Never Underestimate a Lady

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Mr Somner

Detective Black was used to working alone. She found working with someone alongside her a little distressing and distracting. It limited her options on things and she had to be aware that she couldn’t just run off or blend in like she would.

But this was Lady Freya. So far she has been nothing but a surprising delight. Her wit and observation skills were on par as far as the detective could see and she had a more natural social aura about her. Where the detective was charming, Freya was alluring. People would talk with her first where Vox had to make the first step.

Vox thinks it’s due to Freya’s social standing, she naturally exuded confidence. Vox had to actively try. Although Vox picked up on body language faster and knew how to control her own. Freya was good as well, but it took her a little longer and she had some trouble controlling herself. She could stop herself from general body language but smaller ones tended to give her away slightly.

After breakfast they had traveled to the docks via carriage. Vox tried getting Freya to tell her how she found him, but the woman was a stone wall and cheeky about it too. The detective liked the challenge and it seemed Freya was enjoying the attention.

Vox doesn’t travel to the docks often, the smell of the sea and fish always managing to make her miserable. She’d much rather be among greenery, in the woods or highlands, grass and trees were good. The water was evil and cold.

“What makes you think he will still be here?” Vox asked as they disembarked their ride.

“I don’t, but this is where he was last seen, as a detective you must know how to track someone like that,” Freya shrugged and smiled cheekily making Vox narrow her eyes.

“I do, but I feel like letting you lead, it gives me the chance to see what you are capable of,” Vox simply said.

“Talk about pressure,” Freya sighed, but Vox could see the faint smile on her lips.

“Well it would be much better if he weren’t still here, I’m not dressed for the docks and I honestly despise it,” Vox admitted.

“Interesting, I will try to remember,” Freya smiled. Vox chuckled and her eyes spotted a very familiar looking man. Thinking quickly she grabs Lady Freya’s hip and slightly pinned her up a nearby wall. Freya’s eyes widened and Vox could see she was close to either scolding her or slapping her or both.

“Somner is walking this way; I’d rather try to follow him before confronting him,” Vox whispered and saw the redheads eyes flicker behind the detective.

“Very well,” Freya let out a breath before resting a hand on Vox’s arm.

“Keep an eye on him,” Vox said and Freya nodded as she did just that. She squeezed Vox’s arm once the suspect was a good distance away. The detective let go of the woman’s hip and started following the man. Freya was short on her heels.

“What do you hope to gain from this?” Freya asked.

“A better understanding of our target, the more one can learn about someone, especially their habits and natures one can find the best route to speak with them that will yield the best results,” Vox explained.

“Intriguing, I must say, detective, I would love to have you teach me a few things,” Freya smiled and Vox chuckled.

“I can try my best,” the detective said, link your arm with my elbow,” she added as the man looked to the side. Freya did so without question.

“So act casual,” Freya whispered and Vox nodded.

Mr. Somner stopped a few times as they kept walking. He talked with a few people and intimidated a few more. They eventually followed him to a pub and Freya shook her head.

“It’s hardly noon and he’s going for a pint,” she grumbled after checking her pocket watch.

“Some people drink much sooner and some are constantly drunk,” Vox shrugged.

“I’d rather you not be there when I question him, but I also don’t want you to be alone in there,” Vox grumbled as she thought about her options.

“I will have you know Detective Black that I can take care of myself,” Freya huffed.

“I’m inclined to believe you Miss Freya, but until I witness it with my own eyes I would rather just keep you safe,” Vox said.

“Trust me, please,” Freya whispered and Vox eyed her. Interrogating him would be much easier without Freya as a distraction.

“Fine, you go first and I will follow after you take a seat, order some gin but try and not drink it,” Vox instructed. Freya nodded before making her way inside.

Vox waited and watched through the window. After Freya got her drink she made her entrance, confidently and swiftly making her way to stand by Mr. Somner who was halfway with his pint.

“What you want?” He grunted.

“Mr. Somner it would be in both our interests if you would kindly answer a few questions,” Vox said.

“And who the fuck are you?” He snarled up to her.

“Someone who can either be your friend or your enemy, may I sit?” She asked and he grunted, waving his mug to the open seat before downing it. He thrust it onto the table loudly before shouting to the barman for another.

Vox sat down and shook her head politely to the patron as he brought over another mug.

“Don’t trust a man that don’t drink,” the man snarled and Vox shrugged.

“Be that as it may I’d rather be of sound mind Mr. Somner,” she said and he just grumbled.

“I heard through the grapevine that a Mr. Benjamin Keller was murdered roughly two days ago and that he had owed money to someone. You are most known among all sharks…does his name ring a bell?” Vox asked. The man eyed her.

“Maybe, what’s it to ya?” He asked.

“Well, the pigs down at the yard are looking for the man he owned the money to and if they find him I can guarantee he will point a finger at someone like yourself, you don’t want murder on your hands do you Mr. Somner?” Vox asked as she kept her calm demeanor.

“I did not off the pansy, not my style, but I might know who this man is,” he said and downed the mug again. Vox noticed that he wasn’t ordering another. She turned her head to the bar.

“Another for my friend here,” Vox said and the man huffed.

“I can get my own drink,” he grumbled.

“Aye, but you’re helping me so I’m repaying you,” Vox said and he shrugged.

“Free booze is free booze,” he said and took a swig of the new mug.

“The man yer looking for goes by the name Griffith, don’t let his looks fool ya, he means business,” he said and Vox nodded.

“Thank you Mr. Somner, I will leave you to your drinking,” Vox said as she stood. He just grunted and drank further. The detective paid for the pint before walking out. She waited for Freya to join her before walking them back to get a ride back.

“I’m very surprised at how easy that was,” Freya said.

“He’s all brawn and no brain, men like those are easy, get them booze or women and their open books,” Vox shrugged.

“So we’re looking for a man going by Griffith?” Freya asked and Vox nodded.

“A new challenge!” Freya cheered and Vox smiled.

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