Falling For a Brother Who Isn’t My Brother

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18 year old Elle lived a simple, good life. She wasn’t the “it” girl but she was by no means a loner. It was just her, her mother, and her brother Drake. With her father passing when she was just an infant, life with them was all she’s ever known. Drake has been best friends with Cameron since childhood. Elle was always the younger tag along. However, that will all change the summer before she goes to college. In her mind everything was the same, but for Cameron it was a completely different story. Can a romance between Elle and her brothers best friend be the best decision of her life, or her worst?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter One

Ugh. There it is. The worst noise you can ever hear. The alarm. I can’t believe it’s 7am already. Summer break meant staying out late and waking up even later.
But no. I get stuck driving with my mother to help Drake and Cameron move out of their dorm.
Of course I’m excited to see them. I haven’t seen Drake since easter, and it’s been a year since I’ve seen Cameron. But, I’m there girl! Why do they need me to help drag their luggage?

I drag myself out of bed and stumble half asleep to the bathroom. My immediate action is to turn on the shower as hot as it can go. Showers aren’t good if you don’t feel like your skin is about to melt off. I spend a good 15 minutes in there before I step out. Throwing my hair up in a towel I finally decide to look in the mirror. The nice weather has done so much for me. This year I made it a point to start layibg out as soon as it hit 70°. I always feel so much better when I’m tan, I can’t explain it.

I did my makeup very simple. Some foundation, countour, blush, and some mascara. I threw on my white crop top t-shirt, some denim high waisted shorts, and my white sneakers. Finished off the look with just letting my long brown hair flow in its natural waves. I think this should be good enough.

I head downstairs where my mom is rushing around the kitchen. “Elle? Are you ready? We were supposed to leave 20 minutes ago!” I let out a giggle, knowing that she wasn’t ready either based on how frantic she seemed. “Mom, what are you looking for?” She paused with the most embarassed look on her face and said “don’t laugh. I can’t find my car keys.” She always does this, and they’re always in the same spot. The small table by the front doors. I grabbed the keys and she thanked me as we walked out the door.

The drive wasn’t too far. Only 25 minutes. For me it felt like eternity. “Honey, please remind me on the way back to stop and have another duplicate key made.” I was instantly confused. “Mom why do we need another key?” “Oh I thought you knew. Cameron is spending the summer with us. It just seemed to make more sense.” It did make sense. Camerons parents moved to Florida when he started college last fall. On breaks he would go see them, but I can see why he wanted to spend the summer here. Who would want to spend months in a state where they don’t know anyone except their parents? Also, the plane rides were expensive. Not that it was a concern for his family.

25 minutes later

Here we are. Campus of the college I’ll also be attending in the fall. Words can’t describe how excited I am to start. We walked into the dorms and after a couple wrond turns we find it. 221.

Mom knocks on the door and doesn’t even wait for a response. She throws open the door and all I hear is “MY BABY! I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!” She immediately hugs my brother, and he makes a face as if he’s suffocating. She then runs to Cameron and gives him an even bigger one. “Elle where’s my hug?” Drake said sarcastically. I laugh and give him a half hug. We facetime often, so I didn’t miss him THAT much.

I look over to say hi to Cam and I freeze. He looks so different than last time I saw him. Cam was always attractive, there was no denying it. He just looks so... grown. He cut his curly brown hair that is now in a quiff. He had to at least grown 3 inches taller. Obviously he has been working out. His jawline is more prominent, and the way his short sleeve white t-shirt clung to his body. OH MY GOD CAMERON GOT HOT.

I snapped back to reality. “Cameron! It’s so good to see you!” He looked up at me. His eyes got wide. I had to wait about 5 seconds before “wow Elle it’s been so long.” He leans in a gives me a half hug. Wait? He wears cologne now?

“Elle, Drakes things are all packed up. We’re going to bring them to the car. Be a dear and help Cameron finsish packing.” And just like that. Drake and my mom were gone.

Cameron and I were alone. We’ve been alone before so many times. This time it felt different. There was an awkwardness between us that I have never felt before.
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