me that! I was In such a rush this morning but i also wanted to look amazing because my favorite mailman should be coming inside today because I ordered a few big boxes.i made sure to order them within the time he would be working today.Hopefully I can get the nerve to ask his number.i practiced all night this time I'm prepared" I laughed as she rambles shes such a sweet woman. Shes had a thing for the mailman for a while but shes a bit shy.

I smiled as the mailman walked in and greeted Ms.Nell. I decided to go grab my book I came for. I needed to practice some magic before my exams in 4months.4 months seems like alot of time but not when you have so much to remember. To graduate I need to be able to perform every spell successfully so I'm grabbing some magic books to freshen up. After finding the books I need I swipe my library card and scanned my books.on my way out the door I could hear Ms.Nell giggling putting her number in his phone. I'm happy for her.

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