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Chapter sixteen


I quickly gained my composure and took a deep breath before going inside. The inside was also elegant as the outside, cream coloured sofas were placed in front of the trial room were Sophia and Angel were seated. Sophia turned to me and smiled a knowing smile, I glared at her she held her hands up in defence but I saw her trying to stifle her laughter. I'm gonna kill her! Urgh! Two ladies came towards me and checked me from head to toe. Behind them was Micheal. He smiled at me and I returned it. Both the ladies scurried away and soon bought some amazing dresses.

I entered the trial room, it itself was amazing, one of them helped me to put a purple dress, it has a very low cute in the front and it was backless, too much revealing for my liking. I got out and showed it to Angel and Sophia. They both looked at me and shook their head negatively together, already a team I see. I went back inside, this time the other lady helped me in an emerald green dress, it hugs my curves perfectly, it reaches the floor and has a long slit from my right thigh, the dress looks beautiful but still something felt off. I have to admit this sales girls are amazing with sizes, how did they took my measurements just by looking at me. This time Sophia spoke..

"Al you look good but I'm not getting that wow factor" Angel nodded her agreement. I tried few more dresses and signed. Angel got up and ran with the sales girl. She came back and grinned at me, the sales girl was holding a beautiful red dress.

"Mwommy go and try this, I selected it for you" she said shyly.

I bent down and kissed her forehead then went to the trial room. I gasped when I wore the dress, I looked beautiful. The dress hugs my waist perfectly and the skirt is a semi ball gown, it has an off shoulder v-neck. I came out of the trial room and everyone gasped. Angel started to jump up and down while grinning.

"Oh my God!" It was Micheal who said that, he was looking at me with wide eyes. "You look breathtaking" I slightly blushed at that.

"Woah girl you look stunning!" Sophia said everyone even the sales girl nodded in agreement. I smiled at them. We bought underwear to go with the dress. Micheal gave a nice pair of stilettos to go with the dress. We came outside in the lobby of the shop Arthur was waiting for us. I have already told Micheal to not let Arthur see what I have bought oh so now you wanna make the grand entry and surprise him my inner voice mocked me. I rolled my eyes at her. No it's because Angel told me to do so and Sophia agreed to it.......ok fine fine I admit that I secretly wanted it to be like that. Arthur paid for the dress, I didn't look at the price, I know I'll definitely get unconscious if I look at it. I had this huge urge to roll my eyes when he turned and showed a smug grin.

He dropped both me and Sophia at my apartment. She settled in the couch and I started to make coffee for us. It was a long day and I'm thoroughly exhausted. She was smirking at me. What's with people and smirking? God!!!

"Don't say anything. Stop right there!" I warned her. She rolled her eyes at me. I know exactly where she is going with this.

"Oh come on! What's going on between you two?"

"What is going on between whom!? You tell me what is going on between you and Nathan?" That shut her off. It was now my turn to smirk.


"Oh please" I said.

"Ok so Nathan and I are seeing each other" she blushed.

"Aww I'm so happy for you, I knew you guys could be great together" she smiled at me, I continued.

"Is he treating you well? If not just tell me ok, I'll chop of his....." she interrupted me.

"No no he takes good care of me, he puts great effort to make me happy. He almost went savage when I told him about Mark. We discussed everything about each other. He is a good guy Al. To be honest I think I'm glad that I'm not with Mark, then I wouldn't have been able to meet him. Everything happens for a reason I guess" I hugged her tightly.

"You are right, everything happens for a reason we should never stop ourselves in finding happiness. We must be always optimistic because there will be someone or something out there waiting for you"

I quickly took a nice shower, then we both got ready to go to Mrs Smith's cafe. She has carried her uniform in her bag so it was easy for us to go.

We entered the cafe together as usual Mrs Smith smiled at us. Mr Smith came out of the kitchen with his signature cookies, the smell of the cookies made my mouth water. It is the kind of cookies that reminds you about holidays.

"Hey kiddos! How is it going?" Mr Smith said with a huge smile. We grinned at him and made our way towards him. We both kissed his cheek and the old man's smile widen.

"You guys made the old man very happy! Hear take this you two" he gave us each a cookie. Mrs Smith cleared her throat. We laughed at them. They are very adorable, Mr Smith would always say something playfully to us to make his wife irritated. There bickering and love is what makes their love special. Of course there bickering is just for their own fun. I always wished for someone to come in my life and together we grow old, make memories and bicker and love each other like these two. Suddenly a view of Arthur and me being like this came to my mind, I shook my head to get rid of that thoughts. Why am I thinking about him?!

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