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Chapter ten


It is amazing how people change so fast. I mean look at me and Arthur....... "Arthur" I said his name while lying on my bed, yes that's what he asked me to call him. It would be a lie if I say that I was not surprised by that, I mean no one will expect Arthur to be someone who talks in first name basis. When he came for my rescue at the club, firstly I was shocked to see him and secondly my body felt like it was on fire when he put his hands on my waist. I never had these kind of feeling with anyone. Sure I had tried to date one guy back at my home but he was such a douchebag that I had to run from him, he got all mad when I said I don't want to have sex before marriage. Apparently he just wanted to take my innocence. But with Arthur I feel safe and that's what every women wants to feel with a guy.

When I see him my heart beats fast and when he talks something sweet my heart swells with warmth and happiness and God knows what! I just can't describe, I have started to feel something- something for him. Yes I'm falling for that man, I can't help but feel that this is wrong, he is my boss after all. Arthur has told me that I can see Angel whenever I want, I can't wait to see her but tomorrow I have to go to the party, thankfully Nathan was also invited so he told me that he will pick me up, with that sleep engulfed me.

It was Sunday morning,I ate some pancakes then did some work. I have few hours to prepare for the party so I decided to wrap the gift I have bought for Lucy's grandson....after I was satisfied with the wrapping I took a shower. I decided to wear an off shoulder lavender dress which fits perfectly on my waist then flows it ends just below my knee. I applied some mascara and lip gloss then left my hair loose. As for the accessories I checked my draws and found a small box, I opened it and my eyes filled with tears, it was the chain gifted by my parents on my birthday.....


I woke up in the morning excited for my birthday but when I came downstairs my parents and brother were sitting and eating breakfast, I sat near Shawn my brother I expected them to wish me but they didn't. I felt really sad as they always remembered my birthday no matter what, usually they barges into my room exactly at twelve AM but this time they didn't.

"Good morning honey" my mom said with a smile.

"Good morning " I said with fake smile. They forgot my birthday, I know it's silly but I felt like crying.....I quickly ate my breakfast and ran upstairs. I checked my phone for any messages from my friends. Nothing! How can they forget my birthday?!....I sat on my bed and decided to distract myself . I need to grow up its just birthday I thought to myself. I started to read a book. After a few hours there was a knock at my door, Shawn came inside.

"Hey" he said

"Hey,what's up?" I asked.

"Can you come with me? Mom and dad asked to buy some things from the store, I wanted some help" he asked.

I thought about it a few seconds, I don't have anything special to do so I shrugged and went with him.

We were in the car, he has been driving for an hour.

"Where are we going? What are the things you wanted to buy?" I asked annoyed. He glanced at me for a second then turned back to road.

" I'm just looking for the right time" I was confused by his answer. When I was about to ask what he meant, he pulled over my favourite diner plus it's my uncle's diner. We were pretty close and I loved the food. I felt hungry just by looking at it. We both entered the diner and my eyes widened when everyone yelled "surprise!". Everyone was here my parents, uncle, aunt thier son and some of my friends. My eyes welled with tears. Shawn hugged me tightly.

"Happy birthday sis!" he kissed my forehead.

"Happy birthday baby" my mom and dad said and hugged me.

"I thought you guys forgot my birthday" I said still in shock.

"We would never forget it for the world princess" dad said.

Uncle and others wished me then guided me towards a table where there was my favourite chocolate cake. I cut the cake, we celebrated for a while. Shawn gave me a box wrapped neatly. I opened it to find the dress I wanted to buy. I squealed and hugged him, he chuckled. Then my parents came towards me and gave a small box. I opened it....there was this beautiful chain with a diamond on it. I thanked and hugged them. We took a lots of pictures, thank God I was wearing a dress. It was one of the best days of my life.....

End of flashback

I wiped the single tear that has escaped from the corner of my eye, I really missed them. The doorbell rang, I wore the chain quickly and went to answer the door. Nathan was standing there. He looked at me and smiled but it soon changed into a concerned one.

"Hey are you okay? Where you crying?" He asked I just nodded.

"I'm fine I just miss my family" he hugged me. I pulled back thanked him with a smile for being here for me. He has become Lee Flynn for me from 'The Kissing Booth'.

"Let's go"

We reached our destination and walked towards a beautiful house. It was not humongous but was cozy. There were balloons everywhere, we went inside and saw Lucy, she came towards me.

"Hey dear, you came!" She gave me a warm hug.

"Hey, so where is your grandson?"

"He is in the backyard, the party is taking place there so let's go"

The backyard was beautiful, there was a round table where a superman themed cake was placed, another table was filled with lots of snacks, kids where running and playing......the entire place was decorated.

"Joshua! honey come here" Lucy called out. A small boy with an amazing blue eyes ran towards her. She took him in her arms.

"Alissia,this is my grandson Joshua" she said cheerfully.

"Hi Joshua" I cooed the boy, he smiled at me.

"Hi" he wiggled from Lucy's arms and ran back to play with his friends. Lucy chuckled.

We talked for a while, the party was cute, I wish Arthur and Angel were here....just then

"Mama!" A familiar small sound came from behind me, I turned and saw Angel running towards me. I opened my arms for her, she quickly wrapped her arms around my neck and then I lifted her. She kissed my cheeks.

"I missed you Mama"

"I missed you too princess" she smiled and I hugged her tightly.

Nathan was looking at me with an eyebrow raised. I mouthed "later" to him, his eyes widened, I followed the direction of his gaze to see Arthur in his all glory. He was wearing a dark jeans with a white tshirt, on top of that was a black blazer. He looked handsome was an understatement! Nathan nudged me, I realised I was staring at Arthur. I blushed when Arthur smirked at me, I quickly averted my eyes.

"Daddy look Mama is here!" Angel said excitedly. Arthur smiled.

"Hi Alissia" he said with that smirk. Urghhhh, I wanna take that smirk off him.

"Hi Arthur" our eyes locked, we stared at each other until Angel ran towards the kids to play with them. Nathan threw me a knowing smile and excused himself. Now I'm alone with Arthur. I'm gonna sue that idiot!!! My heart began to race, I'm sure it is going to explode. I suddenly felt nervous.

"So I didn't expect to see you here" I tried to start a conversation so that I could distract me.

"Angel and Joshua are friends.....Lucy sometimes helps to take care of Angel" he said. I nodded in understanding.

"You look beautiful today " he suddenly said. I felt my cheeks turning red.

"Um...thank you" I smiled.

"Well not more than me" he joked. I glared at him playfully then we started to laugh. After that we talked for a while.

Nathan came back to me,

"Hey Al? Will you be ok if I go?.....Sophia and I were planning to go out" he blushed at the last part. I raised an eyebrow at him..

"Sophia huh?" I said, he rubbed the back of his head. I laughed and shook my head.

"I'll be fine don't worry. I'll get a cab"

"Are you sure?" He asked, I nodded.

"I'll take her home" Arthur told him from behind me. I was going to object but Nathan grinned, he thanked Arthur. He hugged me and kissed me on the cheek then quickly left.

"Call me when you get home. Be safe okay" he said over his shoulder.

"Ok mom" I yelled, he glared at me I just laughed... I turned my attention back to Arthur.

"You don't have to you know, I can call a cab" I said to him.

"I want you to come with me" I raised my eyebrows and shrugged.

"Besides I promised your friend to take care of you" he shrugged.

"What..." I didn't got to complete when Angel called me, I went towards her. We were inside Arthur's car,it was a silent but comfortable ride, he missed the turn to my house.

"Arthur you missed the turn"

"We are going to my house, let's have dinner then I'll drop you back at your house". I was going to reject but he quickly cut me

"Please" woah this man has literally changed.

"Yes Mama, let's have dinner" Angel said from the back seat.

I sighed "okay". We reached his home, Arthur knocked, a lady who looked elegant in her late fifties opened it instead of the maid.

"Mom?" Arthur said, I started to feel nervous.......

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