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Chapter thirteen

Alissia (a few months back)

I woke up early in the morning. Today is my graduation day and the end of my college life. I feel nervous and excited at the same time. Nervous for facing everyone, excited for the next chapter of my life. I'm stepping into the new chapter of my life. Life has been great, thanks to my amazing family. Their support and love made me who I am and I really hope everything goes well ahead.

I took a quick shower and got ready for the day. When I went to the college my friends were already waiting for me. My best friend Tessa was waiting for me near her car. I hoped out from my car. She ran towards me a hugged me tightly.

"Hey Al!!"

"Hey Tes"

"I'm so nervous and urgh!!!! I don't know what I'm feeling"

"Same here girl but you know what it's just the begining"

We went inside to see our friends. After an hour everyone was settled in their seats. The college head Derek came forward and started his speech. I searched for familiar faces in the crowd. I quickly spotted my family and Tessa's. They waved at us. My name was called, I quickly went to the stage. They handed me my degree then after a long list of names Tessa's.

Everything went well, our families gathered together. Shawn took our photos especially Tessa's....yes they have a thing but both of them hasn't admitted to each other or made a move and I was always the mediator. I mean I like the idea of them together so we could be sisters and no I don't have a problem with my best friend being with my brother. Love should be determined by individuals not by rules, our heart will know whom to choose and if both of their heart tells the same then why should we separate them with some petty rules. I mean its upto them. And even if we try to break them apart then at the end their love will bring them together. Anyway the graduation party was going amazing, we had so much fun. Me and Tessa were childhood friends. Both of us didn't wanted to get separated from each other and from our families so we both joined the same college. I still can't believe how much we have grown, it just feel the same.

We all went home after the party. Mom made her special pasta which happens to be my favourite for dinner. Dad poured some wine for us.

"Let's make a toast" my dad said.

We raised our glass.

"To my dear daughter Al"

"To Al" mom and shawn said at the same time.

"To me!!!"

"So what is your next plan sweety?" Dad asked.

"I was thinking to work with you and Shawn at your company"

"Great! You made your old man very happy. By the way our company is getting better. Our stocks has improved!" Dad was smiling from ear to ear. "All thanks to my son Shawn and now our little Al is going to join us!" We all cheered for that.

"Anyway Shawn did you get nice pictures of our Al at the party?" My mom intervened.

"Yes I...." I didn't allow him to complete.

"Actually mom ask him did he get nice pictures of TESSA" my mom and dad laughed and turned their gaze to look at my blushing brother with amusement. He averted his eyes.

"O come on bro, what are you waiting for? When are you gonna tell each other?"

"Says the one who has never dated" I rolled my eyes.

"Its not the same!!" I argued, he grinned. The entire dinner was passed with our random talks and laughing. Then we all went to bed.

The next day I decided to take a walk. It was a beautiful day, the sky was clear, the birds were chirping. There was light cool but warm breeze kissing my face. I took a deep breath and enjoyed the weather. It felt happy but suddenly I felt like someone was watching me. My hair on my neck stood, I quickly turned but no one was there. This was not the first time I have experienced this kinda feel so I decided to get back home. While I was walking I was still feeling the same I turned again to see it was empty. I started running and this time I heard foot steps so I increased my speed but suddenly I collided with something hard. I looked up to see a guy with blonde hair he has black eyes. He was giving off some false vibe.

"Woah! Easy there" he said with somewhat a sinister grin.

"I'm sorry" I didn't felt good with the guy so I move to side but he blocked my way.

"Easy darling" he said again with the grin. I tried to move again and he blocked me and pulled me closer.

"Take you hands off of me!" I shouted but he grinned and tightened his hold.

"If I were you I wouldn't raise my voice" I looked for someone to help me but everyone was going without even taking a glance. I wiggled and tried to kick him. I was going to shout when he suddenly put a cloth near my nose and my world went dark.

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