Destiny of inseparable souls.

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Tapasya pov

When I look at myself in the mirror, I can’t find the real me. The real me who always knew how to win the games of life. That me was lost somewhere.

How could you let that person be your weakness. Was love always a weakness for a person? What have I never done for that man? And is this the final outcome that stamps me as the loser? Is this signalling my downfall?

How can I ever think of stopping. No! I can’t stop now. I want to conquer everything that I lost. I will make you experience the same pain that I went through. I lost two most precious things in my life. And the reason is only you. Anuradha just wait for me.

The Rathods

The whole chain of business of Rathods were handled by the ruthless Rudra Singh Rathod. Due to his illness his daughter, Tapasya had no other option other than stepping into the business world.

She lost her mother when she was just four. She never got the care or love she ever wished for. But she found the biggest joy in looking after her brothers. She was strong like a diamond but who knew her heart would be the most fragile.

All the responsibilities came to her shoulder when she was just 22. A little girl who had dreams in her eyes had to crush them underneath the ground and had to face the cruel world. She had to handle the whole business world of the Rathods at the first flush of youth. There was nothing in this world that could make her weak except one person.

Tapasya Singh Rathod

She is the beauty with brains. She was born to be a lioness, a queen.

Randeep Singh Rathod

Tapasya’s younger brother whom she treasures like her own child. He never got the love he deserved from his father, who blamed him for his mother’s death. Being brought up in an abusive atmosphere, his identity was mostly kept a secret. The only person he truly cares about is his sister and his step brother.

Raghav Singh Rathod

The youngest of the Rathods. He doesnt have any interest in business.



6 years back

Anu’s pov

I’m studying in 12th at the Goenka International School. Yes it is owned by my own family. But it is not located in my hometown. I’m staying in the hostel.

Samarth bhai is doing his MBA in our College. The campus is near to ours. So he will usually come and meet me. And my big brother Veer is all ready to take over the position of ceo in the Goenka Enterprise. And my third brother Niel, isn't interested in business. He is doing his Mbbs. He’s very much different from the rest of us, full of peace and calmness.

“Hey princess, how are you? I think we are the only one missing you. I doubt whether u forgot that you have other two charming brothers too.” Veer bhai asked though the phone.

“No bhai! What rubbish is this? How can I forget you all? After all, you know you three are my oxygen, how can I live without oxygen in this world? . Don’t you know how much I am suffering without you both. Thank god Sam bhai is with me. Otherwise I would have been dead by now.” I said. It was true because living away from them is the most torturous thing.

“Stop talking about being dead idiot. I hate hearing that. And how is Samarth? Is he studying or just quarrelling over silly matters with people? That idiot is not picking up my calls. What’s he up to?” I knew it this call was to know about Sam bhai.

“Sam bhai is so busy with the basketball championship preparation. Don't worry. I can take care of him. ” I assured him.

“Oh look who’s trying to be caring! First, take care of yourself. And don’t create some foolish scenes there, both of you. Ma and Papa will only scold us. Understood?” Why does bhai feel that we are here only to create problems?

“Haa bhai. U know me na. Do you really think I’d do something foolish ? I was busy with my classes naa bhai that’s why I did'nt get time to call you. Ok I’m going now. Its time for food. If I get late I wont get the chicken piece. I miss you bhayeezzz...convey my regards to mama pappa grandpa and Niel bhai. Tataa..kissy kissy...” By saying that I ran to my canteen. I’m late today. My friends are waiting for me. Oh god they will kill me if we won’t get chicken today... Chicken is my priority for now!

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