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Have you ever had an intense imagination after reading a book or after watching a movie or simply some imaginations. What will happen if that imagination becomes real? Alissia Hemsworth is a girl with high dreams she always looses herself in another world of her thoughts, she thought about she being kidnapped and running away and she becoming lonely(just imgainations) but what she didn't know was that it suddenly becoming when a gangster saw her he tries to kidnap and rape her. She somehow escapes from them. But what she didn't know was that he will never leave her. So she runs far away from the country, leaving everything behind , her family and her friends. She went to United Kingdoms for the sake of her family and for the sake of herself she knew that if she doesn't leave her family will be facing death. She didn't wanted that to happen she loves them very dearly... Now after five months she was waiting for her interview in one of the biggest company of U.K. Will she be able to have a second life? Will she be able to find a love in the unknown country Arthur Williams is the owner of the biggest company William's Enterprises. He is an intimidating stoic man but when he meets Alissia what will happen..... Will they'll be able to love each other. What will be their fates?

Romance / Drama
Aurora Cruise
4.6 15 reviews
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Chapter one

She was waiting impatiently for her name to be called. When she ran from her country she was glad that she was graduated from the college and now she could find a job otherwise going to college would have been hard. When she first came to this country she had no one to help. It was hard to find an apartment as she had no job. So paying for an apartment and also to feed herself she went for a small job in a cafe. It was very hard for her to work due to extra shifts. But still she couldn't meet the ends. She really missed her family, their happy times. She never tried to contact her family because she was scared of the fact that they'll get in danger if she does so. She had went for many interviews but she didn't get any. Now she was sitting in the waiting area in one of the highly reputed and established company William's Enterprises.

She was feeling very nervous but this job could help her a lot as it pays a lot. She always wanted to start a business but fate was not with her. Now she was waiting for the interview as a P.A for the CEO of the company Arthur William. She hasn't heard about him until when she applied for the job. But the tabloids said he was a very strict man and he goes very hard on his employees. She just prayed that she gets the job and hopefully be on his good side. She doesn't want to suffer any further. She just wanted to live. The lady in a black suit called her name.

"Alissia Hemsworth please follow me"

Alissia thought that she was very sweet,she was in her early thirties and had a warm smile on her face. Alissia felt relieved to see her face. She followed her, the woman stood in front of the double doors and gestured her to go ahead. Alissia checked her outfit again, she was wearing a white blouse and black pencil skirt, her brunette hair was in soft waves, her brown eyes pops out with her naturally curled lashes, she worn minimum makeup. She took a deep breath and entered the office.

The office looked elegant with black and white combination. A sofa was laid in a corner with a small coffee table. In the centre there laid a big mahogany desk behind that was Arthur Williams. She felt nervous when she looked at him. He looked very hot but intimidating, he reeked of power. His brown hair looked messy. He had this amazing light brown eyes with full lips. His jaw was cut in perfection. He was wearing a black suit. Their gaze met. He did not carry any expression.

"Have a seat"Arthur said.

She sat and composed herself. No matter how nervous she was she needed this job.

"So Alissia Hemsworth why do you want this job" Arthur asked. She took a deep breath and said with a smile.

" Working in a company is my dream and I really want this job sir I'll definitely work my best for this company"

She doesn't know what else to say, she should have come prepared. She internally cursed herself for her stupidity. While she said this he just stared at her, she shifted in her seat due to his intimidating gaze.

"You are just a waitress,you have never worked in a company so you have no experience then why should I give you this job?"

She didn't know how to answer but she talked with her honesty.

" It is true that I don't have any experience but everyone needs to start somewhere and this is me trying to find one. And I assure you that I'll do my best if you give me the opportunity" she never failed to smile and that is one of her specialities no matter what ,she faces everything with a great smile.

"Why William's Enterprises?"he asked.

"It is one of the biggest company and it can be a turning point for me. It'll be an honour for me to work here"

"Thank you Miss Hemsworth we'll let you know ,you can leave"

She stood and thanked him with a smile but he just stared at her not a hint of smile and she left.

She went back home and checked her phone but as usual nothing her family never contacted her and she also didn't try to contact them either, she missed them so much her father who always jokes, her mom who always carries a warm smile on her face and her brother who supported her and loved her dearly they both were really close to each other it took all her strength to leave them, she blinked her eyes to get rid of the unshed tears she promised herself that she'll never cry and she'll fight.... her shift at the cafe was only after two hours so she decided to take a bath. Her home was not big, it was a one bedroom apartment with a kitchen and bathroom that was all she could afford and she was grateful for a shelter. After her bath she decided to take a nap she barely gets any time to sleep due to her heavy shifts and of course spends a lot of time in applying for jobs and attending interviews. She just hoped that her life relieve her and her family from devastation....

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