Once upon an us

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Abandoned house

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Theres a abandoned house in the middle of a huge open field next to the woods. It's my hangout I use this place to practice my magic. I come here everyday I really love this place. I'm the only one that goes there.the house is right outside my neighborhood. People say its haunted that's not true. It is creepy but not haunted. I walk up to the rusty metal gate it squeaks as I open it. The front lawn weeds grew past my knees. If there ever was a path it was gone, buried.It was a dirty white house the window frames were more bare rotting wood than white paint It had narrow broken windows.On either side of the yard were creepy gargoyles. It has an open wooden porch with a wooden rocking chair you can see it used to be white. Spiderwebs and dust covers the house. The wood porch creeks as i walk up the steps.The tan door had that sun-bleached look. Twisting the cold metal door nob I walked in shutting the door behind me. The living room was huge. The walls had torn wallpaper that lost its color. The floor was wooden it had some missing floor boards. There was one couch with a white sheet I put over it so I could sit. Theres a huge bookshelf that's built in the wall. I set my books on it with the rest of my books. There isn't much in the house which gives me room.

It's a two story house the stairs led to the three bedrooms. Only two of the bedrooms have beds.the other one is empty only thing in it is spiders and dust. I like the creepy look of the house plus it keeps people away.

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