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Chapter fourteen


It's been few days since I had that encounter with Arthur. I don't know from where I got the confidence to talk to him like that. I felt angry when that so called what was her name?.....Veronica ya right! Don't act! My subconscious rolled her eyes at me ya ok fine! I remember her name, how can someone forget the high pitched fake barbie. Yes that's what I'm gonna call her. And what happened to my skin, it is still on fire. I can still feel his hands. God! I'm pathetic! Why am I getting bothered by her? Arthur can be with anyone he like. But I think he was irritated to see her. He pleaded me for help with those amazing eyes or did he? He did! That's what I'm going to believe. But what if I'm seeing things? Urgh!!! This is complicated! And you are jealous! Jealous? Who me? I scoffed at my inner voice. Why would I be jealous? Do you want me to say it? You like him or should I say you lo... ok stop right there you traitor! I don't! Arthur is out of my league.

By the way why the hell am I thinking about these, I need to complete my work. Today's schedules are tight and Arthur is busy, thank God for that. I still blush whenever I see him and that man definitely knows he has some effect on me. What am I some hormonal teenager? I never blushed like this. I should get back the real me. Today I was hoping to take Angel with me but I don't know whether he will let her come with me. I just wanna spend time with her and Sophia will be there too. It's been a while since we have spent some time with each other. I have to buy a dress for the charity event that's happening this Friday so I thought who else will be better than Angel and Sophia? Angel is really mature for her age. She is sweet and adorable but mature at the same time. She knows me very well, the past few months has made us closer. Whenever I think about my family my eyes gets all teary and if she is near me she will hug me closely and say...

"Don't cry mwommy, Angel is here. I don't like you crying, Angel loves you" and I would laugh at her cuteness.

The phone rang I attended it with the professional words.

"Hello William's Enterprises how can I help you?"

"Miss Hemsworth come to my office" and then he hanged up it was Arthur, I quickly got out from my desk and knocked his door then entered.

I entered the office, he was already looking at me. His face was serious yet mischief was all I could see in his eyes.

"Have a seat Miss Hemsworth" I sat in one of the visitor's seat.

"So what are you doing today?" I was confused.

"Work?" I said it more like a question.

"And? After work?" Ok where is this heading?..

"I was planning to buy a dress for the event?" Again it came out as a question but I quickly thought about taking Angel with me so I continued.

"Actually I was hoping to ask you something" he raised an eyebrow and nodded.

"Um...can I....." damn me! Why the hell am I stuttering!!!! "CanItakeAngelwithme" I said it fast even I couldn't understand what I said.

"What?" He asked. I took a deep breath and said clearly this time.

"Can I take Angel with me?" He didn't say anything, just stared at me. I squirmed under his gaze.

"I assure you I'll take care of her and my friend will be there too" his jaw clenched. Oh boy did I ask too much.

"What friend?" This time I was confused. His words were a bit harsh.

"Her name is Sophia we work together at the cafe" I saw him relax. Huh?...


I was at my office, today it was a very stressful day. As the CEO the workload is higher than you can think. I rubbed a hand over my face. The event is coming and everything is very exhausting. Event. I was planning to take Alissia with me so that I could buy her a dress. I know she won't accept but I have to make her accept it somehow. And suddenly an idea came to my mind. Ha! This will be perfect! I know using this against her is a bad and cruel move but I know how much it means to her. Being a business man I have to use some tantrums. This is wrong but it still felt right. I called her through the intercom and hung up before she could say anything.

A smile appeared on my lips when I thought about that day when she talked in a teasing manner infront of Veronica. I sure as hell was not expecting her to talk to Veromica like that. I wanted to laugh and I noticed she wanted to laugh too. I played along with her. She was more confident than I thought. Her teasing took me to an edge where I simply thought about kissing her. But why did she intervene was she jea..... a knock brought me out of me thoughts and she entered.

"Have a seat Miss Hemsworth" I wanted to call her Alissia but couldn't as this is office time and also she will refuse more if I become more friendly. So to make my plan work I need to be serious.

"So what are you doing today?" I just wanted to know what was she upto after work.

"Work?" I held a chuckle when I saw her confusion.

"And? After work?"

"I was planning to buy a dress for the event?" No you don't. I smirked inwardly. But that was soon replaced by confusion after hearing her next words.

"Actually I was hoping to ask you something" I gestured to continue.

"Um...can I.." she was looking nervous. She bit her lip unconsciously but she doesn't know what kind of effect she has on me. I didn't understand her next words as she spoke it way too fast.


She took a deep breath and said..

"Can I take Angel with me?" Ok I was not expecting this. I just stared at her.

"I assure you I'll take care of her and my friend will be there too" she continued when I didn't speak but when she said friend I was feeling angry. Was he the one that was talking to her a lot, the one she came with to the party? My jaw clenched.

"What friend?" I said it harsher than I meant to.

"Her name is Sophia we work together at the cafe." I relaxed but it was short lived when I thought about her working at the cafe, why was she working there? She has a job here right? Why does she has to overwork herself ? A part of me was proud how hard working she was while the other part is concerned for her. God this woman! I'll talk about it to her later. Now the matter in hands.

"I will take you there" I said.

"No it's fine we will go just, can I take Angel"

"Firstly it was not a question and secondly you can bring your friend with you" I ignored what she said and that triggered her, she huffed.

"I'm not coming with you" she said stubbornly. This woman will be the death of mine.

"Fine then you can't take Angel nor see her again" I smirked. Her mouth was wide open.

"Are you blackmailing me Mr William" she emphasised on my name clearly irritated and angry. I grimaced a bit but still was enjoying the fire in her eyes.

"It depends" I shrugged.

"Depends on what?"

"Depends on how you take it. So what did you decide are you coming with me or not?" I knew how close Angel and Alissia were and I want to keep it that way. What if she moved in with me? It'll be great! My subconscious said and I couldn't agree more with it but how will I make her? Well I have to think about something.

"Fine! I'll go with you!" I did a victory dance in my mind.

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