Falling For a Brother Who Isn’t My Brother

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Chapter 5

I threw on my tshirt and pajama shorts and ran out my door. Cameron was in his room. I banged on the door. No answer. I tried to open it but it was locked. I guess I have to do this. I went back into my bedroom. I walked into the bathroom praying he didn’t lock his door. I turned the knob and threw it open. HA!

There was Cameron, sitting on his bed and facing away. “Cameron?” He said nothing. “Cameron talk to me.” He took a deep breath. “Go away Elle.” I walked closer. “I said go away.” I stopped and crossed my arms. “No Cameron. I’m not going away. I don’t see why you are upset.” He auickly turned around and stared at me, obviously angry. “What did you just say to me?” I looked down. “I mean, you hung out with Darcy. And we all know what Darcy’s favorite thing to do is.” He started laughing. “What is so funny Cameron? You obviously don’t care about me in any way. If you did, you wouldn’t have slept with her. So to move on, I slept with Jared.” He was still laughing. “Elle, I didn’t sleep with Darcy.” I gave him a confused look. “I had Drake drop me off at the movie theatre. He hung out with Anne and picked me up after. Only a desperate guy would spend time with Darcy.” Unbelieveable. I am such an idiot. I hurt his feelings, I didn’t think before I acted. Having no response, I turned around to walk out. Cameron hopped over the bed and stepped in front of me, closing the door.

“Elle. Look at me.” I kept my head down. He grabbed my chin and tilted my head up. “I said something very important to you yesterday.” Honey all I remember is your boner. The rest is a blur. “I said that I don’t want anyone doing things to you except for me.” I was ready to tell him that I’m not his property. He can’t just ignore me whenever he wants to. As I opened my mouth to say it, I was met with his tongue. He kissed me like he needed me. It was different this time. The last time it was more wild, this time it felt like he genuinely needed me. He picked me up and set me on the dresser. He began to kiss my neck. “But what about Drake?” He laughed. “Oh sweetheart, Drake stayed at Annes. He drove back here, came upstairs for his charger, and then left.” I let out a sigh of relief. As he was kissing my neck I pulled off his shirt. Which seemed like something he was glad to do. The neck kisses were getting more intense. He started to lightly suck right below my jawline. I moaned and wrapped my legs around him, pulling his hips and erection close. I dug my nails deeply into his back. The most intense moan came from his mouth. “Oh, sweetheart wants it bad?” I nodded my head in response. He tilted me back slightly to pull down my pajama shorts. I watched him as he made eye contact getting onto he knees. He grabbed my thighs tightly and pulled me close. He started kissing my inner thighs, teasing me. I threw my head back in satisfaction. He brought out his whole tounge and did long, slow licks. He began flicking his tounge which was instant pleasure. I moaned and began to start grabbing my breasts. The combination felt amazing. I let one hand loose and used it to grab his hair and push him in further. I let go when be began sucking. Instinctly, I move my hand down to start playing with myself a little bit also. “No baby, this is all my job.” He smirks at me with his eyes burning into mine. He takes two fingers and puts them inside me, pumping in and out slowly. I lose all control and push him off. I hop down from the dresser while confusion is plastered on his face. I give him a small smirk and pull his pants down. He looks at me in awe. I push him down onto the bed and get on top of him. I press my hands on his firm chest and stick my tongue into his mouth. I release him and make my way down. I grab his long, erect member and place it into my mouth. I go all the way down until it hits the back of my throat. “Fuck baby” he hisses “don’t stop.” That was all the encouragement I needed. I start to go up and down. Swirrling my tongue against the tip. He loves it. A few more moans escape his mouth. This is it. I get back on top of him. Each knee outside of his hips. He has his eyes closed and his head thrown back. I begin to lower myself down and feel the tip at my entrance. Then, I hear the garage door. Our eyes get wide as we both mouth SHIT. I quickly get off of him and we throw our clothes on. I go to open the bathroom door to run back to my room when he grabs my arm. “To be continued.” He plants a long, deep kiss on my lips and releases me. I run back into my bathroom blushing.

I go downstairs to see if it was mom or Drake. It was mom. She was glowing. “Mom! How did the meeting go?” She clapped her hands together. “It was fantastic! We bought a small business today! I felt like it was time that the company branched out more.” I gave her a hug. “Mom I am so proud of you.” I hear someone clear their throat. I was Cameron in the doorway, leaning against the doorway. My mom smiled. “Hello Cameron. You look worn out. Did you not get much sleep last night?” She then looked at me “So do you Elle. Did you guys stay up watching horror movies again? I told you that even though you guys are adults that doesn’t mean you can function on no sleep!” We all laughed together. Wow. If only she knew.

I turned around to go upstairs, being sweaty I clearly needed a shower. He followed me up the stairs. Sneakily grabbing my butt. I swatted his hand away. I went into my bedroom and closed my door. I started the shower and took off my clothes. Time to wash away all my sins. As I was about to hop in, the door opened. Cameron walked in, kissed me, and said “I just needed to see you naked reak quick.” Winked, and walked out.

I swear I am going to lose my mind over this man.

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