Falling For a Brother Who Isn’t My Brother

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Chapter 4

Cameron’s POV

I can’s believe I just did that. I kissex Elle. Well, I did more than kiss. But oh my god. That’s my best friends sister. I mean, she was like MY little sister. It’s so wrong but it just felt right. I don’t know what’s going on. Last time I saw her, she was starting out her senior year of high school and she was just Elly. But now, she’s a woman. A beautiful woman. Her hair got longer, skin clearer, legs longer, body fitter. I mean just her personality has more depth. She blossomed.

Just touching her hand at the pool gave me chills. The way she looked up so innocently. But when I saw her with Jared I almost lost it. Seeing her straddled on him, laughing, whispering, and his hands grabbing her butt. I could barely contain myself. No man should be touching her that way. She is so much more than a hookup. She is someone that should be cared for. Hell, I don’t think she even knows her worth.

Where the confidence came from to visit her in the shower I have no idea. I wasn’t thinking. I can’t just not think. It could ruin so many things. But when I looked her up and down, I was shocked. Her body is perfection to me. I felt like I was in the presence of a goddess. I couldn’t hold back. When she went to put her hand down my trunks I wanted it to happen. I wanted her right there and then. I wanted to give it all. I pictured myself thrusting in and out of her. Pinning her up against the wall as she moans and screams my name. The hot, steamy water making our skin feel so soft against eachother. I wanted every inch inside of her. But, I couldn’t. I needed to think all of this through. Is this what I really want? There are so many bad endings to this.

Dinner time

Elle’s POV

his plate at all. “Hey Cam, I’m going out with Anne tonight. She said she’d being Darcy. We leave in an hour.I finish up the meat loaf. Cooking is another calming thing for me to do. Usually I would make something like burgers, but I doubt the boys have had a real home cooked meal in awhile. I lay everything out on the table. “Boys! Dinner is ready!” The boys run in the room, obviously starving. We sit down and eat our meal in silence. I hope that means the food is good. With a mouthful, Drake says “wow Elle. You learned how to cook.” Well, that’s as close as to a compliment that I’m going to get from him. I looked at Cameron, who hasn’t looked up from his plate at all. “Hey Cam, I’m going to Anne’s place to watch a movie tonight. She has Darcy there. We leave in an hour.” Drake says as he chugs his sweet tea. “Okay man I’ll be ready.” Cameron still hasn’t made eye contact with me. “Hey sis, do you have any condoms?” Condoms? My heart dropped. If Drake is alone with Anne, that means Cameron will be alone with Darcy. Which is no good. Darcy is a sexual opportunist. Whenever she has the chance to sleep with a guy, she will. I cleared my throat. “Yeah, I have one.” Camerons eyes instantly shot up at me. There, if I only give Drake one, Cameron won’t have one. And I know he isn’t dumb enough to do it without one. I smirked at this thought to myself. “Don’t worry dude, I have a couple.” Oh wow. Of course. “I’m done.” I mumbled and cleared my plate from the table. “I cooked, you guys do the dishes.” And with that finishing line, I went upstairs.

It’s been 2 hours since the boys left. I’m sitting in my rokm with pajamas and a messy bun. I’ve ate half a container of ice cream and watched a rom-com. Wow. I’m upset over a guy who isn’t mine.
A few hours pass and I hear footsteps on the stairs. Only two sets. So they didn’t bring the girls back. Good. I hear the door shut for Camerons bedroom.
Laying in bed I’m thinking about if I should discuss the poolhouse situation with him. I need to.
Quietly, I walk over to his door. I knock. No response. “Cameron. It’s me.” I knock again and wait. No response.
I walk back to my room and sit on my bed. He went to spend time with another girl. A tall, blonde, blue eyed, dtf girl. He didn’t have a second thought. Now, he’s ignoring me. He doesn’t care about me romantically. I need to get over this. I need to not care.
I pull out my phone

Elle- Hey, wyd?

Jared- Just laying in bed thinking about you ;)

I rolled my eyes.

Elle- Well, everyone is asleep and my mom is gone.

Jared- Say no more, I’ll be there in 15. ;)

Thank god. I need this release. If Cameron doesn’t care about me, why waste my thoughts on him?

I see his car pull in the drive and tip toe down the stairs. “Come on. And be quiet.” I giggle. Jared follows me quietly up the stairs. When we get to my room, I shut the door and turn the volume on the tv up so the boys can’t hear us talking if they were to wakeup. As soon as I drop the remote, Jared picks me up. I wrap my legs around him and we begin our makeout session. He throws me down on the bed. This boy knows how rough I like it. He pins my wrists down and whispers in my ear “it’s been almost a month since I’ve been inside you baby. Do you know how long that is.” “Hmmm a month?” I giggle. He smirks. He lets go of my wrists and tugs my pajama shorts off, which also pulls me to the end of the bed. He crawls on top of me. “I got to see your butt through those swimsuit bottoms, but I never got to see your breasts. He pulls off my tshirt and stares at my breasts. He begins to lick my nipple as he uses his other hand to pinch and pull the other. I let out a light moan. He laughs. This boy knows what he’s doing. He switches to licking the other nipple as he puts the other hand down my panties. He begins to rub my clit. “Damn baby you are so wet for me. It makes me thirsty.” He stops licking and slowly moves his mouth down my body. Once he gets to my panties, he grips them with his teeth and pulls them down. I roll my head back, awaiting the pleasure I’m about to recieve. He flicks hit tounge. All of my senses go wild. He goes faster and slurps it up. I hear a wrapper being ripped and know what’s about to happen. I lift my head and see him pull his pants and underwear down, his hard member instantly popping out. He puts the condom on and without wasting a second he thrusts it in. I moan very loudly and grab the pillow behind me to cover my face. He begings thrusting so hard. Thank god I don’t have a squeaky bed frame. I start to feel an orgasm building up, and as soon as I’m about to release, he stops. God. That’s the one thing with Jared. He cums so fast, I never have the chance to orgasm. I never have with him. He smiles and lays down next to me. “Fantastic right?” I force a smile. “Amazing as always.” He yawns. “Can I sleep here?” I take a deep breath. “Yes. But you need to leave early. Like 7am. The boys wakeup around 8.”
We slipped under the comforter and I laid on his chest. Soon, I fell asleep. I wokeup to a rining noise. My 7am alarm. Jared was still asleep. I turn off my alarm but hear another noise. A knock. Before I had a chance to respond, I hear it. “Elle I heard an alarm I wanting to make sure you were up for whatever you need—“ a pause. It was Cameron. He just stared. He saw us. Jared and I, naked in my bed. I didn’t know how to react. Cameron’s eyes turned dark. “GET THE FU*K OUT IF THIS HOUSE!” Jared jumped up so quick, now awake and confused. “Woah man—“ Hared began to say. “NO GET THE HELL OUT AND DON’T COME BACK.” Jared looked at me and I nodded my head. He put this pants on and grabbed his shirt and shoes. He quickly walked out, never looking up at Cameron.
He said nothing to me. Just stared. For a solid minute. Then, he shook his head, hit the wall, and walked out.
What did I do?
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