Falling For a Brother Who Isn’t My Brother

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Chapter 3

I try to sleep but I can’t. So many thoughts are going through my head. Did Cameron like me? Was he messing with me? Is he wanting a hookup? Do I like him? Do I want him to touch me again? I toss and turn in bed just wishing I could sleep so I wouldn’t have to think. Finally, I was able to drift off.

I wokeup at 11am with one thing in mind. The pool. With all of this going on, laying out and swimming is one thing that clears my head. I am so lucky to have a pool honestly. I hate going to public ones. I slip on my favorite bikini. It was all white, and the bottoms were like a cheekster, I’m a girl who likes to show off my butt what can I say? The top was pretty cute. It had one strap on the left side and a slit in the middle that showed off a little bit of clevage.

I walk downstairs and go through the kicthen to head out the back door. I pass Drake and Cameron. “Elle, why don’t you put some pants on?” He laughs. “Drake, you can’t swim in shorts. Obviously you wouldn’t know anything about it, being so pasty.” He rolled his eyes “you know tanning will only age you.” I did a small sarcastic laugh. That’s when Cameron said “You know what, she’s right. We should get some sun.” Drake shurgged his shoulders and continued eating.

I went outside and laid down in my chair when I got a text.

Jared- hey whatcha up to?

Elle- not much just laying at the pool wbu?

Jared- Jealous. Brian, Hannah, and I were wanting to see id you wanted to hangout. Can we come over?

Elle- sure, but bring your swimtrunks this time.

I laughed to myself. I hadn’t seen Jared in awhile. He was a decent guy. We had the occasional hookup. I guess you could call it friends with benefits, although we haven’t hooked up enough to really call it that. Our last time was about a month ago when he came to night swim when Mom was out of town for a meeting. He’s bestfriends with Brian, who is dating my bestfriend Hannah. I guess that’s really how we became what we are.

After about 10 minutes of laying out, I hear “CANNONBALL.” And an instant splash of water on me. Same old Cameron, always trying to get on my nerves. “Cameron. What the hell?” He smirked. “Well Elle, you just looked so hot that I figured I needed to cool you off.” Wow. He’s never called me hot before. He then lifted himself out of the pool and sat down next to me. He places his hand on mine. “I mean it Elle. I mean you were always cute but you’ve grown so much. Now you’re just beautfiul.” I looked down at our hands and looked up at him smiling. He had a grin so wide that his eyes were crinkled. “THE PARTY HAS ARRIVED” I looked over and it was Hannah, holding 2 cases of beer. Jared and Brian were following. Wow. Way to kill a moment. Cameron quickly pulled away from me.

Soon we were sitting around drinking and listening to music. Drake had came out and sat next to Cameron. I was expecting him to be pissed with having people over, but I think he was just happy to be drinking. “Hey guys, lets play shoulder war.” Jared said. I love shoulder war. Especially against Hannah. She has such little strength, I always win.

With Hannah on Brians shoulders, and me on Jareds, we began. It went as predicted. I has one strong push and Hannah fell backwards in the pool. “HELL YEAH! THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT!” Jared yelled. He picked me up by the arms and spun me around laughing. He lowered me down, but immediately picked me up by my butt causing me to straddle him. He leaned closely into my face and whispered “you always do it right.” I had a cheeky grin. I looked over and saw Cameon staring. It wasn’t a normal stare. It was an angry stare. One I rarely haven’t seen before. His jaw was tight and his hands balled into fists.

After another few hours of hanging out, everyone began to leave. Jared came over to me. “I’ll have to see you again soon.” He said before planting a small his on my lips and winking. I told Drake and Cameron that I was going to the pool house to shower off and change out of my bathing suit. Drake and Cameron seemed to ignore me, staring at their phones. Drakes phone started ringing and he jumped up quickly to go inside.

Once in the poolhouse, I turned on the shower. I slipped off my bathing suit and got into the steaming water. I began to scrub off when I heard the door open and slam. I jumped and looked over to see Cameron standing there staring. He looked me up and down quickly and then made eye contact. What the hell? My heart felt like it was about to beat out of my chest. We were in silence until he broke it. “Are you sleeping with Jared?” I got slightly angry. This wasn’t any of his business. “If you nust know, I have a few times. But I don’t see any reason why you should be asking.” That fored him up. He quickly stepped into the shower. He took my wrists and pinned me to the shower wall. “It is my business.” I swallowed hard. “Why?” I squeaked out. “Oh I’ll show you why.” And instantly, he crushed his lips onto mine. This wasn’t a slow first kiss. It was intense and hungry. I found myself kissing him back just as intensely. He grabbed my butt, lifed me up and pressed me against the wall. I could feel his long, hard erection pushing through his swimtrunks. Oh my god just the graze of it against my clit felt amazing. With one hand he held me up, using the other to start massaging my breast. He begain to plant long, slow kisses from my jawline to down my neck. I let out a soft moan. With his mouth still against my neck he mumbled “I don’t want anyone doing this to you except for me.” I gasped. Wow. I am about to hookup with Cameron. He pulled back and looked me in the eyes and said “Nobody can make you feel as good as I will make you feel.” He dropped me back onto my feet, and pushed his hips against mine. His erection had me pinned to the wall. I summoned up the courage and reached my hand down to slip into his swimtrunks. He grabbed my wrist and said “Oh no sweetheart. Not now.” He have me a smirk and backed away. Just like that, he was out the door without another word. Leaving me in the steamy shower, hot, bothered, and out of breath.

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