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I met him at a very odd circumstance Let's just say it was the best accident of my life Hardened heart meets a golden one intertwining to melt the other Problem is will it prove futile or....

Romance / Humor
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So let me introduce you to my life.

See at the age of eighteen I really wanted to be independent and become as successful as my parents and older brother without relying on their help. I didn't want to be flaunted by their wealth....... not that I didn't want it too....... But seriously a girl's gotta live. So guess what I moved out and settled in Las Vegas, let's say about 236 miles from Los Angeles, aka parent's pub with a lot of struggling from both parents.

I know they have set these dumb spies around but me being me loves messing with them you see.

One time I went out and this man whose looks you could simply die for came to ask something about the locality or whatever he was saying but 5he vibe got ruined as my dad's man or should I say pet snuck his arm around my waist making us look like a flaking couple. I was so infuriated that I picked the closest thing to me which unknowingly calmed me.

So good ole me picked a nasty reptile oh my poor hand I thought it was a smooth something! Anyway I think and I repeat I think its name is a lizard and shoved it to his face. His mouth so happened to be opened at the time and the sweet little reptile did its job by entering his dumb mouth. I smirked at him just so I could contain my laughter unlike the heavenly creature in front of me whose shoulders shook vehemently.

I heard a snap and turned to see a phone in front of my amused best friend. Aha....,take that you chubby old man, then I winked at my newly found man and walked with my best friend.

" Only you girl, only you." My best friend said while chuckling and high fived me.

Me-1 , dad-0😜

That brings me to three years later, twenty-one year old me in my apartment here in Las Vegas. I just returned from work, my own business, told ya a girl gotta live. No matter what people say believe in yourself and go for it. Atta girl.....

Yeah, so Nikki, my bestie said and I quote " you silly girl, go out, fling with boys, enjoy yourself for YOLO is real." End of quote. But she did say her signature words " go bomb shells" and I tell you though I've known that girl since diaper age I still don't understand these words.

So back to business, I like free load stuff that is why I am behind my laptop with nerdy glasses looking through feeds for free opportunities to slip into some fun. And before you all go ballistic, I don't do flings you know and I believe in someone meant for you just like my parents. So no fudgy buns guys can come and trick me into your shidcake pants. I am my own woman and I choose you not the other way round.

Oh oh I think my harsh thoughts led me to tap some wrong button on the laptop. But what I see on the screen sends me to a meltdown oooooohhhhhh I've received some unknown congratulation...for what????? I DONT KNOW!!!!!!! But a girl's gotta live. Now how many times have I said this? Anyway make use of the opportunity girl.

I received a notification apparently from a hotel and I won some kushi....what now contest?? You know what scratch that, whatever the name I'm going to Fiji and I do not have to put in a single dime.

Well girls what do y'all say let's go have some fun.

Plus it's my happy go lucky day, my day!

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