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Chapter seven


I entered Angel's room to check on her to see her fast asleep beside a sleeping Alissia, who is in an uncomfortable position with here head on the head rest. I didn't wanted to but still decided to wake her up, I shook her shoulder slightly careful not to wake Angel up but to no avail, Man does she always sleeps like she is dead I agreed with my subconscious for the first time. I gave up waking her up she must be really tired. She is definitely going to have a neck ache if she continues to sleep in this position. Should I let her sleep this way or should I place her comfortably.....after a long battle with my mind I chose the latter. I gently took her in my arms and placed her head on the pillow beside Angel. I kissed Angel's forehead she snuggled closer to Alissia and hugged her in her sleep. They both looked adorable together, this felt somehow complete....

I feel happy for Angel as she now gets motherly love from Alissia. If someone had told me that I'm going to feel something for Alissia let alone have her in my house a few months back I would have laughed at them. I never trusted people easily and never allowed anyone near Angel. If she was about to go somewhere it will only be with me or with my parents or my idiot of a brother..... wait did I forget to mention him, I think I did. Clark was this annoying younger brother, he was this cool going free one while I was this not so free type, anyway if Angel was about to go somewhere even with my family I make sure there is two guards with her. Being a business tycoon it was easy to have enemies and I don't want anyone lay a finger on her. I have been in relationships but I never introduced them to Angel, I never had any feelings for anyone of them but then why am I having different feeling for Alissia? After all she is just my assistant because she is different you idiot! Of course my subconscious always has to interfere...I quietly left the room and went to my own room then went to sleep.


I woke up in a comfortable bed but wait.... what? This is not my bed! I was quickly going to sit up when I felt light weight on my chest and torso. I looked to see Angel sleeping soundly, her arms draped around me, her head on my chest. I smiled at her....she is indeed my beautiful princess. Then suddenly everything came to my mind, I now remember how I ended up here....I felt bit embarrassed as I'm the one who told I was gonna leave but slept here without asking Arthur's permission. SHIT! What will he think about me!! I gently laid Angel on the bed and scurried to the bathroom. I found an extra brush I brushed my teeth and tossed it in the trash bin then slowly went downstairs. I don't know how I'm gonna face him....God why does I have to face this much embarrassment.

When I went downstairs I saw him drinking coffee with a file in his hands. I approached him his back was toward me, I don't think he knows I'm hear just then I completed my thoughts...

"I didn't knew you sleeps that hard" I was shocked, my cheeks burned into the deepest red....does this man has eyes in the back of his head and what does he meant by me being a hard sleeper. Did he tried to wake me up.....god no!

"Um...thank you for letting me stay, I'm going to go now....um....I have to get ready for the work". Damn this stutter, i wanted to hide my embarrassment but my voice gave it out. He turned to look at me with slight....amusement? In his eyes. Why is he amused? He looked like God, he was in a black suit, with back shirt inside. His hair was like 'I just woke up from bed' look but Man! He looked handsome like that. His brown eyes bore into my own brown ones. He was in front of me with his two long strides. His close proximity was bit unnerving to me, I bit my bottom lip contemplating what to do...

"Let's have breakfast first,shall we?" He asked, it was more like a statement then walks to I assume the breakfast island...but I'll get late if I stay in here for more, what should I do? If I stay I'll be late, If I go he is my boss and I couldn't deny him......God! Urgh!

"I'm your boss so no worries come on" he said over his shoulder this man can read mind too? so I chose the latter and went the way he did a few moments ago.

"Have a seat Alissia" he ordered,well that was the first time he called me by my name..... he pulled the one beside him and nodded me to take the seat, actually I was going to sit across him but I sat there anyway.

Delicious pancakes was placed in front of me, my mouth watered as it has been a while since I had a decent breakfast. I quickly digged in it and devoured the heavenly taste in my mouth, I was almost finished when I felt a gaze from my side I looked to see Arthur looking at me with a small smile and amusement in his eyes.

"Is there any problem Ar...I mean Mr William?" His small smile turned to bigger one...he shook his head and turned his gaze back to his plate. I shrugged and finished my breakfast. He stood and I copied his action. He dropped me at my house then said...

"See you at the office. Be on time Miss Hemsworth" he smirked. I was shocked and angry by this Grumpy Bipolar Stoic man in front of me. He is the one who told me not to worry!!!

"But.." I stopped talking not knowing what to say, he smirked

"But what Miss Hemsworth?" I shook my head.

"Then I'll see you at the office?" I nodded

"Idiot CEO" I said under my breath.

"What was that" he asked with a raised eyebrow. He heard me...shit he heard me....

"Um...nothing. I'll see you at the office Mr William!" with that I ran into my house, I swear I heard him chuckle. Who is he? I wondered.

I took a quick shower, then wore a white pencil skirt with pink blouse which goes very well with my tanned skin. Then applied some lip gloss and a light stroke of eye liner, then some vanilla scented perfume, I left my hair loose then slipped into my pumps. I took my bag, put my phone in it and quickly locked my apartment. I checked the time and I realised I'm gonna be late. I started to run to the office but stopped when a familiar Camaro stopped in front of me. The windows opened to reveal Nathan in it, he smiled at me.

"Good morning Al, hop in" I was so grateful that he came otherwise I was definitely gonna be late.

"Thank you so much but how come you are here?" I asked as I knew his house was not here.

"I was near this neighbourhood so I thought I would pick you up if you are here, and voila you were literally late as usual" I glared at him then chuckled.

We reached the office faster than I thought, he parked the car and we together went to the building. We reached the elevator at the same time as The Grumpy Idiot CEO. He glanced at me with his old stoic face and then at Nathan, his eyes darkened for a moment. We all entered the elevator, we reached our floor Nathan turned to me. We said our goodbyes then went to different directions. I followed Arthur then went to make his coffee. After making the coffee I went to his office and placed the coffee at his desk but he was not behind the desk as usual, I frowned lightly then turned to leave. I collied with a hard chest and we both landed on the ground. I opened my eyes to look at the culprit to find none other than Mr Stoic except this time he had this smirk on his face.

"Mr Stoic get over me you are too heavy!" I blurted again. He frowned and my eyes widened.

"What did you call me?" He asked, I paled with wide eye. Shit I definitely need to put a filter before blabbering.

"I'm asking you Alissia" he asked

"I....I said Mr William!" He raised his eyebrow and got over me.

"Really? Coz I heard something else....it was more like Mr Sto..." I cut him off.

"You heard it wrong I called you Mr William not Mr Stoic" he came closer to me with a smirk, what did I do now?

"Well thanks for proving" he said, I was confused

"Huh?" He leaned closer.

"I never said or more clearly completed the word Mr Stoic, you did. You cut me off when I was gonna say that word but you finished it" my eyes widened even more. Shit!!!!

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