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Chapter twelve


I woke up in the morning and smiled when yesterday's event came back to my mind. Everything was great, its been a long time since I felt like home. When I talked to Linda she shared all the childhood memories about Arthur. How he used to play football with his dad, how he passed out when their neighbour's daughter kissed him goodbye in the cheek......he was blushing for a whole day after that, apparently that girl was his crush.We laughed, my stomach started hurting by laughing that much and Arthur was angry. I mean who would have thought that Mr Angry Bunny was Mr Shy Bunny back then. The two of us put Angel to bed together. He then dropped me home, we talked a bit longer.

"Bye Arthur otherwise I'm going to be late for tomorrow"

"I'm your boss so no worries" he smirked, wait! I have heard this before oh and guess what it was said by none other than the boss himself, he definitely remember that day's incident, why am I not surprised?. No I'm not going to fall for your game this time. "And I think your boss is a considerate person" I narrowed my eyes at him and sweetly smiled at him actually way too sweetly of course!!

"No its actually fine. My boss is a bit.....you know one of a type" I stressed my last words. He still has that smirk and a look of amusement. Of course who am I kidding this man finds amusement in my misery but not for long Mr Bipolar, yes this name suits him. Anyway I'm gonna take that smirk off your face just wait and watch. Two can play the game. I went inside my apartment, took a warm bath and changed into my pjs and drifted to a pleasant sleep.

I started to get ready, today I have finalise things about the charity event with Arthur. This is gonna be a long day....

I reached the office at 8 and settled my things on my desk then I went to make Arthur's coffee. I took my iPad to take the notes with me and inform his schedules for today. I knocked the door, I heard him say come in. As I entered I saw he was checking some papers. I carefully placed his coffee

"Good morning Mr William "

He looked up to my face and checked me from head to toe. I felt bit self conscious, today I was wearing a maroon dress which stops just below my knees, it hugs my curves perfectly and my hair let loose. I cleared my throat as his snapping out of his haze, and here comes his usual smirk.

"Good morning Miss Hemsworth"

" Sir you have a meeting with Mr Donaldson at 10 then there is some final decisions to make regarding the upcoming event"

"Ok, you need to accompany me for the meeting after that we will decide and talk about the event. Make sure to take the note, is that all?" I nodded.

"Yes sir" I turned to leave but his voice halted me.

"You look beautiful today" he smirked again. I gave him a fake smile.

"Thank you Mr William" I scurried to my desk to hide my blushing face. Damn these blushing, I never blushed in my life and now suddenly his words are affecting me. Way to go Al my inner voice mocked me.

The meeting went great, I entered Arthur's office, he looked at me, our eyes met. His eyes was very intense so I averted my eyes. He cleared his throat.

"Miss Hemsworth take a seat" he said pointing towards the coach near the long floor to ceiling window. He sat beside me, we worked for a while and now he was standing near the desk. We were in the middle of discussion when suddenly the door opened. A woman with blonde hair wearing a navy blue dress, her face was flawless, she looked like someone who got out from a magazine. Behind her was Lucy.

"Sorry sir I tried to...." she couldn't finish as Arthur raised his hand. His face was showing some what irritated but he masked it and kept it expressionless.

"Its okay Lucy I'll handle it you may leave" Lucy gulped visibly, nodded then left.

"Veronica what do you want?"

"Baby, why are you talking like that?"

She said rather seductively and made her way towards him, I cringed. She didn't even notice me. She ran her hands over his arm. I don't know what came over me. I suddenly stood and cleared my throat. This time she noticed. Arthur's eyes met mine. I felt like he was asking for my help so I intervened.

"Arthur who is this?" I asked, he released himself from her grip.

"Who are you?!" She said in her high pitched voice. I rolled my eyes.

"Tell her to leave baby" she said to Arthur. I wanted puke and laugh at the same time.

"Actually you should leave, we were in the middle of something. Right Arthur" I said, I swear I saw his lip twitch slightly. He looked amused and God is he smirking? He came towards me. I can see an evil glint in his eyes.

"Yes we were in the middle of something" suddenly he pulled me closer, my hands went to clutch his chest out of reflex. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"What the hell? Who is she?!!"

"Its none of your business, so leave!" His face hardened again. I tried hard to control my laugh. Arthur clearly saw this, he raised an eyebrow with his signature smirk.

"You bitch who the hell do you think you are huh?!"

"Don't you dare to talk to her like that!" Arthur snapped. "If you don't leave right now I'll call the security"

She huffed and left but not after slamming the door hard. When I turned my focus back to Arthur he was already looking at me. I bit my lip, his gaze shifted towards my lip.

"So we were in middle of something huh?"

"Y..yes" I stuttered. His close proximity was making me nervous.

"And what was that" he tilted his head. I also tilted my head, now it's getting interesting. Payback time!

"What do you think it is Arthur?" He leaned forward, his minty breath fanned my lips. I quickly brought my iPad between us. He has a puzzled look.

"Well I was talking about the event" it was my turn to smirk. He narrowed his eyes at me.

"Yes...the....the event" he nodded. I raised my eyebrows when I realised his arms were still wrapped around my waist.

"What?" He asked. I pointed towards his arms. He looked down, I expected him to take his hands off immediately but instead of that he leaned towards my ear.

"Just so you know.....this is not over" he let me go. Damn! I'm blushing. I tried to compose myself then we continued our work.

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