Once upon an us

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Meeting Max

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I'm in the living room practicing for the exams. I've been here for 7 hours. when I hear a loud noise from upstairs. I go up the stairs to investigate. I open the door that leads to the empty bedroom. All I see is a guy who looks to be 6ft tall. He is muscular he has brown hair and green eyes. Hes waving around a sword at a dummy he must have put there. Ok maybe I'm not the only one that's brave enough to come here. He looks over at me pointing his sword in my direction. "Who are you? Are you a rogue?" He says this as he walks closer.

"If I was a rogue do you really think I'd tell you? Or would I attack you with magic?" I laughed as I said this. I'm sorry but it's funny it's like asking a robber hey did you rob that store. He lowered his sword "right that is a stupid question huh?"he says this scratching his head embarrassed. "Its ok I guess you are trying to be safe. Looking at the sword in your hand I'm guessing your a human?" He looks at me and replies with a smile "yes I am. I'm practicing for my exams. I really want to be a great swordsman and make a living protecting people." I smile back "I'm actually doing the same thing.my exams are in 4months I have to perfect every spell ever to graduate.i kinda like how school is out until the day of the exams when are your exams?" He puts the sword in a sword holder on the far end of the room. There are many weapons over there. "Mine are also in 4months.i like having no school until the exams also.i guess humans and witches have similar school schedules. Do you come here often?" He says as he leans his arm on the wall missing the wash and falling on the floor .i laughed trying to talk through my laughter"wow your really smooth. What was that?to bad your a human what girl wouldn't want a guy that smooth " I cant manage to stop laughing. I can see the mean look hes giving me and try to contain my laughter. "Hey! You stop that I can tell you I'm very popular with the ladies" he wiggled his eyebrows then we both laughed. After our shared laughter he stands up walking towards me. "I'm Max.i come here everyday I found this place 2 months ago and decided to make it my training grounds. I usually come at night but I'm trying to get more training done."he holds his hand out so I shook his hand and replied. "My name is Sam I've been coming here for a few years. It's been my training grounds and hangout spot." I walk over to the weapons curious about what's over there "so what all is on this exam?" I ask picking up a axe then placing it back. "Well it depends on if your just a regular human or if you want to be a worrier. I want to be a worrier so I have to take 2 exams. The first one is math,history,science normal stuff like that. My other exam I have to be able to name and use every one of these weapons and perform different strategies and fighting meatheads. I have to be able to know what to do in emergencies. I have to move fast and think quickly. Basically everything I would need to know to protect everyone. " wow humans have to learn alot also. The way he was swinging that sword he looked pretty fast.i wonder if he needs help practicing. Me being a witch it could help him prepare while I practice my magic."do you want help? Me and you can meet here and practice every day how does that sound?" He smiles"that sounds like a great idea.is it ok if we practice at different times? Some days in the afternoons others at nights? That was we can practice going to war at any time of the day." "Yes I actually think that's a great idea.its already 6pm I'm gonna call it a night but maybe we can start tomorrow night at 8? Or afternoon around12?" He thinks about this as he pulls out a notebook from his backpack that's by the open window . Wait did he come through the window? "I think 12 in the afternoon will be good tomorrow I wrote it down. And here's my number" he hands my a paper with his number on it . I put it in my phone calling him so he'd have my number. "before I leave Max...how did you get in here?" "I climbed through the window. Being able to climb is part of the exam." Ok that makes sense. "Ok well I'll see you tomorrow it was nice to meet you" I say this as I walk out the door."nice meeting you to! Dont be late!"he yelled.

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