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Chapter six


I reached the office early, I don't know why but I feel good today. Yesterday ended better than I thought. Angel is literally an angel, she changed my day from miserable to amazing. I hope that Arthur allow me to meet her. I settled in my desk then went to make the coffee. Arthur was also early today...

I went inside his office after knocking and placed the coffee carefully...

"Thank you" he said, well that's a first my subconscious said to me... I stared at him. After a few seconds I quickly came back to my senses.

"Is there something else you need Mr William?"

"No, this will be fine. Just make sure and prepare everything for the upcoming charity event... I need everything to be perfect, we'll discuss about the invitation later".

"Okay" I was going to leave when I remembered the promise.

"Mr William..." he looked up from the computer " Can I....Can I see Angel today, if you don't mind. I promised her so...." I didn't have to complete my sentence as he said..

"You can" with a smile. I was surprised to see him smile again and this made me widen my smile and stare at him.

"Is there something else?"

"No, its just that you smiled again I thought you never smile"

I blurted out, his expression changed then I understood my mistake. I thought I talked that in my mind, I placed my hand over my mouth with wide eyes ...... I saw he is trying hard to cover his laughter, he let it go a bit then shook his head. I ran back to my work place.

What the hell was I thinking? Why in the hell did I just say that to him? I thought to myself.

It's because you are an idiot, my subconscious told me. I rolled my eyes at her, Lucy was watching me, she raised an eyebrow in a questioning manner, I just smiled at her.....I pushed all my thoughts to the back of my mind and started working. I turned on my computer and checked for any emails.....I arranged the schedules and made a note about things in my mind then I begin to prepare for the charity event.

At break I went to the cafeteria as usual Nathan was waiting for me.

"Hey" I said, our friendship is getting better nowadays, I smiled at him and took a seat across from him on the table.

"Hey, how are you doing ?"

"Good, how is yours?"

"Going well" we talked a lot about random things, the break time was about to get over when...

"Hey Al are you free this Saturday?"

"Ya why?"

"Do you wanna hang out?....let's go to the newly started club"

"I don't know I'm not a club person"

"Come on it will be fun"

I sighed and nodded, suddenly Sophia came to my mind.

"Can I bring a friend with me?" I asked.

"Sure. See you then, I need to get going" I said an okay, he winked at me and went to his way.


Everything was pretty much good today. Alissia will be coming to my home to meet Angel. Angel seems to like her a lot, I have never seen her mingle with anyone except for my mother, father and the maids who watch her. Mom always made time for her; took care of her and not to forget dad even though both of them live a bit far from my home.... but still Angel was pretty much dull until Alissia met her the other day. Yesterday I felt guilty for latching out at her for talking to that guy. I don't know what came to me, after all she is not my girlfriend or anything. Then I saw her at the ice cream shop, I saw her trying to go out without me noticing but I saw her when I entered the shop my subconscious asked me to apologise to her but I couldn't bring myself to do so, call it my ego. She was very good with Angel, even Angel started calling her Mama to be frank I was very surprised to hear that but Alissia was okay with it so I let go, I also felt good when Angel called her that not that I'm going to admit it then it became a quiet amazing night with her. We made small talks and I was comfortable except when she asked about Angel's mother, I tensed but told her half truth.....only if she new the truth.

I thought about our earlier encounter....I tried my best not to laugh after seeing her expression when she accidentally told her thoughts to me. She looked cute and innocent, I wonder what she thinks about me..... I for sure know for me she is just not an assistant anymore, she has become more than that to me. It doesn't matter we haven't known each other for so long or haven't talked that much except for yesterday but there is something that is pulling me towards her. Her smile is something I would die for and I can see there is a lot of pain under those smile.


My work was over, I was so excited to see Angel. I packed my things fast and was on my way out when Arthur called me.

"Yes Mr William?"

"You are going to meet Angel now right?" He is the one who gave me permission then now what?


"Then come with me, I can take you there"

"No it's fine I'll take a cab"

"I'm going home then why don't you come with me?" I looked at him, why is he offering help.....because you are going to the same place idiot my subconscious told me.


"Then let's go"

I followed him to his car, today it was Audi R8 its literally is a wow car. I always wanted to buy a sports car, I just love them but fate is not with me anyway I got to travel in one. I sat in the passenger seat Arthur in the driver's seat, it was a silent ride except for the roar of the engine. He parked in front of my apartment so that I could change. We entered my home, he sat in the couch.

"Can I get you something?"

"No I'm fine"

"Um okay, make yourself at home"

With that I turned and went inside my room, I took a quick shower then wore black jeans and red tank top with black sneakers. When I entered the living room he was in phone. I waited for him to end the call. He turned and looked at me

"You ready?"


We reached his home within twenty minutes. My jaw dropped in awe when I saw his home. It was a white two story home, the gate was automatically opened, we rode to the front, the long path before it was full of green on both sides with long trees and grass. He is definitely a nature guy. We hopped out and the giant double doors were opened by a maid dressed in black and white.

"Where is Angel?" He asked the maid

"She is in her room sir" he nodded and turned to look at me

"Follow me" I walked behind him, the inside of the house was beautiful is an understatement. We passed a few doors, I wonder how people find there way back to the living room as this is huge. He opened a door and we entered inside to see a pink world. Everything was pink in here with ponies; unicorns; princess dolls and pink bed, a complete girls room. Angel was playing with dolls and barbie house.

"Angel"he called her, she turned and smiled then saw me. Her smile widened and she ran into my arms. I lift her.

"Mama you came!"

"Of course baby, mama promised you right" she nodded happily.

She showed me her doll collection then made both me and Arthur to play with her. We both laughed a lot when she made Arthur to sit in one of the baby chairs and tied his hair.

"You look like a princess now" she said to Arthur, my laughter doubled...Arthur shot me a glare so I tried to compose myself then nonetheless laughed this time he joined.

"I should leave now" Angel's face changed after hearing that.

"Its dinner time anyway, let's have it then you can go" Arthur told me. I looked at Angel to see her with hopeful eyes.

"Okay fine" He smiled at me.

We entered the dinning room different type of food were present there, nice aroma of food hit my nostrils making my mouth water. Arthur sat at the end of the table, me and Angel in the side, like other room this was also huge, a nice crystal chandelier was in the centre of ceiling, the table was made using expensive wood with straight chairs.

We ate in silence. I fed Angel, after the dinner was over I tucked Angel in the bed and kissed her forehead.

"Mama can you tell me a bedtime story?"

"Sure baby" I smiled at her. I told her my childhood bedtime story, the Cinderella story. When it ended she was fast asleep. I looked at her and kissed her forehead. I stared at her and thought about how much I love her even though I have met her only yesterday, Arthur is very different in front of her, my heart has started to see him in different light....I know it's wrong, but how will I control my heart. My eyes felt heavy and darkness evaded me.

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