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Chapter Twenty


I woke up with a new energy, I was feeling nervous but at the same time excited to make Alissia happy. I almost backed down from my plan as I started to feel embarrassed but I quickly shook it off when her tear stricken face came into my mind. Yesterday when I saw her in that state I realised that my heart ached like it was squeezed and stabbed by someone and at that exact moment I realised that I don't just like her but I love her. It shocked me at my own revelation but it is the truth. I never felt something like this towards anyone. It took all my strength to not kiss her, I wanted to kiss her and make her forget every sad thoughts. I wanted to show my feelings and tell her that she is not alone but I know she is not ready and I don't want to do it when she is vulnerable. We both really don't know each other that much so first we need to know each other and if she is ready to give me a chance then I want to tell her everything, I don't want her to be in the dark.

Darren my bodyguard brought Angel home and two garment bags with him. He is one of my best friend and that's why I trust him enough to guard Angel. He gave me somewhat weird look and laughed at me when he heard what I was about to do but didn't say anything but just raised his hands in mock surrender and went to arrange other things. No need to rub it in my face man I know the plan is weird and embarrassing myself but you just wait for yours, I thought to myself and smirked. I opened the door of guest room to see Alissia still sleeping, I slowly walked towards the side table and placed the note and white rose that I bought. I went outside the room as quietly as I can..... God help me with this!!!!


I was woken up by the light coming through the window. I smiled and took a deep breath. I removed the comforter then went inside the bathroom. I quickly did my business and was about go out when I noticed the flower and a note. I opened it to find Arthur's handwriting.

Hey! Good morning I hope you are feeling better now, well get ready to be more surprised. Walk and follow the arrows outside and you'll find what's waiting for you.

P.S: Don't freak out;)

I furrowed my eyebrows ok now I'm worried but at the same time excited, I quickly took the flower and my phone with me then headed to find his surprise. When I opened the door I saw a red arrow near the stair, I followed it and found a note again. I opened to read it.

Can you hear the music? Its beautiful isn't it? Well now come on follow it!

Now I noticed that there indeed was music playing. Wait.... is that one of the Disney song?....... It seems like it is coming from Angel's room. I went towards her room and there was a big smiley face attached to the door. I opened it slowly and what I saw shocked the hell out of me. What the fuck!!!!

"What..th...the.....heck?!!!!!!" I stuttered in a low voice. I'm sure I must be looking comical with my wide eyes and my mouth is surely gonna hit the ground but it is not as comical as the scene in front of me. I don't know whether I should laugh or cry or both. Wait this must be a dream! I closed my eyes and counted three, when I opened my eyes it was the same damn scene, I pinched myself and winced. Yep! Definitely not a dream. Now I couldn't hold it anymore. I started laughing my lungs out, not just laugh, I sat on the floor clutching my stomach because it started to hurt, my eyes started to water.

In front of me is Arthur and Angel, Darren is wearing a green footman outfit and he was blushing aww. It's not that Arthur is in his speedos or anything no it's worse. He is standing in front of me wearing a FREAKING CINDERELLA GOWN! What the actual fuck!!!! Angel was in the fairy godmother costume.

"God........I.....can't.....breath" I said between my laughs now everyone was laughing with me, Arthur shot Darren a glare, he tried to stifle it but at the end it came out, Arthur huffed. I looked at Arthur to find him smiling at me with adoration and something else which I cannot decipher.

"Mama we are looking pretty right?" Angel asked. I nodded.

"Ya baby, you both are looking exactly like princesses" with that I started to laugh again.

"Oh my God Arthur, you definetly look like Cinderella!" Angel giggled at that, angel started to dance to the song. I gained my composure and stood up from the floor. I took a picture of them in my phone then gave Angel a kiss on her cheek and slowly I went towards Arthur. I tried to gain Male mannerism and went towards Arthur then extended my hand. He looked at me puzzled. I took a deep breath and stood straight.

"Would you give me the honour for the first........dance?" With that everyone started to laugh again but I dragged Arthur for the dance though.

"This was really a surprise! Oh my God Arthur!"

"I'm glad that you liked it. Just always smile and be happy like that, I don't want you to be sad ever. Do you understand?"

He said in the middle of our dance, he wrapped his hands around my shoulder, I instinctively put my arms around his waist and he kissed my head. I nodded with tears threatening to leave. He did all these to make me laugh? I couldn't hold back I stood in my tip toes then kissed his cheek, I lingered there then hugged him tight, he was surprised at first but then he tightened his hold and hugged me back.

"Thank you, I loved it" I whispered.

I love you, thats what I confessed in my mind. Although I know that will never happen, he don't see me like that but I will always love him. He has my heart without me realising it within this short time. He is my first love and I'll always keep it like that...

What are you doing to me Arthur? We stared at each other, its like we both wanted to say something to each other but we couldn't......but no need for any words our eyes held lots of emotions. We broke our gaze when we heard stomach growling, we looked towards Angel she was blushing and we both looked at each other and laughed.

"Come on baby let's get you something to eat" I took Angel in my arms.

"Are you Cinderalla and Mr Lizard coming?" I laughed. They both looked at each other.

"We will come after changing" both were blushing. Awwwwwww!

"Do you want to change first baby?" I asked to Angel for which she nodded.

"First you go Mr Lizard" Arthur said to Darren.

"No after you Cinderalla" I laughed, they started to glare and nudge each other.

"Stop it you two and change fast!"

Both the guys left to change and I quickly changed Angel's then went downstairs with her to the kitchen.


God it was so damn embarrassing but it was worth it, my plan worked better than I thought. Darren cursed me aloud when I said he has to wear the costume, but one look from me was enough for him to do it. I was shocked when she kissed me. It was the first time she has done something like that, I almost kissed her on her lips but stopped myself. It gave me a hard time.

Her laughter brought some warmth in my heart and I'm glad that I'm the one who made her laugh. I quickly showered and changed into something comfy, God how do women wear such thing! To top it all Angel put her glitter over me! My daughter and her glitters. I went downstairs to see the most blissful thing ever. Alissia was cooking pancakes while Angel was sitting on top of the counter singing loudly actually they both were singing and giggling. Alissia started to dance,she took Angel in her arms and twirled then she took hold of Angel's hand then hummed a slow song and swayed together. I silently took my phone out of my pockets and recorded it. My favourite girls were together happy and I would always keep it like that.

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