My arrogant husband

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Finally I am home. It has been 4 years since I went for study and now I am home.

Mom Dad!!! Are you at home? Mom!! Ohh Smile you are back... ( turn back) Mom! How are you Mom? And Where is Dad? I hug my Mom. She was so happy. Dad was not in home. Mom is Dad not at home? Umm.... Mom Is there any problem? No Smile, Everything is fine. And now you are 22 year and you are going to be marry. The truth behind my marry is because Mom and Dad fix her biological daughter marriage with the son of Dad best friend but when she was 5 year she die in accident. So Dad adopt me as her daughter for this marriage. Dad told me all this when i was 13 year. They want me to marry in that family so Dad can be good business partner and he want their friendship to be strong. Dad best friend live in foreign country. And now they are coming back tomorrow for marriage.

Next day

Haww.... mmmmm...... Good morning Smile! Ummmm..(Slowly opening eye) Whoa pa!! Pa..... Smile I told you not to call your Dad Pa. Oh!! Sorry, Dad I miss you so much. I also miss you. Pa! Did I need to get marriage. Yes you have to. And your uncle decide to marry you and his son today. Pa!!! But Why today?? Don't you say it will be after 2 days. Yes but his son don't want to marry so he have force his son so he want his son to get marry soon. Umm... Ok now get ready fast they will be here at any time.

After 30 minutes

Knock knock.....

Open the door. You are here my friend. Long time no see. Where is your daughter? I want to see her She must be grown up right. Yeah She have but where is your son? He will be here soon. See this is my daughter. Whoa!! She is really beautiful. Hello Uncle, How are you? Umm You are grown now. So beautiful. Dad!!! Ohhh here is my son.......

( What???? Is he is the one whom I marry)

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