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Chapter three

I woke up in the morning feeling nervous and excited at the same time for my first day at work, I went to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror "let's start the day shall we?"I asked myself while looking in the mirror. Oh wait, I have something to confess....I talk to my mirror not just talk I blabber to myself. I do almost everything while standing in front of a mirror like cry, smile, share what I'm feeling everything. Hey,don't think I'm crazy okay it's just the way I try to make me confident. According to the psychology wait a minute I don't have the time to take class for you so laters.....

I decided to wear a navy blue blouse and black trousers. I let my hair loose. For makeup I just applied some lip gloss and eye liner. I don't like makeup, I prefer natural look. It is 7:15 now, office was a fifteen minute travel so I decided to eat some breakfast, I searched my kitchen and found some butter and bread," I need to buy some groceries now that I can afford my needs with this job and with the shift in cafe" I thought to myself. I checked the time and hell there is just twenty minutes left where in the hell did the time go!! I can't be late for my first day. I locked my apartment then ran.....

Thank God I reached my office exactly at eight. I greeted the secretary with a smile and she returned it with her own smile, now I know that her name is Lucy. She showed me my desk which was opposite to hers and handed me a file "you need to check Mr William's schedule and inform him about it. Make the needed arrangements for the meetings also don't forget to get his coffee he will tell you what he wants". She told me few more things before going back to work. I settled in my desk and started checking the schedules, I memorized it. The elevator dinged and there comes Mr William in all his sexy glory. I realised that he is pretty tall (as last time when I saw him he was sitting so I didn't know).... we stood and greeted him ,before getting inside he told me to come inside. I took a deep breath and knocked the door a "come in" was heard and I entered. He was checking his laptop "Good morning Mr William can I get you something" I asked. He looked up and our eyes met...."Bring me a black coffee with one sugar" I went to the coffee shop and bought his coffee "Here is your coffee Mr William" I placed it in his desk carefully and was going to leave but I suddenly remembered his schedule and went to his desk "Mr William you have a meeting with Mr Dalton at 10 AM" he nodded and said " You have to come with me and bring me the file, Lucy will give it to you and Miss Hemsworth arrange these names for the invitation of the charity event and show me. I want it by tomorrow morning" he handed me a big file "ok Mr William" "you can leave". I returned to my desk and started to prepare for the meeting. But when I checked the names for the invitation my eyes budged out. This was too much how am I going to finish it by tomorrow, also not to forget I have to go with Mr Nonchalant....I mean Mr William duh he is always so expressionless so can't say I'm wrong I wonder does he ever smile. After I prepared for the meeting ,I started arranging the names when Mr Nonchalant came out of his office and asked me to follow him. I was going to scurry behind him and halted when I realised I didn't take the file so I went back to collect the file from Lucy nearly tripping and was going to go behind him but when I turned he was no where to be seen so I started running and well the elevator was gone.

Wow I'm really lucky(note the sarcasm) without thinking I ran down the stairs....after never ending stairs I was atleast happy that I saw him and ran behind him. I was getting closer when someone collapsed with me. Two warm hands wrapped around me and rescued me before I fell. I looked at the person and an amazing blue eyes was starring at me. He had this handsome face but before I could check him I remembered my thing I have to do I ran and threw an apology to that guy between my breath and went to Mr Nonchalant's car. We both were sitting in the back seat of his black Audi the driver started the car and we were on the road, I was breathing heavily and the entire car ride was silent. He didn't even notice that I was not with him when he was going out of the building, after all he was the one who asked me to follow him he should have atleast cared about that I thought to myself. I was so lost in thoughts that I didn't hear what he said so I turned to look at him sure enough he was starring at me

" I....I'm sorry but did you say something" he took a deep breath and said "I don't like tardiness Miss Hemsworth so better keep up with me" I was scared of this guy.....yep I was scared, I gulped audibly and nodded "Words Miss Hemsworth " "I'm sorry Mr William I'll keep up with you" he turned his gaze straight and I looked out through the window.

We reached our destination after what felt like years actually it was just half an hour. I thought Mr Dalton was some grumpy old man but oh boy was I wrong.... we were greeted with an amazing black eyes, he had a nice black hair and a cute smile on his face. "Good morning Mr William" he greeted Good Morning Mr Dalton" they shook hands. Mr Dalton's gaze shifted to me and was intense I shifted my gaze and looked down. "And who is this beautiful woman right here" I blushed because of his comment "Alissia Hemsworth Mr William's P.A" he shook hands with me looked at me for a few more seconds, someone cleared their throat and I looked up to see Arthur looking at Mr Dalton his jaw was tense I don't understand why....

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