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Addy Hearst is a girl like no other. The only evidences for the existence of her feelings are her constant eye-rolls, frowns, scoffs and rare smiles. She is a girl who despises other people especially girls and wishes so much to be a boy. But something flickers inside of her when she comes face to face with her childhood celebrity crush, Luke Martinez, from the time while she was a typical girl, and she starts acting differently. Luke Martinez is a sweet British boy who has managed to charm the world with his angelic voice but he is sick of all the fame and wants to treated like any ordinary person. He is very different from the kind of person Addy likes. She doesn't really admit her feelings, even to herself, but her heart has something different in mind. How and in what ways will this hardcore girl's heart be wooed by the decent British boy? Read on and find out. !warning! Contains a lot of swear words. Read at your own risk.

Romance / Drama
Tshering 1D Choden
Age Rating:

Chapter One


I am in my class on my desk by the window and I've 'Vanishing Acts' by Jodi Picoult in my hand. She is one the most interesting authors I have ever read and I'm reading this particular book for the third time. Though this book is enough to make the world around me disappear, my friends are way too loud and their voices penetrate through to my book world.

"Guys, just stop. Seriously, if y'all don't shut the fuck up right now, I'm gonna hurl."

So basically, I'm sick of my boring old life and I'm totally sick of being stuck in this fucked up country. I know that it is one of the most peaceful, green and clean countries in the world with all those good and kind-hearted people but man, you get sick of it. At least I do. And moreover, I love things related to English. So, I'm gonna give all of the people living in my country English names.

My stupid, good-for-nothing friends pout at me and Jenny brings her round face closer to mine and says,"But it's so cute. Finn gave his girlfriend a big teddy bear along with a very heart-touching letter showing his love for her. Isn't that just cute?"

The thing I hate the most about these three idiots is that they are total girls when it comes to boys and make-up.

I find myself rolling my eyes,"Cute, my ass. What's the big deal about a stupid gift and an even stupider letter?"

I see all three of them smirk at me.

God, no! They are not gonna bring that shit up again.

"Yeah? Like all those letters of yours addressed to your celebrity crush?" Katy says lifting one of her eyebrows.

Fuck. When are they gonna let go of it?

I put on a sarcastic smile and say,"Now, for the millionth time, I was a junior in middle school and he was not a crush. Plus--"

"You were young and dumb and a typical girl. But now you have changed and you're allergic to stupid things like love," all three of them complete my sentence in unison. Seeing as they have brought this shit up a million times and I've explained using the same lines, it is obvious that they would know it. Well, actually no one is supposed to know about those shits I did as a little girl but all four of us were hanging out at my house in my room and while I went away to do some shits, they got their fucking hands on my diary which was basically addressed to my favorite celebrity. Mind you, favorite celebrity not my celebrity crush.

"Now, let the shit go. I'm sick of it," I tell them in one of my serious tones.

"But you still follow him on social media and keep yourself updated all the time. So it's obvious that he is more then just a celebrity to you," Laura says with a smirk.

"Ooh, I think that would be a crush," Jenny chirps in.

"Totally," another smirk from Katy.

"I'm just keeping myself updated about one of the persons who makes my fucked up life tolerable."

The only things keeping me sane in this stupid world are books and music. I love to just escape from this fucking world and get lost in the world of music and books.

"And you guys are saying the word 'crush' repeatedly. Do you all wanna get crushed or something?" I say, cracking my knuckles.

My stupid friends being total girls have these 'no violence' shits and all in their minds, but such shits are absent within me. So it's obvious how I actually am.

"Hey, come on," Katy has always been braver from the three,"You don't keep yourself updated all the time about Jodi Picoult,Paulo Coelho and all the other authors and artists who make your life vibrant. It's only you dear Lucas, the man with the angelic voice."

Lucas. It so happened that while I was a junior in middle school, I saw him on one of those singing shows and I fell in love with his voice. I started listening to his songs more and more often and my interest in him grew as his voice became more angelic. Soon he was so good that he became a public figure and I started following him on social media. In fact, I created all my social media accounts just so I could follow him. And later on as got into high school and as I became less girly, my thoughts regarding everything changed. But Lucas remained. He still remains. You see, I was so much into him and his voice and it became kind of a routine to keep myself updated. So it just felt not right to throw it all away. I just couldn't do it. So, he's still the DP of my social media accounts and I still have journals which I directly address to him. He's a really decent guy and according to my character and personality, I'm not supposed to like him but it happened because it was meant to happen. Now, knock if off.

The idiots giggle at Katy's response. Now, giggling is one the things related to girls.

"Shut up or I'll make you."

"Okay, okay," followed by more giggles.

I just roll my eyes and get lost in my book world.

"I'm home," I say out loud more to myself. Probably Mum's off to work, Dad's in his and Mum's room watching TV and my grandmother is somewhere doing her out-my-understanding shits. And my brother must be hanging out with his friends either at some game shops or getting high. So, that means no one would really know or care if I'm home or not. And honestly, I like it like that.

I get changed, lie down on my bed and take out my phone. I go on the internet and there are some notifications about new songs and all. I play a few assassination games and by the time I'm done, it's time to prepare dinner. My fucked up society believes that females are to be the ones to do the in-house chores. And as Mum's away for work and grandmother is 'too old to cook', I'm the only female left. So, the fucking job falls on me. All the damn time.

As I enter the kitchen, my grandma starts yelling, "Why didn't you close the door? The neighboring thief cat got in and ate our Puss's food. How can you be so irresponsible? Being a girl, you should be responsible and careful..." She goes on but I'm stuck at that last line. I feel my blood boil and my jaws tighten. I hate it very much when they use such expressions. "Being a girl..."; "A girl should..." and all those fucked up nonsenses. Really, what the fuck! These lines really piss the hell out of me and I've already had many yelling competitions with my grandma in the past. So I just go grab my phone and earphones and let music build high walls around me as I prepare dinner.

As I wait for the meal to get cooked, I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around to find my brother with his phone in his hand. "How do you spell 'giraffe'?"

My brother has never really been the kind of person to give a shit about school so yes,he does suck at things like spellings. And I guess he is one of the reasons for my boyish nature. As he is the elder one, I learned to like the things he liked. Like fighting and all. But I didn't get into two things like him: 1. Drugs and 2. Relationships. I got into everything else. And I'm quite thankful for having him around.

He goes on to tell me that one of his best friends wanted to break up with his girlfriend and he needed my brother and their other best friend's help. So he shared his Facebook password with them to help him with his break up. Now that's something fun.

"Give the phone to me. I'll help you with that shit," I tell him, wanting to join the fun.

But like the stubborn person he is, he refuses and tells me that he just wants to know the spellings. He leaves for his room and I cook the meals as fast as possible to join him.

I lean over his shoulder to see the screen of his phone and I see the girls message,'Just tell me the reason, damn it!'

Ooh, someone's frustrated. Honestly, I hate the girly nature of girls and it's a joy to see them in these kind of situations.

"Why does he want to break up, by the way?"

"She cheated on him," he tells me casually.

See? This is the thing. Cheating and all those shits. I mean why the hell would anyone want to complicate their already fucked up lives by adding their so-called partners into it? Such a waste if time.

After a few more exchange of words, they break up and she blocks him. Yeah, right. As if.

This world is so fucking lame.

I go to my room and scribble some shits in my write-ups book and my journal. Then I go to bed with earphones plugged in.



This is the first time I'm writing on the romance genre and I'm not really a romantic person in real life but I tried my best. Hope y'all enjoyed and will enjoy reading into the lives of these characters.

You can find me on:

Wattpad: @1d_choden

Facebook: S/he writes

Instagram: @i_don't_mind_falling

Twitter: @1d_choden


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