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Chapter fifteen


Alissia was looking angry all through the ride. To be honest she was looking really cute. I know blackmailing her was kinda low move but I wanted to spend time with her. All of the works has kept me really busy. So the idea came into my mind and voila! Now she is with me. I just want to know more about her. I want to know her likes and dislikes, I want to know everything about her. Whenever I look at her face there is always a smile which makes her even more beautiful but under all that smile I still see sadness through her eyes. I don't know what happened to her or what is bothering her but I'm sure there is something. I really don't know much about her except for her favourite colour is black, I have noticed her wearing almost everything black even if she wears a different colour she manages to put something black with it. I also noticed that she doesn't eat bacon, beef, turkey or lamb she only likes chicken and sea food, spicy food and cheesy food and sweet food. Okay that is a lot of food!!! Anyway one time I even saw her eyes filled with tears when she was lost in her thoughts.

I picked up Angel, she squealed when she saw Alissia then I became just a driver as they both were giggling and talking, lost in there own world. I shook my head, I love Angel I really do but she is taking all the attention away from me. Alissia is not even glancing at me. I controlled the urge to roll my eyes. Then we picked Alissia's friend she introduced herself.

"Hi I'm Sophia!" She chirped, I shook my hands with her. She continued.

"I must say you look more hot, your photos doesn't even justify your looks"

At that Alissia chocked on her on saliva, she glared at her friend and gestured her friend to stop when she thought I wasn't looking. I saw her cheeks getting red, my lips twitched so I decided to play along.

"Is that so?" I kept my face friendly and enjoyed watching Alissia's embarrassment. She glared daggers at her friend. We reached our destination. I parked the car in front of one of my friend's shop. I saw both of the women gasping. I smiled to myself. He is one of the biggest designer in the world. Together we entered the shop.

"Mr William I...I won't be able to afford the....." I stopped her from saying anything further.

"Who said you are paying, I'm buying you a dress"

"Thank you for your offer but I really don't..."

"Arthur! Long time no see man!" She was thankfully interrupted by Micheal.

"Good to see you too Micheal" we shared a bro hug. He then hugged Angel and kissed her cheek. His eyes then turned to Alissia and Sophia.

"O my who are these beautiful ladies?" He asked.

"This is Miss Alissia Hemsworth and her friend Sophia" he took Alissia's hand and kissed the back of it then winked at her.

"So what can I do for you?"

"We want to buy a dress for Miss Hemsworth for the event"

"The charity event?" I nodded.

"Follow me" we followed him I saw from my peripheral vision that those three were talking something in hushed voice I wonder what?.....we were about to enter the waiting room when Angel stopped in front of me and opened both of her arms wide to prevent me from going inside. What the hell is going on?

"Daddy you can't go inside" what?...... Oh maybe she is thinking that it's just trial room.

"Don't worry baby there is a waiting area for us to sit near the trial room so that mommy can change privately"

I cleared her thought and smiled but she still didn't allow me to enter.

"No daddy you can't see what mwommy is buying" she declared, how old is she again?

"Daddy is buying the dress right so daddy needs to see princess" but this time instead of her Alissia replied.


I don't know what his problem is, he changed my plan completely but mainly how could he blackmail me. Urgh!!! To top it up he said he is buying me the dress. This man is so damn annoying. I was shocked when we entered The Micheal Douglas's shop. The dress in here will cost my five month's rent. I can't let him win this! So Angel and I planned something and well she did a great job and it's my turn now.

"Exactly! If you want to buy me a dress you have to leave or else I won't accept it" how about that Mr Annoying.

I noticed that Sophia has took Angel inside with her. We were standing near the door of the waiting room. No one was here, Arthur took a step towards me, I took a step back. We did this until I was trapped between the door and him.

"Is that so?" He arched his eyebrow challenging me while placing both of his hands on my either side. I'm not gonna let him win!


I said keeping his eye contact. Wow way to go girl! I patted my shoulder inwardly for my confidence but it soon faltered as he inched his lips near mine, my heart started to beat fast I swear he could hear that ,his smug look proves it all. Suddenly butterflies started to erupt in my lower abdomen. He inched near my ear and said..

"Okay baby" and gave me a long lingering kiss on my cheek, then dipped his head and inhaled from the crook of my neck then he backed away before I could say anything. He has that victory smirk on his face while I stood there with both eyes and mouth wide open. I'm on fire! Somebody call the damn fire and rescue! Urgh!!! And just like that he left. Damn it!

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