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Chapter four


James Dalton,he was looking at Alissia very intensely I can tell he is not having a straight

thought...he has this reputation of being a playboy. He just always saw women as sex

objects, I hate when someone disrespects women, my mom always taught me to respect

women and I always kept it that way, I clenched my jaw when he shook his hands with her

and made a comment that she blushed. I cleared my thought to gain their attention,he

looked at her for a few more seconds then turned his gaze to me, Alissia was already

looking at me with a confused look, of course she must have noticed my jaw clenching.

"Let's start the meeting Mr Dalton"

he nodded and took our seat, we were at a restaurant Alissia sat beside me. We discussed

about the new launch in which he also will be taking part because of his share. This was

gonna give both our companies a huge success so we needed to keep it a secret for now.

We decided the terms and other things, we shook our hands and was going to leave when

he turned his hands to Alissia and shook her hands.

"It was a pleasure meeting you. See you soon" he said to her and something in low voice to

her which I couldn't hear.

What in the hell did he mean by saying "see you soon" to her and what did he say to her in

the end? , I thought to myself...she just shook his hands and smiled. I was glad she didn't

say the "see you soon" shit back. We both went back to our car.


The meeting went well, I was still trying to process the encounter with Mr Dalton....I mean

James as that's what he said to me to call him. I was slightly taken aback by his first name

basis thing. We reached the office, I settled in my desk and started working on the names

and invitations. Before that I checked if there is any meetings or events but there was none

so I started working. After hours of working it was lunch time. I told Lucy that I was going to

grab lunch she smiled and nodded, I headed to the cafeteria and bought a sandwich I sat on

one of the empty tables, a sudden deep voice called me from my behind I turned to meet

with the same blue eyes that I met this morning.

"Hi" the guy whom I bumped with said


"Can i sit here" he asked pointing at the chair in front of me, I nodded

"I'm really sorry for bumping into you" I quickly said,he chuckled

"No problem after all it was with a beautiful lady" I blushed, so he was Mr Flirt I thought to

myself. Now that I'm looking closely at him I feel like I have met this guy before.

"By the way I'm Nathan" he stretched his hands and I shook it.

"Alissia" the next thing he said kind of surprised me

"I know"

I looked at him in shock, how does he know me....was he some kind of a stalker, maybe a

kidnapper, I shook my head when I started to think foolishness. He took a deep breath and


"You might not remember me but I do, my last name is Anderson" realisation dawned upon

me. So that's why he looked familiar but he has changed. He was slightly fat at that time but

not too much with specs and silently sat in a corner of the classes but still was active in

sports. Some of us found him cute. He and I were in the same school we barely talked, we

always will smile at each other when we pass . But now he looked like a model I'm not

exaggerating now he looked amazing

"You have amazingly changed " I blurted out he chucked and I blushed.

" yeah well life changes people" e said and I agree with that.

"So why are you here" he asked I didn't wanted to tell him anything at least not right now so I

answered vaguely.

"I'm working here as the P.A for Mr Arthur William"

"Oh, now that explains why you were running this morning. He is a bit tough to work with" he


"What are you doing here " I asked

"I work here as well, me and my family settled down here and I got this job" I nodded, I

checked the time I have to complete the work I finished my sandwich and stood.

"Well I need to go back to work see you and uhm... Nathan don't tell anyone about me ok"

he was looking confused but must have understood me so he nodded.

"Yeah sure no problem see you" I smiled at him and went back to work.

My eyes was aching because of me looking too much at the words in front of me. I have

finished most of the work and it was time for me to leave, I grabbed the files and took it with

me. I was at my way back home when I remembered my job at cafe....uff how am I going to

finish this work I thought to myself. I thought about calling Mrs Smith and taking a day off for

today but when I recall the fact that I have to pay for the apartment I decide against it.

I decided to take a quick shower and wore my clothes and went to the cafe.The same coffee

smell invaded my nostrils. I smiled at Mrs Smith and greeted her. I didn't saw Sophia today

so I asked Mrs Smith, she said she took a day off as she was sick...... My shift was over and

I said my goodbye to Mrs Smith and left, I decided to call Sophia after all she is the one who

cares about me, I dialled her number she picked the call after several rings

"Hi, I heard you are sick. Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine" her voice felt dull and I felt something was wrong

"Are you sure because you don't sound fine"

"No really I'm fine"

"Do you want me to come over?"

"No im fine I'll see you tomorrow"

"Ok then take care"

Something was sure off so I decided to ask her tomorrow now it's late and I have work to

finish, she needs some time alone I know she'll tell me everything.....with that I went home, I

changed into my t-shirt and cotton shorts. I drank some coffee and started working,it was

very late when I finished my work, I laid in my bed soon sleep engulfed me.

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