My arrogant husband

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New house

Its so embarrassing. I don't know what to do or what to say. I bow my head and apologize. Sorry........ I am really sorry....... It was really hard to say that Is he angry or not. It was because he stay silent with no reaction in his face. He start to walk and again i follow him quietly. He show me my room. It is quiet big and comfortable. I start to put my cloths in cupboard and i saw cupboard was empty. So I knew that we are staying separately. And at that time i felt so so happy. Bright leave from room and then hurrly I lock my room and jump in bed. It was 8 pm and I was so sleepy as well as hungry. Slowly I open the door and look outside and luckly Bright was not there. I run in kitchen and open the freeze and I was..... What??? All vegetables ...... There was only vegetables. Luckly there was juice can. I pick it and drink it. Still I was hungry and I don't like vegetables. Truely I don't like green vegetables. I was having feelings that I am cow ( green vegetables). Bright was not in home and i was not familiar with this place but I was hungry. So I change my cloth and went out. I walk for few minutes and I saw shop. I went inside and bug noodles, chips, and all those junk food i saw in that shop. I actually like junk food heheheee...... I only have few money because I spent my money in junk food. I went home and i saw Bright. He was preparing dinner in kitchen. So hurrly I went in my room and keep all my junk food there and went down and sit in dining table quietly. Bright look more handsome when he was cooking. I felt so lucky that my husband can cook. I always want my husband to cook for me. I look at him secertly. He put in table and it was green vegetable, salad, carrot, and rice. I should have guess that it will be vegetable when I saw it in freeze. All dish was good for health but I don't like it. But still I eat it. Bright didn't speak a word and again I feel akward. After dinner I wash dish and went in room. I was just thinking one thing that I actually enjoy today dinner. I always dream to have a caring husband who cook for me and eat together. I was so happy that it comes true. It has been long time since I eat together with someone. I stay alone for four years. I know how to cook but when I was in university I was so busy because of part time job that I always eat noodles and junk food. I never have time to cook for myself. Today I felt so happy. I sit in bed and open my laptop to see if there is any vacancy for job. I saw a job vacancy for personal Secretary in xxxxxx company. It is big company and my chances was low. But still I mail my CV and answer all the questions which should be fill. I turn off my light and close my eye but I cannot sleep. I have habit of hugging pillow while sleeping and I cannot fall a sleep because there was only one pillow. I only have two options and that is Sleep without pillow and that was impossible and next is Borrowing pillow from Bright room and that was more harder. I don't know what to do. I start to turn here and there to think what to do. Then finally I decide to go in Bright room. I take long breathe and knock his room.

Knock Knock........ After few minutes he open the door and I forget why I was there. It was because he was so near to me.

What happened?? Why are you here? I only said Ahh Ummm....... and he was keep staring at me.

I feel so pressure that I say it loud at once.

I cannot sleep without hugging pillow and in my room there is only one pillow. So so........ I stop when I saw him laughing. I tell everything at once and I felt so embarrassing when he was looking at me. I look down touching my hair. Bright went inside the room and bring pillow and give it to me. I take pillow and run inside the room. My face was red. Bright actually laugh. It was same as before.

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