Destiny of inseparable souls.

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Writer’s pov

And finally the sports day came. Both Anu and Deep were excited to see each other. Even though they texted each other, longingness to see each other made them very uneasy.

Anu didn’t understand what was happening to her. With each day her whole thoughts took the path towards Randeep. The guilt of faking her feelings were really making her uneasy. She knew that she started all this to take revenge on Vrinda but now things started getting messy. But she had to make him her boyfriend at all cost even if she had to hurt his feelings.






Anu’s pov

I was searching for Randeep everywhere but I failed to find him. I heard that Sam bhai’s team is competing against the team from Deep’s college for basketball. Will he be playing for that team? If he is, then, he will surely feel bad seeing me cheering for my bro.

All the students were excited for the match. Aishu even bought me a jersey and cheering balloon for our college’s team.

I think he didn’t come today. Where the hell is he? Fine. I can find him later. I will find my bro now. It’s a tradition within our brother sister group that whoever goes for a competition has to be gifted with a luck token. I usually give a good luck smiley pin to them.

I went to the dressing area of bhai’s team. After seeing me there, bhai ran to me.

“So my princess is here to give me lucky charm? Am I right? “, bhai said

“Who told you I am here to give you lucky charm.? Don’t think so highly of yourself na bhai. I don’t care if you lose or win your game “,I scoffed at his words.

“Ok baba. Why should I need another lucky charm when I have such a precious sister with me”, bhai said pulling my cheeks. This man always try to pull my cheeks when I am mad.

" Anyway, what you said is absolutely true. Mein hu hi itni precious.... But still let’s not break the tradition. ”

“Tada... look.. It’s cute right? I bought it for you ”

It was cute pin showing a cute bunny wishing ‘all the best’.

“Ooh Anu.. Grow up. Who uses these ones nowadays...I can’t play with this on. It’s too cringe”, he mocked.

“Bhai, don’t say it’s cringe. If you don’t wear it you are really gonna lose your game”, I said angrily.

“Ok ok... I can’t win a fight against you. Come pin it on me “, I finally convinced him.

“Ok I reserved upper seats for you and your friend. You can get a great view of the game from there. Here is the tickets”, bhai handed me the tickets.

" All the best bhai”, I hugged him and went to find Deep.

Where the hell is he?

Randeep’s pov

My whole team was busy preparing strategies for the game but my whole attention was on finding Anu. I searched the galleries, ground everywhere but I didn’t see her.

Is she intentionally hiding from me?

But we decided we could meet today. Should I text her that I am at this place waiting for her? But I dropped that idea. I don’t know why.

The last place to search for her was the dressing room. But it was the place with least probability. Still I went to look in that direction. That’s when I saw a small figure wearing a jersey going to the boy’s dressing room of our opposite team. I was about to call her name but I held back and decided to remain there and watch the scene. She was waiting for someone. And as expected that someone turned out to be Samarth Goenka.

Why is she acting so cozy with him? I waited there and saw their exchange of words but could’nt hear anything. What’s going on between them? I saw him pulling her cheeks. Instead of pulling away she was enjoying it. And top of it she gifted him a best of luck pin.

And she didn’t even hesitate to hug him. How can she act so intimate with other males when she confessed to love me? You are mine and how can you act so lovey dovey with someone else. You can’t do this to me Anu. After their conversation Samarth went back and she was also about to leave.

I called her name “Anuradha”, and she stopped her walk and turned back.

“Hey Deep, you are here. Do you know I was looking for you everywhere”, she said smiling. Is she acting or actually she is happy to see mee.

" Oh... I see”, I said.

“You never told you are competing today? “, she questioned looking at my jersey and name card.

" If I told you earlier, would you cheer for me? “, he asked curiously.

" Yeah, If I had known, then I would have prepared a mixed jersey for supporting both the teams. “, she said cheerfully.

“Why? Why can’t you cheer for only me? “, I was really mad at her answers. Why can’t he just cheer only for me. Just me. I am one she like. Why cant she just drop the idea of cheering for Samarth’s team? Is he that important to her?

“Go change the jersey now”, I said without thinking twice. I want to get rid of that filthy jersey from her.

" No I won’t. Don’t be so overbearing ok Deep? I am not even your girlfriend that you are just commanding me to do things your way? “, she said angrily.

" I am overbearing? Ok fine. Hear this. If you change the jersey and cheer for me today I will make you my girlfriend today”, I said and I meant it.

Without hearing what she has to say I left. I can’t bear her lame excuses.

.... .




Writer’s pov

The game was about to begin. Randeep looked at the gallery before the start of the game. He found the seat next to her friend empty. “Where is she? “, he thought to himself. Before the start both the teams greeted each other with great anger. Samarth and Randeep were the captains of respective teams.

“Do you think kids can win this game?“, Samarth sneered at them.

" Maybe, but losers like you guys won’t “, Randeep said glaring at Samarth.

“You... .. “, Samarth was about to fight when his friends held him back.

" Lets give them a befitting reply after the game. Now concentrate on game”, one of Samarth’s teammate assured.




The game began

The starting went smoothly with both the team trying their best. But Samarth managed to strike more than Randeep. Randeep lost his form.

He was already exhausted by the first twenty minute half itself. This game he was not in his exact self. He was playing to defeat someone unlike other games where he played for himself. Anu didn’t appear during the first half.

When the second half started Anu was back in her seat. Her face brought him courage but her jersey did the reverse. She didn’t change it. With every shots of Samarth, she was cheering for him. The scene of his beloved cheering for someone else made him unwanted. It reminded him of the same feeling that his father gave him. Samarth’s team didn’t even had to try much to steal the ball from the other team. Randeep’s team started becoming aggressive with the game. They even slightly injured one of the player. The biggest problem was that their captain was not in form.

And finally Randeep losed terribly to Samarth.

Even the teammembers of Randeep’s team were also surprised by his poor play. Even if he managed to make shots more than anyone in his team, this was not his usual play. His whole play was focused on Samarth which was too strange for them. Randeep soon left from the place and found a silent corner to process his thoughts.

Randeep’s pov

What just happened to me now? How can I get so affected by that girl. I messed up the whole game. I think I have fallen deeply in love with her. That can be only reason that her actions affect me like this. Why did she chose to support him? Am I too worthless in her eyes compared to him?

“Deep “, I heard her voice coming from a distance. She was coming towards me.

" Deep...... Don’t feel sad. Losing is a part of the game. “, she said calmly.

" Do you think I am mad because of losing a mere game and that too with that loser Samarth. “, I spated angrily.

" Deep... . Don’t dare call him a loser ok. “, she rebuked.

" Oh you are offended ... . Cool... very cool. I told you to change your jersey. Why didn’t you change. ?“, I questioned. How can she support him? Whats their relationship?

“I have my own openion. I can wear jersey of my choice. “, she said.

“I told you we can be in a relationship after this. Still you want to act stubborn?“,

“Yes, Its true that I want to be your girlfriend but not because of some stupid jersey. And why are you unnecessarily getting angry at me. What did I do? ” she is still acting clueless... Waah well done.

“Deep baby, you are here. I searched for you everywhere. “, Vrinda same from somewhere out of the blue.

Why is this girl here. Its better anyway. Let her feel the same pain that I went through.

She suddenly grabbed my arms.

" Why are you talking to this unwanted girl Randeep. She is not of our standards. “, She gritted her teeths.

“Vrinda leave us alone. Can’t you see we are discussing something personal here.“, Anu said giving a death glare to Vrinda.

“There is nothing personal between us Miss Anuradha”, I spitted my words angrily.

Anu was damn angry by the lovey dovey show of both of us. It was evident on her face. She deserves it.

" Get that filthy hands off him Vrinda. You are not his girlfriend. “, Anu started unfolding her hands from my arm. Vrinda gave her a strong pull that she was about to fall backwards but she somehow managed to gain her grip.

“Why can’t I hold him? Who are you to tell me not to hold him? “, Vrinda said.

“I will kill you chudail “, Anu was about to give her a smack when I suddenly grabbed her wrist unwinding my hands from Vrinda’s. I pulled her to somewhere else.

" Even if she is not my girlfriend, you are not my girlfriend either to command her to get her hands off me. “, I said looking straight to her eyes.

Hearing my words her eyes became teary.

" How can you talk to me like that Deep”, Anu sobbed at her words. It was true that seeing her tears made me weak but what she did today was not okay.

“Why cant I? You can go hugging other boys and supporting others ?Why can’t I? Huh? “, I asked.

" Deep listen. Let’s talk it out ok? “, she pleaded.

But I was not convinced. I never wanted this kind of relationship where I am treated like nothing. And this girl was becoming my weakness. For the first time I lost a match because of my own mistake. It was only because of you.

“There is nothing to talk. You get that. And don’t ever show you face in front of me again”,

I said and left there. An excape from my weakness.




Writer’s pov

“Hey, Mr Randeep whatever... you said losers like us can’t win the game”, Samarth sneered at him.

" At lease have some shame. You guys nearly injured one of our team mate. Have some integrity guys”, Samarth’s team mate continued to provoke Deep.

“Don’t teach us about integrity. You just like to brag. Why are you complaining like kids about aggressiveness. We don’t have any shame to accept our lose because we know we can win again. But bragging about a game is too much”, Randeep said.

" Hahaha... don’t joke around like this ok? Winning and you guys. I think you are biggest failure. Why to blame your teammates. No wonder you don’t even have a surname. “, Samarth spitted his words angrily. Just as he completed his words Randeep gave him a punch on his face. Samarth also started fighting. The duo’s war of tongues turned into a big fight of fists. But somehow others managed to drag them away.

“Pray to god to not show your face again”, Samarth said while retreating.

" Exactly if I see you again, I might kill you. “, Randeep replied.

“Lets see, “, Samarth said.

Anu’s pov

I thought today will be a happy day as I will get to meet Deep. But I never expected him to treat me like this. He even called my full name. He asked me to change my jersey. Was he is in his right mind today? How can I change my jersey.

My bhai will doubt me if I wear his team’s jersey. And how could he let that bitch cling onto him. What was he taking me for. He said that I don’t have right to ask her to not to hold him. He said he dont like others calling him Deep but he was enjoying that chudail calling him Deep baby. Baby my shit. He is mine.

But he is so mean. And I became the foolish girl who went to console him. Why does his words hurt me like this? I think you have fallen for him for real Anu. I have fallen for a Devil. And now he doesn’t want to see my face. What did I do to deserve this? Did he know about my game of love with him from somewhere? But only me and friends know about it. They won’t tell him. Then what is his problem with me?

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