My arrogant husband

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I have crush on one of my classmate. He is very popular among all the friends. I really like him but suddenly he transfer in another school. I feel so sad. But after 6 year, I meet him again. What?? You are the one whom i should marriage. I was so happy that he was the one whom my dad choose for marriage. What the hell? After marriage I actually found that he is not same as before. He is arrogant, bossy, cruel. How can i live with arrogant man? My life became hell. But his hidden soft side make me fall for him again. My arrogant husband.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Do you believe in destiny? As other I also don't believe in destiny but now I do. No matter how much we run away we get what is written in our fate. We can only run but cannot escape.

I am Smile. I enjoy music and like to read novels. I have a friend. Her name is Ana. I met her in high school. She is kind, helpful and naive. From first day of high school, she help me a lot. She stand for me.

Her behavior is quite similar to a boy I use to know. His name is Bright. When I was in secondary school I first saw him. At that time I was 13 years. He help me a lot. Because of him I start to laugh. I don't know when I start to fall for him. But I realize when suddenly he disappear for my life.

Bright transfer in next school when we were 15 years. That time I was in grade 10. Because of his family matter he transfer in next school. From that day I never saw him from that day. Now it has been many years. But still I miss him every day.

Ana is my best friend who knows everything about me but I haven't tell her about my first love. She never believe in love. But she fall in love with Zain. Zain was our senior when we were in high school. Every girl in our class like him. He was popular among the girls. Everyone knows that he was Playboy still all girls want to date him. I never notice that Ana also like Zain. I was so busy with my pat time job.

When I was in high school at grade 11, I work at cafe. My work was to note the order and serve the order. It was so tiring work that I only have 5 hours to sleep. My class start from 7 am to 2 pm. I have to reach at cafe at 3 pm. So I take a bus hurrily when class is over. Because of this I have no time to pay attention in Ana. In class, I concentrate in study and after school I run for work.

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