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Chapter eleven


Shit! Shit! I forgot mom was going to come. My mom was looking from me to Alissia, her face broke into a wide smile......I know where this is going!!! My eyes grew wide I shook my head from behind Alissia signaling my mom not to say what she was planning to say but who was I kidding? Here we go!

"O my!! I never thought I would ever see a day when my son will bring a woman" she said it with a wide grin and hugged Alissia, I mentally face palmed.

Alissia looked at me, I can understand what she is feeling. To add more Angel who was in my mom's arms said..

"Grandma, this is Mama!" My mom raised her eyebrows when she noticed what she called Alissia.

"Um....Hi I'm Alissia, it is nice to meet you Mrs William" she smiled.

"O come on no need for formalities dear, I'm Linda but you can call me mom like Arthur!" She said rather enthusiastically. Ya my mom is actually like this!

"Mom!!!" I groaned.

"Come dear, the dinner will be ready soon" we went inside. Angel dragged Alissia with her to her room. I turned to mom.

"Mom, what was that all about?" She just looked at me with her smile.

"You like her" she said out of no where. I just gaped at her, not knowing what to say.

"I don't, she is just my PA" I lied and averted my eyes.

"Ya right....try say that to someone else not to your mom, I haven't seen you with anyone let alone let them interact with Angel"

After a moment she said.....

"By the way, she is a great girl, not like that Veronica. I can see why you like her. Also Angel is so happy with her, she even calls her mama, and I can see Alissia cares for her too." I smiled at the memory when I remembered when she started calling Alissia mama.....

Mom cleared her throat. I came out of my chain of thoughts. She was looking at me with amused eyes and goofy grin. I just rolled my eyes.

"Have you told her?"

"What?" I asked confused

"That you like her" I ran a hand through my hair....

"I...I.....no" I shook my head, I don't know when and how she made a place in my heart but when mom said these it kind of assured more about my feelings. "But does she like me? What if she doesn't?"

"You can only find it out by confessing to her" she looked at me. I know she want to tell something.

"What is it?"

"If you are going to tell her and have a relationship then you should be honest.....you know what I mean right?" I knew very well what she meant, my face darkened........


Well to be honest I was not expecting to meet his mother....I mean come on! But I actually kind of liked her, she had this warm smile and friendly atmosphere around her which made me instantly like her except when she made some innuendos. Arthur looked funny more like a teenager,his cheek turned a slight pink which won't be visible if you don't look at him closely.

Now I was sitting with Angel in her room, she played with her dolls and I joined her, the dolls actually remind me of my childhood. My dad always bought me new dolls, I had this huge collection of them back at home. He will play with me and always finds time to make me happy. I really miss them. I wish I could just call them but....what if their phones been tapped, I know for a fact that scumbag has every connections which will lead to many things. I quickly shook all the thoughts away. It's in the past now so I don't have to think about it. I need to move on.....


It was dinner time, we all sat at the dining table. Arthur at the head, me at his right, Angel sat beside me and Linda...I mean mom! God! What should I call her this is weird and great at the same time. Anyway she sat across from me. There were plenty of mouthwatering dishes....alfredo pasta, lasagna the cheesy goodness made me hungry. I helped Angel to eat, then devoured the lasagna and tried my best not to let out a moan. It was so good.

"It tastes really delicious!" I couldn't stop from saying it. Mom chuckled...

"Thank you dear, I made it myself"

"Then I must say you are an amazing cook. It's been a while since I ate something good" my mom used to make best food, I miss it all....

"So...tell me about you"

"Um....I'm 21 years old, I'm from Minnesota"

"What about your parents" she asked with a warm smile. I....I don't know how to reply. I don't want to tell them, my smile faded. As if understanding my dilemma Arthur interrupted and diverted Linda's attention from me. After the awkward moment everything was fine. We joked, laughed and after a long time I felt peace, I felt like I'm home......

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