My arrogant husband

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I am happy

My life is same. Two years have pass i completed my study in bussiness. I can return to my city now. I can help my dad and mom. I have really work hard in study. So now it's time work for my parents. I really love mom and dad.

(At station)

Smile, Take care of yourself and call me when you arrive ok. Bye bye Ana......

I felt so sad. I need to go back. I cannot be with Ana. The worst thing is Zain and Ana are together. Back then I was so angry that Zain make Ana cry. So i went to warn Zain. Zain!! Zain..... Let me tell you never show your face infront of Ana. If you hurt Ana again i will.... i will..... I will what? Will you make me cry hahaa..... I was confident when i scold him but cannot say any more. He actually dare to show infront of Ana. He follow Ana daily. And after 6 months they are together. When they were in relation i try many method but cannot find anything. I know Zain don't like Ana he only want to hurt her and wanna revenge me but it has been more than 1 year but still they are together. Really? Can it be that Zain like Ana for real. No no it cannot be. Zain is playboy.

Smile!!!! Wait. Ana what happen i need to go now. Smile can you stay here for today. I mean can you go tomorrow. But Ana.. Smile please.... please. See Smile now you will go back and we will not meet. So please just for today. Let's celebrate today ok. ( Ana look sad and i cannot meet her always. So for today) Ok Ana I will go tomorrow. So What your plan for today. Let's go to bar. But Ana I cannot drink you know right. It's okay you don't need to drink we will only enjoy. So who will we go with? Zain, you and me.(I knew that Zain will be there).

At bar

Where is Zain? Is he not here yet? Ana you can call him. Ok.

What Zain say Ana? Ahh he said he is here. Smile I need to use washroom I will be in min. But Ana.....(I don't want to see him.) Smile.... Where is Ana? Ahh she will be here soon. See Smile i know you don't like me but trust me I really like Ana. Really???( Huh!! How can a person change). Smile, I know at first i just want revenge for what you say but when i was with her slowly i realize that I like her. So please don't think i am only playing with her. Are you serious?? I Really like Ana. Suddenly Ana came. Whoa!! What are you two talking? Ohh Ana....Nothing nothing we were only saying hi to each other. By the way Smile we are 22 year now so what about boyfriend. Come on Ana you know that Dad have fix my marriage when i was 10 year and 5 days later i will be marriage. But Smile you don't know what person is he, What is his name, you know nothing how can you marry him. I cannot go against my dad. You know that they are very important to me. But Smile,What about you? Will you be happy? ( Happy? How can I be happy? I only like him but now i need to marry unknown person) Sure I am happy. Mom and dad always do best for me. But Smile Why don't you inviteus in your marriage? Ana, Mom said We will only register marriage. Ohh... Okay Okay Let's celebrate.

Whoa!! I am really happy today Ana. Finally i can be happy for you and Zain. Zain! Promise me that you will take care of Ana and never make her cry. I promise.(I am happy for Ana but sad for myself. I cannot be with the one whom I love). Okay Ana, Zain bye bye. I will go to my house. But Smile, you said you will go tomorrow. Ahh Ana Mom call me and said she need to talk with me. So, I have to go now. But.... Ana I really enjoy today and I will miss you so much. Smile......(tears) Ana bye bye...... I take my luggage and return home.

In aeroplane

( I can be happy. I can be. I have to follow what dad say.)

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