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Some short stories or a poem or just one of my thoughts out for you all to feel -my love πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€

Romance / Poetry
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Story 1. My mistake

She ran fast not looking back

She knew if she stopped she was as good as dead, maybe worse.

The woods sped buy as she ran with all her might, tripping and falling over logs and twigs on the untread path.

Cici Brentwood hated herself for the mistake she made.

I can't believe how I trusted that asshole!

He used me and the hurt me in the worst way, not just emotionally but t physically, I can feel the bruies already taking form on my left cheek.

He used me for my art, to make money, and then when the museum rejected her last 4 paintings Jace started beating her and demanding she start doing better.

She knew the money had gone to his head, he was no longer her loving, doting, boyfriend she once knew, money had made him a monster.

So she left, if she stayed he.would just beat her over and over, he also wanted a kid, but she knew if she gave him one she would never be able to leave.

As Cici ran through the woods in the dead of night her only thoughts were of how angry he would be to see her gone, that's why she could not get caught.

She would flee to Canada and start over, she had the money, but she was still scared shitless.

Once cici reached the main road she ran up it untill she saw a gas station.

She walked through the door and went the drinks, once she had everything she sent to check out.

"Hey there pretty girl" the greasy haired, mole rat looking cashier said

I just glanced up and smiled a little, gosh I hate pervy guys

"Um hi, this is all please" I said

He smirked "ya sure sweetheart, I bet a pretty thang like you could get a lot more then this for free if ya gt what I mean"

"No sir, I don't, and I'm in a hurry so if you would please just scan my stuff"

I was beyond disgusted, the nerve of this man, he looked like he was 30 and I was 22 but I know I like looked around 17, this was a Major pervy for sure.

Once I had my items in got out quickly.

I called my friend Skyler, she knew I had trouble and we made this plan together, she would pick me up in less then 2 minutes.

Her car pulled up and I ran over

"Hey girl, you look like hell"

I rolled my eyes "wowww, thanks"

" Puh-leas girl you know what I mean, okay were we goin"

" Umm, just take me over to your place, Jace didn't know about you, so he won't know to look there"

" Kk"

I laid back and relaxed, I was going to be okay, finally.


I have been crashing at Skyler's for a few months now

She's been amazing to me, and so has her older brother, luca.

They have both been understanding of my situation and also very kind.

Luca even got me a job working at his auto repair shop (I'm good with cars)

The pay is decent and it keeps me busy.

Me and Luca have been spending a lot of time together recently and I think I have a crush, I know I shouldn't, I just got out of a relationship and it wasn't a good one

But Everytime I'm around him I feel like I'm on top of the world, it was never like that with Jace, Jace treated me like a tool, Luca treats me like a person.

But I know attraction is all that this is, it's not love or feelings or any day stuff like that, it's just physical attraction.

And I'm definitely feeling it right now bc he is walking up to me now

"Hey C, you working hard?"

"You know it!"

" Mmm, good your one of my best employees, and one of my favorite too"

Omg, did he just say I was his favorite, God I could melt right here, I quickly shake off my highschool girl giddy-ness and speak back,

"Ha, I best be your favorite I work twice as hard as these boring as hell other employees"

" Aww C, why you gotta do them like that, some of em are just kids"

" Yeah yeah, your right I'm sorry, can I take my break now......?"

" Uhm, actually I need to umm, well you see....

Was he getting flustered? Luca never gets embarrassed, but here he was.

"Damn it, um I need to see you in my office in 10"

" Uh okay yeah of course"

He turned and left without another word

Well that was akward, wait am I in trouble?? Did I do something wrong, o shit what if I put the wrong part in a car, or if I ordered the wrong supplies.....again.

I might be getting fired!!


I enter Luca's office 10m later

He isn't in here, maybe he stepped out

I wonder over to his shelf, it's a black floor to ceiling shelf with books all about cars, trucks, and mechanical stuff, but some were classics, hmmm odd, I never begged him to be the reading for fun type.

Suddenly I hear someone make a noise and I jump and turn around so fast I get whiplash, I see it's luca.

Clutching my hand to my chest I say "oh Mary mother of Jesus you scared me!".

Luca just chuckled and moved closer

" You shouldn't sneak up on people like that you know"

" Well maybe you should be snooping around like that huh"

He says this is a husky low voice that majes my knees weak, hes never talked to me like this, never.

And he still moving closer

"Uhh, umm, yeah your right, you wanted to see me"?

" Mmhmm, I did" was all he said

Now he wa so close our toes were touching

I was practically breathing his air, holy shit!!

"Umm did you need something Luca?"

"Mmmm, yeah I did"

God this man could drive you crazy with just his voice!

"What was it?"

He smirked a sexy smirk and pulled me close, I let out a gasp

"You Cici, I wanted you"

My eyes went wide as he leaned in

Omfg he was going to kiss me!

His lips crashed into mine, he kissed me hard and passionate, Idk what I was thinking but I kissed him back

This kiss sent fire all through my body, I felt so alive, soon he had me pinned to the wall and we were kissing, groaning, and touching like we were starved and one another was the food.

He made me feel so amazing I couldn't even breathe, soon we were practically devouring each other.

Oh no, what was I going to tell sky, she wouldn't approve of this at all.

Soon those thoughts vanished as his hand slipped up my shirt and brushed the bottom of my you-know-what, I gasped and he smiled, leaning into me more he murmured

"You have no idea how long I have wanted you, and now your mine"




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