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Chapter 2

I was waiting in my office for interviewing further applicants. Then my thoughts drifted to my life. I always feel an emptiness in my life, I feel numb I don't know why. My life was always great until that day......
Before I could think about it my secretary Lucy informed me that next applicant was waiting, I gave her a curt nod. A few moments later I heard a knock and I asked to come in. I composed myself. I heard heels clicking noise and I raised my gaze from my desk to meet a pair of dark brown eyes I felt like everything stopped. My heart was beating faster and I don't understand what happened. I never felt this way.... I regained myself. Asked her to sit. I looked at her when she was not looking at me.

She had this beautiful brunette hair, pink plump lips and her eyes God it was mesmerising under her long curl lashes. She had this positive vibe around her. Her smile was so beautiful it affected me.... though I never showed any expression. My face was stoic. I cursed myself for thinking like it. I asked her some questions."Alissia Hemsworth" her name felt very good. She answered my questions and I felt that she was honest but I won't trust anyone that easily,she could be acting."Thank you Miss Hemsworth we'll let you know, you can leave" I told her. She stood and smiled at me and again I felt my heart beating faster but I didn't show any expression. I was nonchalant and then she left.

The same feeling of numbness filled me. I don't know why she has that kind of effect on me...... after few more applicants it was over, I was relieved. I then went back to my work.

I was woken up by my phone, I picked the call." Is this Miss Hemsworth?"a woman asked "yes"; " This is from William Enterprises. We would like you to start your work as P.A on Monday. You should be here on 8" I was shocked and surprised I don't know what to say. "I'm sorry but did you just say that I got the job" I asked for the confirmation "yes so will you be there on Monday?" I nodded then I realised she can't see me so I cleared my throat and said" I'll be there thank you so much" "Good" with that she hung up. My eyes starded to fill with happy tears. I thanked God for this job and went to get ready for my shift in the cafe.
At the cafe I was welcomed by the smell of coffee. I greeted Mrs Smith, she smiled at me warmly. She was like my mother. I told her about my job and she was happy for me. Then Sophia came to me and hugged me she obviously must have heard what I said to Mrs Smith, she was the only friend I had, I met her when I first came to this country she saw me wandering and helped me ,from that day on she was my friend and she was the only one who knew about my past. She was a very pretty girl with a charming character to attract anyone around her. I started my work and served our regular customers. One of them was an elderly man who was always pleasant. He and I was close, he always said I looked like his daughter who passed away in an accident so we always talk. He was lonely his wife died a few years back. I felt very sorry for him. When the cafe was going to close Mrs Smith gave me cake for celebrating for the fact that I got the job. Sophia was there too. We chatted for a while and said our goodbyes and left. On the way back home I was consumed by the thoughts of my family. I really wanted to tell them about my job but......I went back home and I was starving i checked my kitchen and found instant noodles" This will do" I said to myself. After the dinner I read a book "Wuthering Heights" it was my favourite book. I laid down on my bed and read it then I slowly drifted to my sleep.

Today it was Sunday and I was feeling very nervous about my job tomorrow. I just hope that everything will get better. I don't know how long I can fight but I promised myself that I won't step down without a fight either. I wish life was less complicated and that obsessed son of a bitch would have never found me. Then I would have been with my family. Having dinner joking about each other. I really miss my cousins. We were a team. When I recall all of these things a sudden pang of pain is there in my heart. But I know I have to accept this is my life. I can only hope that it will get better...
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