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Chapter seventeen


It was the day of the event. The door bell rang, I opened it to reveal Sophia. She plopped on the couch and munched a packet of chips and we talked random things for a while. At five she helped me get ready. I took a quick shower before sitting in front of the mirror. I never liked too much makeup and she knew that so she went with a classy style. She gave me a shimmery gold eye makeup, eyeliner and mascara were applied. She put some blush on my cheeks, then at last red lipstick for my lips. My long straight hair was let loose, she curled the ends and ran a brush through it. I then slipped into my dress and shoes. For accessories I wore the simple chain my parents got me. I turned to the mirror and I felt beautiful. Sophia really know how to do it!. Sophia's eyes widen when she looked at me and slowly it turned into a mischievous glint in her eyes, she smiled a knowing smile.

"Oo someone's looking hot" she fanned herself with her hands and giggled. "Just wait and watch you are gonna turn many heads"

I shook my head at her though a small smile played on my lips unconsciously when I thought about Arthur. What will be his reaction? Will he like my look? Shit! Now I'm becoming self conscious. Why in hell am I thinking what he thinks? I can wear whatever I want! Are you trying to convince yourself or someone else. Damn my inner voice. I checked the time it was 6:20 now. Yesterday Arthur told me that he was going to pick me up at 6:30, of course me being me refused at first but when he said Angel was also attending it so I had no choice so I gave in. Okay I secretly wanted to go with him not that I'm going to admit it.

"Earth to Al" Sophia waved her hand in front of my face.

"Huh..what?" Coming out of my thoughts.

"I was asking when was he coming to pick you up?"

"Anytime now, he said 6:30" she nodded.

"By the way what were you thinking?"

"Uh...nothing" I laughed nervously, she narrowed her eyes at me.

"Don't you dare lie to me you bitch!"

"What?! I'm not lying you..you idiot!"

"Haha try lying to someone else you dumb fool! Now spill"

"No wait let me guess.....you where thinking about Arthur weren't you?!" She asked. "I knew it!" She continued when I didn't say anything.

"Oops I forgot to wear my earring!" I said to change the subject, suddenly she took a small velvet black box out of her bag inside there was a beautiful single diamond stud. It was her favourite and special earring given by her mother. I looked at her. She was smiling at me.

"Wear this today"

"But this is your special stud, I can't wear this"

"Exactly it's my special stud and you are my best friend no you are my sister and you are special for me. Just wear this today for me"

I tried to argue but she was more stubborn than me. I sighed and agreed, I was putting it in my ear when the bell rang. Sophia ran towards the door and opened it. I walked out of the room while putting the earring and there he stood in all his glory. He was wearing a black button down shirt with black pants and a deep red suit over it, black pocket square was there. His hair was neatly fixed and black watch in his right wrist, to complete the look he wore black formal shoes. Woah suddenly its feeling hot in here. Then our eyes met.


I was driving in my black BMW convertible to Alissia's apartment. I don't prefer drivers that much except for some occasions. Anyway I can't wait to see Alissia. I have no idea what is she going to wear today well thanks to my daughter. She is getting mischievous day by day. I shook my head at the thought she even didn't allow me to see her dress when I told her I would help her decide and mom teamed up with her. I reached her apartment and rang the bell. Her friend Sophia opened the door and grinned at me.

"Hi Mr William"

"Hi, You can call me Arthur" I smiled at her, she reminds me of someone....

"Well come inside Arthur" she stepped aside from the door.

I was going to ask about Alissia but as if on cue she came out from her room, my eyes widened and my breath hitched. She was looking damn beautiful in her deep red gown with lace details and that's when a thought came to my mind that we both are matching. Her makeup was simple but elegant which enhances her natural beauty, her hair was let loose, I always liked it when she let's it loose. My mind was drifting to some unholy thoughts, I quickly shook my head to get rid of them before it gets too much God! This is going to be a hard night. She was looking breathtaking and then our eyes met. Wait was she checking me out? The blush proves it yes, I internally chuckled. I opened my mouth to say something but closed it. I cleared my throat and tried again.

"Hi Alissia"

"Hi Arthur" she said softly and I must say my heart skipped a beat hearing her say my name like that.

"You look beautiful" I grinned when her neck and cheeks got more red if that's even possible.

"Let's go shall we?" She nodded.

I opened the passenger seat for her, she slid into the seat and I went to the driver seat. We hit the road, it was silent not an awkward one but more comfortable one but then she turned towards me and asked.

"Where is Angel?" I looked at her for a moment then back to road.

"She is coming with mom and dad" she nodded.

"So...you look beautiful" she let out a light chuckle.

"You already said that earlier but still thank you and you don't look bad yourself" I chuckled and rubbed the back of my neck.

We reached the venue which was one of my parent's residence specially for events like this, I parked the car and looked at her. She was looking nervous.

"Its going to be fine, don't worry ok?" She nodded and smiled. I gave my keys to the valet, and opened the passenger door for her. I held my hand out and she places it in my big ones, it fits perfectly. Many flashlights blinded us, questions like

who is this mysterious women with you?

Are you guys dating?

And so on were asked but as usual I didn't answer them. I looked at her to check whether she was fine and it surprised me how confident she was looking with her head held high and that amazing smile of her which brought a smile on my lips unconsciously. I placed my hand on the small of her back, as soon as we entered inside Angel ran towards us with my parents trailing behind her and Alissia's smile got wider. My traitor heart fluttered again. But wait is Angel....


I'm feeling so nervous I don't know why.....was it because of the fact that Arthur's hand was on my back?, I can feel the warmth even through the material.....or am I nervous of the fact that I'm going to mean his parents. I mean I have met his mother and she was such a sweet lady but now I'm gonna meet his father The Mr William what am I going to do!! The house or should I say palace was looking exquisite with the blend of both modern and traditional touch. The interior was amazing. At the centre there was this huge chandelier right between the two staircases. There was this mirror wall on my left, the colour theme was black, white, grey and red which gives a dramatic at the same time elegant look. Angel called me and ran towards me, all my nervousness flew away when I saw her. My smile grew wider when I saw what she was wearing.

She was wearing the same dress as me but in shorter length. She was looking really like a princess. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her cheek.

"Wow my princess is looking very pretty" I cooed her. She smiled shyly.

"I asked grandma to buy this dress as same as yours for me so that we can wear the same" she said shyly. I chuckled at her cuteness. She looked at Arthur who was looking at both of us with amusement and.....some other emotion which I can't decipher.

"Look mwommy daddy is matching with us too" she giggled, ya right! how come I didn't notice that? this time his mother looked at us in amusement and said.

"You guys are looking like a family!" My eyes widened at her comment. I looked at Arthur to see him as shocked as me but before he could say anything, the man in his late sixties with blonde hair and grey eyes who was standing near Linda talked. He had grey hair which gives out his age, he was giving that authoritative aura. He felt somewhat familiar with his mannerism and suddenly realisation dawned upon me of who he was. His gaze fell on me and then he extended his hand towards me.

"Hello I'm Charles Paul William, it is a pleasure to meet you" he said with a smile. I shook my hand with my own smile.

"I'm Alissia Hemsworth, it's a pleasure to meet you too Mr William" I said softly. He smiled warmly at me.

"Please call me Charlie, Linda has already told me a lot about you and she was right you are a beautiful young lady" I blushed and thanked him. Arthur's mom came towards me with her arms wide open. She hugged me tightly and patted my back.

"Its good to see you again dear"

"Likewise" I returned her warm smile.

Everything was going well until Mr Dalton came towards us. His gaze traveled from my head to toe making me feel disgusted, I don't know why but he was giving me a complete negative vibe. I unintentionally stood more closer to Arthur to my surprise he wrapped his hand around my waist and pulled me closer.


Alissia was talking with my parents and laughing, Angel was standing between me and Alissia all these are making my heart feel contented. I still can't believe Angel did all this, I mean it was a surprise for me to see her in the same dress as Alissia. They both are looking great together, now I'm glad that I was also wearing the same colour, I was bit wary to wear the colour at first but now I couldn't be more happier. When no one was noticing me I took my phone out and secretly took both of their photo then kept it back in my pocket. I checked around us to see many people looking at her and she on the other hand was oblivious of this. Men were looking at her with lust filled eyes, oh how I want to pull there eyes out.

To make my mood more bitter James fucking Dalton was coming towards us, when he stood in front of us he ran his eyes over Alissia, I felt her standing closer to me so I pulled her closer and kept my hand around her waist.

"Hello Arthur" he said.

"Hello James" I slightly nod in acknowledgment. He turned to Alissia, and extended his hands.

"Hello Alissia, you are looking beautiful" she hesitantly extended her hand but instead of shaking that fucker kissed the back of her hand, I felt her becoming stiff and she quickly pulled her hands away.

"Hello Mr Dalton" she said and I felt relieved about the fact that she addressed him formally. To my utter relief Jordan, my business partner and best friend came towards us with his wife Marissa. He made a face when he saw James but quickly masked it with his infamous grin.

"Arthur! How are you man" we shook hands.

"I'm good Jordan, hi Marissa"

"Hi Arthur" She then bent towards Angel and said something that made her giggle. She then turned her gaze towards Alissia.

"Hello I'm Marissa it's nice to meet you"

"Hi I'm Alissia Mr William's P.A its pleasure to meet you too" she smiled. Jordan grinned and asked.

"So Alissia how is your boss treating you?"

"He is good" she slightly glanced towards me.

"Are you guys dating?" He asked with a straight face but I know his evil smirk behind it. Alissia choked, I glared at Jordan and led everyone towards our table before he could open his stupid mouth more. Everyone was laughing and talking, on our way to the table, people nodded and talked to us.

After a while it was time for me to go to the stage.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for each and everyone of you for being here with us today. Today we are raising this event for those who are abused or raped and for the children who has lost their parents or abandoned by them . We want to help those who is in need. So again thank you so much for showing your support. Enjoy the evening" I went back to my seat beside Alissia, she smiled at me. She was talking with my parents and friends, it felt like she fits perfectly with us. After a while she excused herself to go to the restroom. Jordan nudged me and smiled at me knowingly.

"I haven't seen you smile so much for a long time" I noticed I was smiling unknowingly, I quickly masked it.

"You know you don't have to hide it. It's not a crime to smile or laugh" after a pause he said. "She seems a great girl, I'm guessing Angel is okay with her?" I shook my head.

"She is not just okay, she loves her"

"Hmm I can say the way she calls her Mama" I nodded in agreement. We then talked about business for a while. I checked for Alissia she has still not returned from the restroom. I quickly scanned the room still no sign of her. Where did she go?

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