Destiny of inseparable souls.

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"How deep is your love for me”, he asked.

“Its too deep that we both can drown in it”, she chuckled.

“When you have to chose between me or the most precious thing in your life, whom will you chose? “, he asked again.

“I will chose the most precious thing and that will no doubt be you”, she answered without thinking twice and embraced him wholeheartedly.

The Goenkas and Rathods. If we ask who is the most powerful one then there is no answer. But simply it is said that they both rule the business world in Asia.

They are biggest competetors of each other. Their Enimity is not something new to the world.

The Goenkas

Satya Narayan Goenka and Gayatri Goenka

The head of the household

Shivprasad Goenka and Mithila Goenka

- CEO and MD of Goenka Groups. Father and mother of Anuradha and her three brothers.

Rajveeer Goenka

The eldest son of Goenkas. He is the ideal son. Overprotective about siblings

Samarth Goenka

Short tempered and competitive.

Indraniel Goenka

Calm and quiet in nature.

Anuradha Goenka

Bubbly girl. Overly pampered. She is the soul of the house. Her brothers cross any limits for her. Her happiness and safety is the prime priority of the brothers.


I know it’s been 6 years from that incident. And now my parents and brothers want me to get married. I don’t understand why this hurry. I haven’t still moved on from my past and they want me to get married to some stranger. I can’t blame them as they dont know what happened back then. I know I hate him for breaking me into a million pieces. What was my fault? Loving that person without any limits? If that is my sin then I should be punished. May be that’s what I am suffering now.

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