Once upon an us

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I look at the time noticing that its 10 o'clock at night. I stand up from the couch me and Max where taking a break on."its getting late wanna meet back here at 12 tomorrow?"I wait for his reply as I grab my bag. "Yes I can bring us lunch." He smiles. His smile is so sweet he has the most perfect white teeth smooth dark lips and the cutest dimples on his cheeks."sounds great to me I'll see you then." I say this as I run out of the door.

It's been four weeks so far that we've been practicing together. So far we've been practicing the basics.Max is really cool we get along very well. I have to give it to him he really knows his stuff.

Fast author note. Should I continue this story or no? Any and all opinions are welcomed I want truthful advice/opinion. Please don't worry about hurting my feelings because you wont your honesty will only help me grow.

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