Never Underestimate a Lady

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Unusual name

“You got dressed relatively fast, detective,” Lady Freya said as she took lighter steps in the snow than the detective next to her.

“Practice makes perfect, Miss Freya,” she said as she tightened her heavy black winter coat around her. Lady Freya was wearing a pair of trousers herself, hers were more feminine and showed her shapely legs. Her long coat accentuated her figure nicely and from behind it almost looked like she was wearing a dress.

This outfit was just as alluring as her dress from a day prior.

“Where are we heading exactly?” The detective asked as she rubbed a gloved hand over her face once more. The cold morning air was waking her up considerably and it was managing to keep her awake.

“Before tackling the day, Detective, one must first have a good breakfast to give you the strength,” Lady Freya said as she seemed to look comfortable in the cold.

“Years of not doing that would beg to differ,” the detective said.

“When was the last time you ate Detective?” Lady Freya asked as she raised her eyebrow.

“What day of the week is it?” She asked a hint of jest in her voice.

“Not funny, you should take better care of yourself,” the redhead grumbled.

“Forgive me, but please understand that I am the way I am,” the detective sighed.

“Right, but that does not mean I cannot care,” Lady Freya said softly.

The detective stopped walking, after taking a step or two more, Freya stopped as well and turned to look at her.

“Trust me Miss Freya…the more you will most likely learn of me, the less you would want to associate with me,” the detective said softly. The redhead frowned slightly and closed in on the detective, standing toe to toe with her, slightly tilting her head up to look her in the face.

“I alone will be the judge of what I do and do not associate with, Detective Black,” Freya growled softly. The detective matched the swirling fire in Freya’s green eyes with ones of her own.

“As you wish Miss Freya,” the detective said and Freya nodded before starting to walk again. The detective followed beside her once more.

It wasn’t long till they reached a spot to eat, luckily inside, where a fire was raging in a fireplace. The detective took the open table nearest to it, sighing happily as the warmth washed over her.

“Not fond of the cold Detective?” Freya smiled as the detective pulled a chair out for her. She sat down and kept smiling as the detective pushed her chair in before taking her own seat.

“I could do without, I have a high tolerance for warmth, humorous seeing as it rains here every other day, I am at my happiest on those days where everyone feels like melting,” the detective said as she smiled.

Lady Freya covered her mouth as she giggled. The sound and sight was very pleasant to the detective and she couldn’t help but smile more. They were briefly interrupted with a waitress, they ordered breakfast and were left alone again.

“So tell me Miss Freya, besides where you think Mr. Somner is, to what do I owe the pleasure?” The detective asked. The redhead blushed slightly as she fiddled with her gloves.

“I find you…interesting Detective, it has been a long time since something or someone caught my attention,” Lady Freya said honestly.

“I sincerely hope all you found out about me was my place of residence,” the detective chuckled.

“That’s for me to know, Detective,” Freya smiled.

“I believe while in a casual setting you may call me by name Miss Freya,” the detective said and Freya bit her lip.

“Are you sure?” She asked.

“You no doubt already know it,” the detective smiled more.

“I have to say I’ve never heard the name Vox before, I’m almost certain it’s not a real name,” Freya giggled, but she did eye the disguised woman nervously.

“Real or not that is my name Miss Freya,” Vox kept smiling. Her smile turned into a grin as their tea arrived. She pulled off her gloves and wrapped her hands around the hot cup.

“Mm, nothing better than a nice hot cup of tea in the morning,” Vox purred.

“I have to agree,” Freya hummed as she did the same with her gloves and cup.

“What does your mother think about you dallying around here?” Vox asked and saw Freya’s eyes widen slightly.

“She’s mostly busy with other fairs of the upper class; she’s long learned not to restrain me. She lets me do as I wish as long as I still attend gatherings,” Lady Freya answered.

“Very kind of her, it’s only the two of you left, I had thought she would have kept you closer,” Vox said and saw Freya’s face and eyes darken.

“Yes, but I think because of what our family went through she wants me to be happy,” she said softly.

“My apologies for touching a nerve,” Vox whispered.

“No matter, I know that you’re all alone yourself, I could not find anything about your family, or your last name,” Freya said as she took a sip of her tea.

“True, in all honesty Miss Freya, I do not know my family, or what my real last name is, so I gave my last name myself. I will be making my own legacy,” Vox sighed as she sipped her tea.

Freya eyed the disguised woman.

“But your last name will live and die with you,” Freya said.

“If that is how it will be then so be it, but at least I will go down as the greatest detective in London,” Vox smirked.

“Cocky aren’t we?” Freya giggled.

“I have to be. Cocky and confident, but humble. As long as I know my current limits and work to better myself I can achieve anything I desire,” Vox said.

Their food arrived not a moment too soon and they started eating as the place grew busier.

“We think much the same Vox and that is very refreshing,” Freya smiled.

“I do like how my name sounds on your tongue,” Vox purred and smiled as she saw the blush spread over the woman’s freckled cheeks.

“Well, I guess we should spend more time together so you can hear it more, Vox,” Freya purred softly as she bit her lip.

“I would love nothing more,” Vox said.

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