My arrogant husband

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I am married

A man in blue coat, white shirt, blue pant with cold shoulder was standing infront of door. His face look familiar. He look like bright. Wait wait....... Is he bright. He came close to me and greet my Dad and Mom. It was unbelievable. He is bright. I have never expect that my groom will be him. I was so happy. I look at my Dad and smile. My parent were talking with bright father happily but bright didn't speak a word. We went in civil affairs. We register our marriage. We complete our formalities and click photo. Even in photo he don't smile. In school he was cheerful and talkative but now he stay silent. I don't feel good. After finishing all thing there we return home. Dad ask to pack my cloth and i went in my room and pack my dress. I was happy to marry the one whom I love but one thing was making me sad. It was bright sad face. He was not the same bright I know. I bring my suitcase down and look at bright. He take my suitcase and went out. I look at Dad and ask "Dad, Cannot I stay here for few more days? Dad refuse me. I look with pitiful eyes and said " Dad!!! Please, I just return yesterday and I have to leave today. Please Dad only two days." Mom pull me and said "Smile, you can come here at any time but today you have to go with bright." Mom told me that I have to stay with bright in same house and Uncle have to return in Europe. I saw bright at door waiting for me. I went with him. He open the car door for me. I hop inside it. He drive his car. It was akward silent. So I talk with him. Bright, Do you remember me I am your classmate in school. I am so happy to meet you again. I never imagin that I could see you again. I am so happy...... I guess I was so excited that I speak non stop and what he said was actually like a dream...... a horror dream....

Shut up!!!!! You are too noisy. When he said I am noisy, I was terrify. It was scary. The look in his eye was scary. I was so scared that I stay silent for long time. I was about to cry. He was horrible. He was not same as before. He was not. I look outside the window and finally he stop the car. I was too afraid to look at him. So i look outside the window even he stop the car. He open the door and went outside the car. I can finally breathe with freely. 30 minutes were like a year. It was hard to stay with him. It was only 30 minutes but still I cannot take it. I was afraid how can I stay with him in same house.

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