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Chapter eighteen


The evening was going great, I stood from my seat and excused myself to go to the washroom. On my way there I saw one of the maids and asked the direction. I did my business and checked myself in the mirror to make sure my makeup wasn't smudged or anything. Then went out and was going back when suddenly a hand covered my mouth and dragged me somewhere, this person is definitely a guy as he is a lot more stronger than me. I elbowed him in the ribs, the person groaned but didn't loosened his grip. He dragged me to one of the passages were no one could hear me as everyone was in the main hall. I thrashed but nothing happened,

"Don't struggle babe, I know you want to have some fun"

the voice sounded familiar.......James Dalton!! My eyes widened,I started to panic more, I bit his hand hard and he groaned. He threw me to the floor somehow he has managed to bring me inside a bedroom. I screamed for help and quickly stood up but he grabbed both of my hands in his one hand then slapped me hard right across the cheek, I saw dark dots and ringing in my ears.

"You bitch!!!" He slapped me again. I was losing my consciousness.

"Oh baby don't sleep on me now"he said sarcastically. I screamed again with all my might, hoping for someone to help.

He took hold of my neck and started to kiss, I felt like I'm going to puke. I felt myself getting weak. He then inched closer to my lips, tears flowed freely on my cheeks. My throat started to close, I couldn't breathe, I felt darkness invading but before he could kiss me, I felt him being pulled away. I fell to the floor, I heard groans and cracking of bones. Someone was calling me and shaking me but I couldn't focus. I forced my eyes open to see Arthur punching James...


I waited for Alissia but still she didn't come back so I decided to look for her. I went in the direction of the washroom and other places but didn't find her. I checked the passage and found no one, I was going back when I heard a scream, I started to feel something was wrong so I went in the direction of the scream, when I reached in front of the bedroom I heard voices and then again a scream. I barged into the room, I got startled when I saw what was happening. I saw red when I saw that fucking bastard trying to force on Alissia. I grabbed him by the collar and threw him in the ground then punched him in the nose. The crack of his nose satisfied me a bit but didn't had any effect on the rage I was feeling, yes rage that's what I'm feeling. I threw several punches, his face was bloodied even his mother won't be able to know who he is. Two hands tried to grab me but I pried myself from their hold. I was going to punch him more when I heard my name being called in a whisper. I turned to see Alissia in the floor almost unconscious and Jordan was trying to keep her awake. I ran towards her, her breathing was not normal.

"Alissia hey, look at me" she slowly opened those beautiful eyes and focused on me.

"Breathe Al, Breathe with me" I started to take deep breath and coaxed her to do the same. She slowly started to take breath, and then it gradually became normal. I hugged her tightly, I looked at Jordan to see him looking at us with concern.

"Let's take her to the other room, lay her on the bed I'll bring the first aid" I nodded and carried her bridal style, her head resting on my chest.

I gently laid her on the bed, Jordan came quickly with first aid. I checked her for injuries. Her cheeks and neck was bruised, lips had cut. I clenched my jaws and fists. I took the first aid from Jordan, I tried to clean the blood from her lips, she winced in pain so this time I tried to make it more gentle then I applied ointment on it. I stroke her hair,she quickly fell asleep. Jordan patted my shoulder when he saw how stiff I'm. I removed her shoes and covered her with a blanket. After a while Marissa came over to the room probably Jordan must have told her, she gave me a reassuring pat on my arm. She offered to take care of Alissia as I have to be there in the party. I trusted her as she is a doctor but still refused because I don't want her to be out of my sight but then she said about Angel and my parents, I reluctantly went back to them. Jordan following me. When I went there mom saw me. She waved at me with a smile but it soon changed into a frown. She came towards me with dad.

"What happened Arthur?"

"Mom I want you to take Angel with you" I tried to change the subject.

"I asked you a question, answer me" she said sternly. " And where is Alissia?" She continued to ask her eyes searching around for her.

"Alissia is not well, I'll explain everything to you later ok?" I said calmly as I could but my voice cracked at the end. Mom and Dad nodded at me. Dad patted my back.

"Take care of her" he said, I nodded. They went away with Angel to their home. I don't want her to see Alissia like this. Thankfully the event has now came to an end.I turned towards Jordan

"Where is that bastard?"

"He is in the hospital, you knocked him out man! Thank God he is alive after the way you punched him"

"Then what should I have done? That fucker was trying to force on her godammit!

"I'm not saying you shouldn't have done anything but you should be careful, if something happened what will you do?"

"Well good for him that I let him live but that doesn't mean I'm done with him! He is going to pay for this!" I went back to the room to see Alissia wide awake. Marissa was giving her some water, Jordan went towards her.

"I checked her, no need to worry. I have given her painkiller. She will be fine" I nodded, they both left us. I walked towards her and sat on the edge of the bed. She smiled at me then scooted backward so that she can sit by resting her back on the head board. I helped her to adjust. We both sat in complete silence for a while. Both not knowing what to say, finally I decided to talk.

"I'm sorry" she frowned at me in confusion, so I continued.

"I'm sorry for everything, I should have known that bastard will do something like that" I held my head in the hands.

"Arthur" she called but I didn't had the guts to face her. "Arthur look at me" I hesitantly looked at her. She had a serious composure.

"Its not your fault! Do you hear me?" I shook my head, she grabbed my face and forced me to look in her eyes.

"Its not your fault Arthur!........ Thank you for coming at the right time otherwise God knows what would have happened if you.....if you hadn't showed up" her voice cracked, without thinking I hugged her tightly.

She was stiff at first but then she relaxed in my hold and wrapped her arms around me. I placed my forehead on hers, we looked at each others eyes.

"Let's go home" she nodded.

"You are staying at my place today" she was quick to argue but I covered her mouth with my hand. "You are staying and that's it, I want to make sure you are safe okay?" I looked at her sternly but sincerely with hopeful eyes.

After a while of staring at each other she nodded. I let out a sigh, I really want her to be safe..... history cannot be happened again, not now......not ever......

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