The Fallen

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The Fallen (slow update) "Can I eat this?" "No" "But Irene said I can" "Trust me no" "But-" "You can't eat that. Final" "Okay" "Can I open that square thing with a person moving inside?" "It's called a Television, babe" "Oh. So Can I open it?" "Yes, you can." New things, new world. It's always a wonder to me. I grew up in a world of darkness, in isolation. I didn't care, it's what I was given. Why would I complain when I don't even know what life means? I was given a life, yet I couldn't live with it. I don't know who I am, but I met my saviour. He became someone who called a teacher, someone who called a friend, a family. I found my self cause he showed it to me. I was lost, he bought me back. I was nothing, he found my worth. I was called by many things. And yet, he calls me his Angel.

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I sigh as a looked up my window, it is small I could barely even fit in there and it's very high. I played with my new found toy. Mr. Guard called it a 'ball'. Its a small round thing that bounces anywhere when you drop or throw it.

I giggled as I try to catch it when it bounces every where in my room. Then it stopped under the lavatory. A pout form on my face but nonetheless I pick it up and sit beside the tub, that's what Mr. Guard called it. I used it to take a bath.

I love taking a bath because I always played with the thing that gives me water... Mr. Guard called it a 'faucet'.

Maybe I should take a bath now. The clothes I have are dry and wearable. And besides, I can play with my ball while taking a bath.

I went inside the tub thing and open the faucet. Waiting for the tub to be filled, I played with my ball and it bounces on the other side again. I frown as I got up and walk towards it. The only thing I don't like about this ball is that it bounces almost everywhere.. Like all over the place.

The door opened and comes in Mr. Guard. I smiled as I ran up to him, the ball in my arms. And a little wet.

"Mr. Guard!"

He laughed at me and pats my head. Then his smile falters and slowly bend down to my level. I am very short, Mr. Guard says that I only height at 5'4 and his was 6'2.

"What's wrong? Are you okay Mr. Guard?" I offered him my ball. This thing makes me happy. Whatever I feel, this ball is everything to me. When I'm bappy, I play with my ball, when I'm sad, or just plain boring.

"No, everything's fine." He said as he sits on the floor. I followed too.

"Actually, I was wondering if you want to explore the outside world?"

I giggled while nodding. "Of course! I always wondered what was in the outside world. Like I heard from someone who came here some days ago to give me clothes that they will go out clapping..? Was it?"

"It's.. clubbing." He chuckled. Ooh.. I heard it wrong. I giggled.

"But, you can't go clubbing." I pouted at his word. I dribble the ball while frowning. But they said its fun. I want to go if ever a miracle happens and I'm out of here.

"But why? I heard it's very fun."

"Hmm. It is fun. But you're not allowed to go."

I was about to protest but a loud bang shook the entire room. Fear was absolutely clear in my face. And the room burst open.

I scream my lungs out. Was I going to get punished again? Is it because I ask to much?

"I'M SORRY! I PROMISE I WON'T DO IT AGAIN!" I cried as a hand grabs my arm. Smoke from the outside filled the room as I was struggling to breath. I tried to break free from the hands that tried to take a hold on me.

"I-I won't ask again! I promise!" I plead.

"It's okay, help is here."

"Help..?" Who is help? My insides burn as I continue to breath in the smoke.. and it hurts. I cried again. I said I was sorry.

"Hurry up Brich. The boss's outside." I can't hear anything clearly with all the booming noises. And my head became weird, I- everything moves. My ball? Where's my ball?

Then it was black.


"You motherfucker traitor!!" A loud voice was heard at the top of the stairs as they made an escape.

"Fuck. You go first, I hold him." Brich said as he holds out the little guy to his comrade and friend, Zero. But the little guy has a tight grip on him along with the ball.

"I'll do it. He won't let go. Besides, the boss is waiti--"

A loud bang cut their conversation followed by a sinister laugh. "Let go of that prisoner and we might just let you off with your tail between you fucking legs!"

Zero loads his gun and like a flash of light he pull the trigger on his target. "Run!" And run they did.

Bullets flying everywhere, debris falling and screams filled the entire building. The other men went room by room to rescue the remaining prisoners.

Ramillio could not wait outside so he went into the battle, unarmed. He does not care for his safety, not even the slightest. After all, he was not alive to begin with.

"Boss! Brich and Zero are almost outside of the building, please reconsider waiting here." Clarence, Ramillio's trusted secretary, cried as he followed his boss like a lost puppy.

"I know. I just can't stand here waiting."

"B-but boss!" If something happens to his Boss, he would surely suffer from the consequences. Although it would be a bit impossible to harm Ramillio, but still, chances are at risk. And they cannot annihilate the plan they made for over three years.

It was part in their plan to wait until Brich and Zero was out of the building before exploding the whole building, starting from the basement. Their plan was to rescue all the prisoners and slaughter all Marco's men. Not leaving one alive.

"Fuck! Can you run more faster Brich!?" They turn their head towards the door and they saw Brich and Zero almost covered in blood running to their way.

"Boss." The both greeted while panting. Brich kneeled to the ground as the adrenalin rush wash out of his system. Then a pain felt on his back and legs as he grunted. Zero was no less alright.

Ramillio notice this as he gather up the little one in his arms and walks back to his car. Carefully placing him on his lap as he face his secretary.

Finally... He thought as he caress his finger at the boy's face.

"Make sure everyone one makes it out alive." with a stern face he said. Ramillio doesn't like it if he knew his men had suffered before dying. And everyone knows it.

And he left after he made sure they all get what he meant. And everyone knows that his words is always ABSOLUTE.

Thank you for reading 😊

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