Falling For a Brother Who Isn’t My Brother

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Chapter 2

The silence was killing me.

“So Elle. Are you excited to start here in the fall?” He said with a half smile. “Yeah I’m definitely excited. I’m not sure if Drake told you but he said I might be able to live with you guys next year. Since you guys have that extra room and I want to avoid the dorms.” He looked puzzled. Drake hadn’t run that by him. Whoops. “No, uh I didn’t know. But if it’s fine with him then it’s fine with me.” He started laughing. “Just know that Drake intends on having some wicked parties.” “Oh I can’t wait for it. You guys have no idea.” We both started to laugh lightly. Okay, this feels more normal. “Are we good?” He looked around the room. “Yeah I think we got it all!” Cam grabbed the big luggage and left me to carry a backpack and his laptop.

Back at home

“Okay guys go ahead and get settled it.” My mom said as we dropped everything in the living room. “Cameron I cleared out the spare bedroom so you should have space for all your things.” He hugged her. “Thanks Marsha. I really appreciate you letting me stay here.” “Oh honey no need. You’re family.”

Things for the night continued as normal. Mom ordered pizza and we all sat around eating and listening to the boys go on about school. I excused myself and went upstairs. I know I showered this morning. But this going back and forth just makes me want to be in the relaxing hot water. After the shower I hop out and throw my hair up in the towel. I go to grab another. Shit. No more. I forgot to bring the fresh ones up stairs. That’s fine, I mean who doesn’t like to be naked I guess. I whip out my toothbrush and begin to brush my teeth.

That’s when it happened. So. Fast.

The door flung open and I jumped quickly. It was Cameron. He had wide eyes and his mouth wide open. “Oh my god Elle I’m so sorry I..” “Cameron! Get out!” He ran out so quick. I forgot to lock the damn door. Cameron and my room were connected by the same bathroom. God I was stupid. That’s when one thought came to my mind. Only for a second.

I told Cameron to get out, but I feel like I didn’t actually want him to. I shook that thought away as soon as it came to mind. I went to my room, put on my pajama pants and oversized t-shirt. I let my damp hair down. Going downstairs I hear the boys laughing. “Elly! Come watch a movie.” Drake said. God. I hate that nickname. “What are we watching?” Of course. I see a horror movie on tv. “Awh what’s wrong Elle? Too scared?” Cameron said to me like I was an infant. “No, I’m not. I just hate the blood. Disgusting.” I plop down inbetween them. Cameron has the popcorn and Drake has the candy. This way I can steal from them both.

The movie goes on and I notice Drake starting to snore. What the hell? We’re 20 minutes in! I choose to do the sisterly thing and kick him in the leg. “ELLE WHAT THE HELL?” He yells half asleep. “Watch the movie or get out!” I giggle. “Alright alright I’ll go to bed. Just remember to turn the tv off.” Drake gets up and stumbles half asleep down the hall. This is nothing new. He’s always the one to go to bed halfway through the movie.

Cameron and I continue to watch the movie in silence. Well, except for the occasional ewww coming out of my mouth. I reach for the popcorn without taking my eyes off the movie. I look down and it’s his hand also in ghe bowl. Wow this feels like something frkm a preteen movie. I look up and he’s already staring at me. I quickly grab some popcorn and pull my hand away as I mumble “sorry.” I look back at the movie, and that’s when it happened 10 minutes later. I feel something on my thigh. Its his hand. I look up at Cameron and his eyes are directly on the screen, not once looking over. What the hell is going on? I try to get back into the movie. But at one point I find myself scooting closer to him. Without skipping a beat he moves his hand more to my inner thigh. My heart skipps a beat.

And just like that, the credits appear. Cameron squeezed my thigh and stands up. “Well Elle, I hope you enjoyed the movie.” And with a big grin, he walks out of the room.

My heart still slowly racing, I think to myself “did cameron just make a move?”

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