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Chapter five


I was woken up by the bright ray of light coming from my window. I groaned and checked the time, it was half past seven..my eyes widened "F**k" I quickly tried to get out of my bed only to fall in my ass,I groaned " Wow my day is going to be great, could it get any worse?" Of course if you get late for work you know Arthur and his punctuality, my subconscious told me. I ran into the bathroom and quickly did my business then checked the mirror only to see a raccoon staring at me, this so called raccoon is none other than me....my eyes is baggy and has got dark circles due to the lack of sleep..

"Don't worry everything is going to be alright" I told to myself through the mirror and smiled.

I quickly checked my closet and wore a navy blue blouse and black pencil skirt with black heels...I don't usually wear heels but for this job I must look myself presentable. I tried to cover my dark circles using makeup and put lip gloss to my lips then I was good to go.

I skipped my breakfast when I saw I have only fifteen minutes left. I ran outside my apartment and locked it. I was having this weird feeling like 'when you go out and feel like you forgot something kind of feel', I shrugged it off before it get to my nerves . Luckily I got there five minutes early, I was going to step inside the building when realisation dawned upon me and I paled. Nathan saw me and came to stand in front of me he saw my paled face, his eyebrows furrowed...

"What happend Alissia?"

I blinked "I forgot to bring the file that Mr William asked me to submit this morning, O my God I'm going to loose my job, what should I do?" I started rambling, I felt two hands on my shoulders and I looked up to see Nathan looking at me...

"Come follow me" he said

I don't know where he is taking me but I followed. He took me to his car, a nice black Camaro, I sat in the passenger seat ,after asking my address he drove me to my apartment . When I reached my apartment I ran into it and took the file on the table then ran back to the car. We reached the office just a minute late but that was okay, thanks to Nathan and his car I gave him a quick hug and thanked him then ran to the office.

I settled in my desk after greeting Lucy, then I went to the cafeteria and made coffee for Mr William and left to his office for submitting the work. I knocked and entered the office, as usual he was sitting behind his desk, I placed the coffee carefully and handed him the work. He went through it and said

"Very well done Miss Hemsworth, I will call you for discussing ,anyway you can leave now"

"Okay" I turned to leave but he called my name

"Yes Mr William"

"What did James said to you the other day?" I was shocked, I mean surprised why is he asking me this because this stoic man never talks anything apart from work....

" James asked me to call him by his first name" I saw his jaw tense....what the hell?

"You can leave" I looked at him in the eye but I can't understand what kind of feeling is his eyes showing me......I returned to my desk , Arthur's question entered into my mind....why did he ask about James, I should focus on work so I shrugged that matter off then turned on the computer and started working, few hours later it was time for lunch so I headed to the cafeteria but on the way I saw Nathan and we together went for lunch.

I grabbed my usual sandwich while he ordered some sort of rice dish, we together ate and talked random things. We were talking, at that time his coffee spilled to his pants...

"F**k!" He cursed, I quickly took the tissue and was helping him to clean that when a sudden voice of shattering of glass heard, everyone turned to look and there he was none other than Mr Stoic. He was looking in our direction, his eyes was blazing with anger and it actually made me feel scared, I gulped audibly....I don't understand why or what is this man's problem. God he is very hard to manage. He then quickly stormed away....


I don't understand what is happening to me nowadays. I know for a fact that the culprit is Alissia I just can't control me in front of her. My heart races whenever she comes near me, my blood boils when she talks to another person.....ok fine another man! It took all my strength not to shout when she used the name James rather than Mr Dalton , so that's what that idiot James told her the other day my subconscious reminded me. Urgh!! My brain is going to explode... you are jealous, my subconscious told me. Why in the hell would I be jealous?.....

There was a knock in my door,I ordered that person to come in and it was her Alissia.....my heart has some serious issues.


"Mr William is everything okay?" I asked even it's none of my business. After he stormed from the cafeteria I just couldn't stop thinking about what his problem was so here I'm asking unnecessary questions.

"Why do you ask?" He asked me....what am I gonna say to him?

"You looked bit frustrated when you came to the cafeteria so I thought..."

I didn't get to finish my words because he cut me off.

"Listen you are just my P.A so better do your work...its none of your business what I feel or what I do understand?" He nothing but shouted.

My eyes was burning with tears but I won't cry in front of him

"I'm sorry Mr William" with that I went back to work. Time was passing very slow I just want today to end. After like eternity my work was over. I went to my apartment and changed to my usual clothes and went to the cafe.

Mrs Smith was there, I started my work and Sophia was not present today. After work I took some donuts and pastries for Sophia then went to her home. She looked like a disaster was understatement..

"Hi, what happened?"

"Its nothing I'm fine"

"Girl you know you can't hide anything from me and also you look like shit!"

"Thanks for pointing the obvious" she chuckled

I kept the pastries on the kitchen island, then sat at her side on the coach

"So tell me, what happened?"her eyes watered

"Its..its..Ma..Mark,he...he cheated on me."


"I went to give a surprise for him but he was making out with another girl" she sobbed, I hugged her tight.

"I'm so so sorry I wasn't there for you yesterday" I feel pathetic for not being there for her, she is not just my best friend but more like a sister.

"No it's ok I understand"

"I'm sorry and its ok dear he doesn't deserve you"

"Shhhh, its ok" I told her again, she eventually quit crying. I handed over her the pastries, we ate ,talked then I was going back to my home after saying her goodbye.

I was on my way back home when I saw an ice cream shop; it was near the park , so I thought it's been a while since i haven't had one...I went inside I was on my way to order when I saw a familiar light brown eyes, O my God Mr Angry Bunny is here I should hide my inner voice said.....I was trying to go before he saw me but guess what?...he saw me, our eyes met. He was now in front of me and there was this beautiful baby girl around one or two years in his arms...I didn't knew he had a kid.

"Um...hi Mr William" I greeted him, hey after all he saw me...

"Hi Miss Hemsworth" I couldn't meet his gaze because I was bit scared by the previous incident...the little girl looked at me and smiled.

"Hello sweetie. What is your name?" I cooed her. She looked angelic with the same brown eyes but with blond hair. I instantly fell in love with her

"Hi, I'm Angel" she said

"Wow it's a beautiful name just like you" she blushed.

She then reached for me I glanced at Mr William he nodded and I happily took her in my arms. I always loved kids and one day I hope to have one...

"Wats yuor na..me Mama" she called me Mama and I didn't change that..

"My name is Alissia" I smiled at her

"Angel it's not Mama" he told her and then turned to me and said "I apologise she never does that"

"Where is her mom?"I asked him, he tensed...I thought he was not going to answer but then..

"She is no more" it was like a slap to me, shit why did I ask that.

"I'm sorry Mr William I didn't knew your wife..." I couldn't complete the sentence, I felt guilty

"Its alright" he said

"Mama" Angel called me.

"Angel..."Mr William was going to warn her but I suddenly cut it off.

"No it's fine let her call that" I smiled at the sweet princess in my arms...I don't know why but I felt like she is my own daughter.

"Do you want to eat ice cream sweetheart?" I asked her.

"Yes" she told me with enthusiasm and bounced in my hands.

"Can I buy her one?" I asked him, he nodded "Would you like to come?" He nodded.

We all went to the ice cream shop...

I ordered a Belgium chocolate chip ice cream, a chocolate ice cream for her and vanilla for him....I was going to pay when a hand wrapped around my wrist , I looked up to see Arthur

"I'll pay" I was going to object but one look from him I stopped talking. We went to sit on the park, I sat on a bench and placed Angel on my lap, Arthur sat beside us.

"Mama you are pretty pretty, right daddy?" I chuckled but tensed when she asked him the question.

"She is pretty" I looked at him in surprise but he just smiled at me. Wait...did I just say he smiled? I guess I did....I didn't know that he smiles, a full ear to ear smile. Wow now he looks more than a supermodel.

"You look great when you smile" I blurted out, he looked at me with great intensity and I blushed the darkest red....sometimes my mind has no filter.

He laughed after watching my expression. His laughter made my heart fill with pure bliss and my insides clench. I averted my gaze when I realized that we were staring at each other for too long, I blushed more. I wiped Angel's lips and hands with a tissue. Arthur and I made small talks for a while he played and cooed Angel, he also made her laugh. He is a great father my inner voice said and I agreed to that. I didn't knew he has this soft side, it's been a few months that I'm working with him and I never saw this side.

"Well it's getting late I should go" I told to Arthur. Angel instantly hold me tightly.

"No mama please don't go" she whined. I felt a pang of pain in my heart.

"Its ok baby we will meet again ok?"

"No mama please..." she started crying I cooed her and said sweet things to her.

"Mama will come to you tomorrow ok?"


"Promise" I told her, I was also not feeling like leaving her.

"We can drop you home" Arthur suddenly said.

"No it's fine I'll walk"

"Mama come with us please" Angel said, I sighed and nodded. She bounced happily.

We went inside his Black BMW. I on the passenger seat, Angel on my lap and Arthur was driving. When we reached my home Angel was fast asleep in my lap. I kissed her forehead and placed her lightly on the baby seat and buckled without waking her up.

"Goodnight Mr William. I had a great time." I bent and looked through the window and said.

"Goodnight, we had a great time. I haven't seen her this happy for a while" I looked at the princess in the back seat and smiled.

"See you tomorrow" I said with a smile, he nodded.

I went to my apartment and changed into my pjs after a bath. Then went to sleep with a smile.

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