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Chapter eight


I was shocked by my own foolishness. The Devil I mean Arthur was looking at me with a wicked smirk. Oh how I want to take that off of him. He leaned forward...

"Go and check my schedules, let me know if I have any important meeting or anything" I nodded then scurried away from.

I released a deep breath which I didn't knew I was holding. What was that all about. I turned on the computer and checked and memorized everything as usual. I looked up at Lucy to see her stressed, in these past few months she was really good with me. She never showed any kind of worry but today she was looking very tired and stressed. I went to the cafeteria and made a coffee, then I went to Lucy and placed the coffee on her table. She looked up at me, I smiled

"Are you okay Lucy. You look stressed" she gave me a small smile and let out a deep breath.

"I'm fine dear just stressed about the upcoming charity event. Its bit hard that's it" I smiled and nodded at her.

"Is there anything I could do?" I asked sincerely. She smiled at me.

"No, thank you dear for asking and for the coffee it's just what I need". Atfer a few seconds she said "Though you can help"

"What is it?"I smiled

"Well you should come to my grand son's birthday party on Sunday" she said excitedly, she must love him so much. I chuckled and shook my head.

"Yes I will come" she smiled at me widely.

"Ok go back to work before Mr William comes out" I roll my eyes.

"Don't worry Mr Angry Bunny won't come out right now" I said but when I looked at her, her eyes was wide, she was looking behind me. I got a warning bell.

"This.... he is standing right behind me?" I asked her in a low voice, she nodded. My face paled. F**k !why? Why?!!!! I gulped audibly and slowly turned to look at him, I lightly laughed nervously. OMG! How will I escape his wrath. He was giving me a deathly glare.

"Miss Hemsworth to my office" he said and went back to his office. I AM FIRED!!! I follow him inside, I took a deep breath.

"Can you explain what was that out there?" I don't know how to explain!! I looked down fiddled with my fingers and bit my bottom lips. I don't have the guts to look at him.

Suddenly he came in front of me, I was already near the wall so guess what? Yes you guessed it right! I was caged between him and the wall. My breath hitched in my thoughts, my heart was beating like it will come out any second now. He placed his warm finger on my bottom lip and released it from the cruelty of my teeth. I looked up to see his eyes focused on my lips. God I know where this is going!! My subconscious told me. No nothing is going to happen. But my brain has completely stopped working after he came close. He leaned closer.

"Ar...Mr William" I whispered, and he was like he came out from some sort of trance. He backed away, I thought he would drop the subject but no as his smirk came back.

"So tell me what did you call me out there?" He asked

"Um nothing" I was deepest shade of red now. I hope he doesn't notice it.

"Then why are you blushing? Miss Angry Bunny " my eyes shot up to meet his.

I can't understand what he is thinking. Though his use of name cleared the fact that he has heard what I had called him.

"I'm sorry Mr William" I lowered my gaze due to embarrassment and guilt.

"I forgive you. You can go but before that...is there any other names for me to know?" My eyes was wide I quickly shook my head. He nodded.

When I got back Lucy looked at me worried. I told her everything was fine and he forgave me. She let out a sigh. It was soon lunch time. I hoped to see Nathan at our usual space so that I could share today's story with him but he was no where to be seen. I frowned where did he go? I shook my head then quickly ate my food. I went inside Arthur's office to give him a file.

"Mr William here the file you asked for the charity event and this is the documents you asked regarding Fernal Enterprises". He nodded at me and I left, to be honest I felt bit bad when he didn't say anything else. Ya ya I know!

After my work was over Nathan ran towards me.

"Hey" he said

"Where were you? I looked for you at lunch time" I asked with a frown.

"I had some work to complete so I skipped it. Why miss me?" He winked at me. I rolled my eyes.

"Ya whatever helps you to sleep" he chuckled

"Anyway tomorrow is Saturday, you remember right?" I know he is talking about the club but I decided to act.

"Ya so what? Is there anything special?" I kept my face confused (wow I'm a genuine actor)

"What you forgot it lady!!"

"I forgot what?" I raised an eyebrow, he pouted and this broke my acting because I started to laugh. O my God he reminds me of my brother's melodrama. I ruffled his hair.

" I remember it, I'm just kidding kiddo" he swat my hands away

"Aww look at your face" I laughed and pulled his cheek, he rolled his eyes at me.

"So I will pick you guys at 6 tomorrow?"

"Ya okay"

"I can drop you home if you want"

"No, you should go I have some things to do"

"Are you sure?" I nodded, he gave me a quick hug and left. He has become a bit protective after a few days back when I told him the reason why I came here.


I was going back home when Nathan asked me to join him for coffee. We went to this nearby cafe and ordered coffee and muffins. He was looking dull than usual, his cheerfulness was missing. When we settled in a corner I decided to ask him his problem.

"Hey what's wrong? You look troubled"

"Nothing I'm fine" he gave me a small smile.

"You know you can tell me anything whenever you want right?" He looked at me for a few second and nodded. After a few moments he spoke.

"My mom, she is not well. The other day she fell unconscious and we took her to the hospital" he sighed and continued

"We are not sure what the problem is but there is a chance that she may have tumor in her brain. The test results will come only after two weeks, so we are waiting. I just hope that the result comes negative, I really love her you know" his voice cracked at the end. I gave him a hug and hold his hands

"Listen don't worry okay, she is going to be fine. You must be strong for her with your stupid jokes and you should cheer her up okay?" He nodded and smiled. After a while he asked the something I knew he will ask me...

"Hey Al, why did you tell me not to tell anyone that you are here that day. Why did you come here?" I contemplated whether I should tell him or not after all he is my best friend now so....

"I....I'm here because...."I explained everything to him. He was shocked.

"Don't worry Al I'm here for you, if you ever have a problem tell me okay?" He told me sincerely. I nodded, then we talked about random stuffed after that he dropped me home.

End of flashback

I collected my things just then Arthur came in front of me , he looked at the way Nathan left then turned to me.

"We have to discuss about the charity event on Monday. There is a few things to finish ok" I nodded but I can't help but I felt like Arthur wanted to tell me something else...

"Ok Mr William" then I left. I have work at cafe in two hours

At the cafe Mrs Smith greeted me. I started working, then I saw Sophia I quickly ran towards her.


"Hey Al" she smiled. She has gotten better after the Mark thing.

"So tomorrow I was going to a club with a friend. Will you come with me please....." she looked at me.

"I don't know Al..." I didn't let her finish.

"Please you know me, I'm not a club person but I couldn't say no. So please you like these things, come on I need you with me" I whined and made my best puppy face. She laughed.

"Okay I'll come with you" I hugged her and went back to work. The rest of the evening went fine.

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