Destiny of inseparable souls.

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Cold faced guy

After cutting the call I ran to my friends Ira and Aishu. They were waiting for me at the entrace of canteen.

“Where were you? Don’t you know that we were waiting for you? You can totally forget about the chicken right now. I had told this idiot to come as soon as possible before everyone swallow the chicken whole. And this girl was busy with her phone. “, Aishu argued.

“Sorry yaar, I thought I would be in time but I want chicken today. Lets go out and have it, what do you guys say? “, I suggested.

“Ok then come on, even I am craving for chicken today.“, said Ira.

We reached the restaurant after walking for around fifteen minutes. There was a huge crowd today unlike other days. It was not a star restaurant but a normal one. We gave the order and was chitchating ok, better to say we were gossiping.

After a few minutes I saw her coming with her bunch of slave friends. I hate her. Vrinda and I have been enimies since fourth standard. She always had a lot of boys lurking around her and all wanted to be her friends. I didn’t understant why no boys wanted to be my friend. Later I understood that it was due to my three big bros. To be frank even I was not that into boys. Most of them only valued money and power not true friendship. Thats the main reason I had only few friends from childhood. Not to mention my brothers, because of them I never felt the need of having more friends.

Ok coming back to Vinda, we had a crush on the same boy. He was a cute silent boy and also the class first. Even the teachers supported her because she was the calm innocent type. But truly I was the actual innocent one. But the way she faked her innocence, everybody favoured her.

She sensed that I had a crush on that boy. So she took a step ahead and proposed him and that duffer boy fell for her innocent beauty. I wanted him to open his eyes and see that bitch’s true colour. But he accepted and they started dating at 5 the standard. And in 7 th she dumbed him. He deserved it. Duffer!

Since then she is competing with me for everything. Whenever I join a competetion she will join the same and defeat me. Whenever someone becomes my friend she will get close to them and trap them in her spider web. But Ira and Aishu never fell in her trap. Thats why I love them so much.
And our saga of enimity continued. I will surely take revenge when I get a chance.
“Look Anu, your soul enemy is here”, Iru said as she noticed her arrival. Her eyes were searching someone and that made me curious. She took her strides to a table of boys. I felt like they are college boys and there uniform were different and i confirmed that they are not from our college.

“Stop glaring there Anu. They will notice that your attention is on them.“, Aishu warned.

" I think the rumour are true. ” Ira said.

“What rumours”, I asked curiously.

“Didn’t you hear that Vrinda is in love with that boy sitting there? I heard that he don’t have any interest in her and its easily visible too. ” Ira said.

“Which boy are you referring to? “, I was curious.

“That cold faced good looking one there sitting next to her”, Ira said.

I couldn’t see his face as it was hard to see his face from my angle. I leaned to the side of my seat and tried my best but I couldn’t see. In my last try I took too much strenght that my chair tripped and I fell directly on to the floor with a bang noise.

Even the fall was bit painfull, I was still searching for his face. Finally his attention was on me. I finally saw that cold faced good looking guy. Our eyes met. Oh god! he was looking at me. That glance bought some electric current to my body. What the hell is happening to me? Why every cell in my body is vibrating? I was literaly looking at him without blinking. After few seconds his eyes moved from mine. That brought a little pain. But I was suddenly awoken from these thoughts due to heavier pain that was coming from my knees. Shit! I embarrassed myself. Suddenly Ira and Aishu came to help me get up. Thankfully I was not wounded. After a while I relaxed myself.
Then our order came.

We had our chicken and headed back to our hostel.

Something was bothering me. That day when I went to bed, sleep was far away. Whenever I tried closing my eyes his face was visible.“How can you get attatched to someone with a mere glance? “, I questioned myself. I don’t even know his name. What will be his name? I was curious, damn curious about that person.

Next day

It was the day of results. I wanted to top badly. Since long I have been trying to outshine that Vrinda. But she never let me win. This time I even studied till night as I was too desperate to top.

" Did you see the result, “, asked Aishu. I was too nervous so i didnt go to see. ”

Ok ok, don’t be nervous.I looked yours and Congrats yaar , you are second again”.

“Who is the first?“, that was the only thing that came from my mouth.

“Vrinda”she said...

Oh god! Again I lost to her.

I knew she would be coming to me to brag about her never ending success. And as expected that chudail came with a face full of victory smirk.

" How many times will you lose to me dear. Don’t you have shame. Do you have to bet again. Ok this time we can bet on yourself. Be my servant. What says? “, she was testing my patience spitting these words. Controlling my anger I said, “I will win the most precious thing from you dear. Just wait and watch. And you will come to me one day begging, asking to return that back to you”.

By saying those words I went back to my hostel.

Evening while I was passing through her door, I overheard her conversation with her friend.

" I think he will fall for you sooner or later. Who would dare to steal him from you. Everyone knows that you are chasing him and no one would dare to go near him. You are even famous in his college”, one of her roommate said consoling her.

“I know but if he fall for someone else what am I gonna do. He is my first love. I have been eyeing him since childhood. He never shows interest in me. “, Vrinda said with a sad tone.

" You just woo him. He can’t resist long. Have faith in yourself yaar
“, friend assured her.

Ohoo! This Vrinda is head over heals with that boy. I will break her faith in herself. I will make him fall for me. Then what are you gonna do girl?

As I entered my room, I enquired my friend about Vrinda’ s crush. My friend told that his name was Randeep. And he was studying his MBA in GH College.

We can meet soon Randeep.


How will the first meeting of Randeep and Anuradha be?

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