My arrogant husband

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I felt so afraid to look at him. So I was waiting when will he go. But he didn't go but he suddenly come near to me. I was so nervous don't know what to do so I turn around. Oops!! I actually kiss him. I am dead dead....... I hurrily turn back. My face turn red and have no idea what to do. He move him hand near my waist and I feel Ahhhhhhh....... But he was helping me with seat belt. He went out. It was such an akward suitation that I cover my mouth. I follow him quickly. I was so nervous after that accidently kiss. So I was looking down when walking. Who knows that he will suddenly stop walking and again I bump my head. One after one akward suitation. Still he didn't speak a word. Actual he is change. He is not the same person whom I used to love. I still remember that heonce help me. In class before the break, I have stomach pain. It was paining so much. I was waiting when the class will be over. Class over everyone went out and I was so weak that I can barely walk. Only bright was in class. He was sleeping when teacher was in class so he don't hear the bell. Then he suddenly wake up and move near to me and he give his jacket to me and said" Hey! Use this jacket to cover your skirt." He smile and went out. Then suddenly U remember that my period was near. So that's why I was having stomach pain. Such an akward suitation. I cover my skirt carry my bag and went in washroom. I change my uniform. Luckily I have PE tracks. I wear it come in class. I was so nervous to return his jacket. When I return to class he was alone in class. So I said " I will wash your jacket and give it to you tomorrow. " It's okay. You don't need to wash it. Just give it now. Whenever he speak something he always have smile on his face but now he only have cold look. I don't know why he suddenly transfer in next school and don't know why he suddenly change. I wish that I could stay with him.

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