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BOOM!! "I cant believe I dodged that!"Max yelled with pride. We are outside of the abandoned house in the woods. We've been practicing for a few hours. We decided we'd start with Max running in the woods dodging my flame balls and random trees being knocked down. This would help him with his speed and I get to freshen up on 2 spells.I laughed "yeah that was a close one. I decided it would be interesting to see if you can dodge a flame ball and 2 falling trees at the same time." As I say that he grabs his towel to wipe off. "You're a ruthless training buddy I'm sure we'll pass our exams.who thought a girl like you would be so tough!" I smack his arm playfully "hey! What's that supposed to mean!?a girl like me?"

He laughs "I fiqured youd be a cheerleader.aren't all the beautiful women cheerleaders?" I laughed at him unsure if I should be mad or feel complemented. "I don't know how to reply to that so I'll let you slide just this once." He laughs at me and we both start walking inside.He grabs one of my magic books off the shelf "ok Sam I'm gonna flip to a random page and whatever spell it lands on you have 10 seconds to complete." I grin and stand up straight "I love challenges I hope you land on one that tells me to turn you into a bug" he narrowed his eyes at me"your a evil woman! Ok let's begin"

He's holding the textbook of beginning spells well this should be short and simple I learned those spells when I was a kid. He throws my textbook in the air!What! I quickly use my power to stop the book while it's in the air and slowly set it on the couch. "What what that! That was my book from the library you cant just throw it!"he trys not to laugh "I had to test your quick thinking abilities. Wont you be tested on the unexpected happening and needing to think fast like me?"I think before speaking "yes geeze my poor book.so was that the plan or are you really gonna pick a random spell?" "No I am gonna pick a random spell.i randomly just fest like throwing something" really? He just felt like throwing something I laughed "ok idiot pick a spell!" He picks up the book and turns to a random page."it says to make yourself invisible. You can do that! How cool is that!" I laughed at him oh wow humans get excited easy huh? Just then within 2 seconds I made myself invisible. I can see his mouth drop to the floor hes obviously in shock. The rest of the day we spent doing magic the shock on his face was priceless.

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