Mistress of Ingot

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Iris Winslow,, a ruthless, manipulative matriarch, is the current mistress of the most prestigious home in Brownstone - Ingot. When Randolph (sole heir to the Ingot property) begins to show interest in a local girl,, Lucy Chambers, Iris is most upset. When Lucy mysteriously disappears, the way for the citified Charlotte Hastings to marry Randolph.. Iris is pleased, till the marriage begins to fall apart.. Charlotte finds and moves in with a new man, as Lucy busily reinvents her life. Eventually, Lucy returns to Brownstone and love blooms again between her and Randolph. He is anxious to "pick up" where they had "left off". Iris is livid. "Over my dead body!" she swears, These words come close to being prophetic, as Iris goes on the warpath,, doing everything in her power to prevent Lucy from ever becoming mistress of Ingot. In the end, matters take a turn, Iris would never have imagined.

Romance / Drama
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Mistress of Ingot

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