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Chapter nine- HER


I was at my house in my study when today's event came to my mind. Today went amazing to irritating. Thanks to Alissia she made everything funny, I still can't believe that she called me those names like Mr Stoic and Mr Angry Bunny, I mean seriously come on I'm not that bad.....right? I wonder what other names she has for me. I am sure that there is more than she admits, but to be honest I enjoyed it not that I'll admit still it was worth see her go deep red. I did my best not to laugh. God she will be the death of mine. Hell I almost kissed her today, if she hasn't called my name I would have completed that I also noticed the fact how she began to call me Arthur but quickly changed it to Mr William, I really wanna hear her calling me Arthur, it took all my strength to back down when she was this close to me. Sure I want to kiss her but I'm not going to do something she doesn't want. I know I sound like a fool now, but I don't know what to do about her.

After work when I was leaving I saw her talking to the guy who was with her the other day at the cafeteria. Is he her boyfriend, then help me God I will kill him. My blood began to boil when I saw them hugging and teasing each other. I have no idea why I'm being such a possessive ass but I can't seem to control myself when a guy looks at her some other way. I came out in between there conversation so I heard something like they going out tomorrow. I never meant to eavesdrop but when I heard them talk my curiosity took over they didn't even notice that I was there, I went to ask her about where she was going but when I reached in front of her I talked about work instead of asking her personal stuff as I realised I'm no one to her.

To make my mood more bitter my phone ringed, I checked the caller ID to see none other than Veronica Miller. I and she, well we were in a relationship but didn't had any feelings or anything towards her as it was just for pure business reasons, I had made myself clear to her and she was okay with it but when I asked her to leave me and to end everything she didn't back away, no matter what I say it seems like her thick skull does not understand and is not keeping a deal as a deal. I know her dad who is a greedy arrogant man, he has money but of course not even equal to one fourth of my business. My business is wide so I know her hidden agenda behind trying to be my girlfriend.

One time she send me a nude picture of her, I just wanted to throw up and break my phone at that time. I mean does this woman have any self respect? Does she even know the meaning of that word? She is only alive because I don't hurt women otherwise no one would have ever dared to call me. To people who are good with me will face my good face otherwise I won't let them live. This is the reason why I never showed or introduce her to Angel. The phone ceased ringing after a while. I let out a frustrated sigh.

The door to my study opened to reveal Angel in her Pjs walking towards me with her little legs.

"Why are you not in bed peanut?" I took her in my arms and cooed her.

She rubbed her eyes and hugged me.

I rubbed her back.

"I had a ni.....nightmare" she sobbed.

"Its ok no need to worry, daddy is here ok. You can sleep with me tonight" I walked with her to my room. And lightly patted her back to make her fall asleep.


"Yes peanut?"

"When can we see Mama? I miss her" I don't know what to say but I made a decision to ask Alissia.

"Mama will come to see you soon ok. Now go to sleep". After a while she fell asleep.... tomorrow I have some work to do and I need to visit the club that I bought a few days back. It was a great investment so I had decided to buy. Mom has called me today to inform me that she will be coming in here....


It was Saturday evening, I still have to get ready for the club but what will I wear. I decided to wear a red shirt and black skinny jeans with black jacket but before I could wear my outfit my doorbell ringed, I opened it to see Sophia in a nice dark green dress which goes very great with her fair skin, her hair was in loose waves with a nice red lips and high heels to complete the look. She looked pretty would be an understatement.

"Hey Al" she hugged me.

"Hey come in" she looked at me.

"Why are you not ready?" She asked

"I was going to, just give me five minutes I'll be back" I turned to my room but she followed me. She looked at my outfit which is in the bed.

"Are you seriously going to wear that?" I nodded and shrugged. She just shook her head and went to check my closet after some moments she pulled out a red dress and I quickly shook my head.

"I'm not wearing that" I said but she placed it my hand forcefully.

"If you won't wear this then I won't go with you" she smirked at me.

"Are you threatening your best friend?" I asked with fake disbelief.

"Maybe I'm, now go and change!" She ordered me, I huffed and striped from my tshirt then wore the dress.

It fits my waist perfectly then it is loose at the below, it reaches just above my knees. Sophia quickly did my makeup and put my hair in soft curls. When I looked at me in the mirror to be honest I looked beautiful. Just as we finished the doorbell rang. We quickly went to open to see Nathan in a dark jeans and white tshirt with a black jacket over it. He looked at both of us and then low whistled.

"Are you ladies going to kill me with your hotness?" He winked, we chuckled. Nathan turned to Sophia.

"Who is this beautiful lady?" Nathan held out his hand Sophia placed hers, he kissed the back of her hand as she blushed.

"I'm Sophia" they both introduced. I did a victory dance in my mind. My actual reason to bring her was to introduce both of them to each other. I mean it's not wrong to play cupid right? And I really think my ship might sale. I grinned at the two of them. Nathan gave me a quick hug and we all went to his car.

When we reached the club I was shocked. It was huge, we made our way to the corner booth.

Sophia quickly took us to the dance floor, not wasting any time. I danced with her for a while. Then Nathan joined us.

"I'm going to get a drink" I said through the loud music. I quickly went to the bar so that they can have privacy. I don't drink alcohol so I ordered a coke. Just as I took a sip two guys came towards me.

"Hey beautiful are you alone?" One of them asked, okay so this is one of the reason I hate going to club, there is always will be a sick bastard in this case two who can't allow a woman to sit alone. I was about to answer when I felt a warm hand around my waist.


After finishing my errands I decided to visit my club. The place was very crowded and smell of sweat and alcohol hit my nose. I made my way towards the bar when I saw a familiar figure in one of the stools. She was wearing a beautiful red dress that fitted her perfectly, she looked Wow! so it was normal to get almost every men's attention towards her. She was of course oblivious to this fact. I saw a group of guys talking and pointing towards her then two of them walked towards her. They started to talk to her my blood began to boil, I quickly strode over to her and placed my hands over her waist and before she can answer I cut her off...

"She is with me so leave!" They looked at her.

"Is that right?" One of the guys asked, I wanted to kick his ass off for even coming towards her. She was staring at me with shock, I squeezed her waist a bit tighter. She came out of her haze and quickly said.

"Yes" the guys grumbled under there breath and left.

"Um...thank you so much for that" she said after a few seconds. I nodded, my hand was still around her waist. I spotted the guy from the office dancing with a girl. So I decided to ask her the question that has been irritating me.

"Is he your boyfriend ?" I pointed towards him.

"What...no I don't have one, he is my best friend" she chuckled and I felt myself feeling relieved.

"So...what are you doing here?" She asked.

"This is my club" her head snapped towards me and she choked on her coke.

"Oh" that's all she could manage. I chuckled...

After a while she asked.

"How is Angel?"

"She is good actually she misses you, she wanted to see you" she smiled at me which made my heart stop.

"Me too" she said.

"You can come and see her whenever you want" I told her. Her smile widened.

"Really?" I nodded

"Thank you so so much Mr William!" She said with enthusiasm I can't help but feel happy.

"Um.." I started, she looked at me expectantly to continue. Should I ask her? I mean it feels weird when she calls me Mr William all the time except when she calls other names from her name dictionary.

"You can call me Arthur when we are out" she looked at me for a few seconds then nodded.

"Ok Arthur" there she called my name. It felt really good I don't know how to express it....its something. I smiled at her. What is this woman doing to me?!

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