Destiny of inseparable souls.

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Falling girl

I was forced awake from the sleep by the buzzering sound of the alarm. Today is the college fest and I don’t know why I’m damn excited for it maybe because today is a holiday for us. As the college is a part of our school we school students can also roam around to see the events.

I even heard that there’s gonna be a Pro Show performed by my favourite band. I don’t know how to explain how excited I am. I know we school students are not allowed but still I can get an entry with the help of my bro. And also I can see my Sammy bro today. But Sammy bro will be busy with many programs. With his character he might be participating in all the events. We even had to build a new cupboard at home to accomodate all his trophies. I don’t know why he is so competetive? Is winning so important?
When I got up both Ira and Aishu were both ready to attend the fest at college. They forced me to get up and get ready. I don’t know what events are happening now. Anyway I am not interested in any events other than Pro show.

But something that attracts me in the college is their Cafeteria. They have the most tastiest things. Earlier bhai used to buy me samosa and puffs from there. Oh god thinking about itself is watering my mouth. Today I will have a feast.

Will that Randeep be here for any events. If I find him today I will start my mission ‘Trap Randeep in Love’ today itself. I will make him head over heels in love with me, after all, he won’t be able to get away from charms.


After a while we reached the college campus. Whenever I visit this campus I get an artificial feel. How will I do my college in such a moody place? I wish I can study somewhere else but at the same time I can’t stay far away from my broz.

All the events were boring as expected. I somehow managed to drag them to the Cafeteria. I ordered my favourites Samosa and Puffs. One should not compromise on food thats my policy and its a fact that everyone lives to eat. I was damn hungry and not to say I forgot to even have the breakfast. I was in my own world of eating that I didn’t notice that both the idiots were cracking some joke and smiling at me. I don’t know what’s so funny. Can’t they share with me? Whatever.

After being seated for sometime my eyes fell on my target. There he is. My Randeep.

Where did that ‘my’ come from? Oh god! What am I thinking. I haven’t talked to him a word and still I dare to claim him mine. Oh Anu. Waah!

I can’t help my eyes from looking at him. I think he meets all my beauty standards. Ladka bura nahi hei. If we become a couple then obviously we would make a great pair thanks to my charisma. But why does this fellow give a cold look always and I can say even his friends are scared of him by the looks. And that chudail Vrinda was giggling as if he cracked some joke. I am pretty sure she will be even laughing to his ‘Hmmmm’. Can’t she understand that he is not interested in her. How can she? She is a fool. If it was me on that table instead of her he would be rolling on the floor laughing for my humour. I can make anyone laugh. Even the whole college knows that I am funny girl. And my family is pretty much proud of it. She got no brains. Such a loser.

Why can’t he take his time to notice a pretty girl like me not that chappati face Vrinda. Is it something that I am doing wrong that he doesn’t take a second to gaze at me or is she actually more prettier than me. No way! That can’t be true. Now watch me how to properly seduce a guy. Should I apply some make up before doing a fancy catwalk in front of him. No! I am sure I am looking fabulous.

Ok time to shine.

Writer’s pov

Anu had to seduce that man at any cost. She stood up from her chair like the queen she is and planned an iconic exit from the canteen with her friends.

She swayed her hips and tried to make her way towards her prince charming’s table. But unknown to her the Vrinda’s slave friend was near to her giving her a smirky smile. Just as she was about to give a sexy swing of her hair, the girl advanced one of her feet forward. Anu’s whole balance was lost. She felt as if she was about to fall from the top of a mountain striking her face straight over the floor just like some bollywood action style. She was just few centimeters away from hitting her nose on the table end. She was lying on the floor and a bunch of gummy bears erupted from her pink bag and got scattered all over the floor
That was really a pathetic scene to be watched.

The whole people started laughing at her fall. Eventhough Anu’s friend couldn’t control their laugh they somehow managed to swept her away from the scene. Her eyes were buzzling with tears and was loudly sobing like a kindergarten child. Her friends guided her outside. But as she was leaving she thought about the most embarrassing thing.

“Did he notice my fall?“, she thought to herself Before leaving she gave him a look and obviously he was staring at her. “Oh god! he saw me fall..Aish its better to die than this emberassment. I hate this doomed life”, she thought.





Randeep’s pov

This whole day was kind of moody for me. And to add to that Vrinda’s terrible jokes. Oh my god I can’t handle that bullshit. I tried my best to laugh but everytime I tried, my cheeks hurt. She is ok but not my type. I think the girl my type isn’t even born. The only reason I am tolerating her is because she is my friend’s sister other than that she is a complete nuisance. I am trying to be just friends, nothing more but she seems to be making it harder even to be friends.

My life seems to be going in a steady path for now. I don’t know for how much long it may last. For now, the man who I call ‘father’ is not paying much attention to my life just the way I like it. But I don’t know how long this peace will last. If he try to interfere in my life then surely I will try to fight back. The scars are still fresh and the pain won’t vanish until I die. Sometimes I wish to escape. But I can’t. I won’t hurt my loved ones. For them I will live this life happily.




I was just playing on the phone, then suddenly my friend and also roommate Tarun came to the room humming to some Bollywood song. I saw him taking something from his pocket and eating. It was a gummybear.

“Are you a kid to eat a gummybear”, I asked

“Oh this, I got it as a there was no change with the shopvendor. Otherwise which adult will eat this thing”, Tarun said.

I don’t know why but his words made me smile. Ok sorry Laugh! Actually it’s not his words but thoughts about that girl. I am sure whenever I will see a gummy bear the first and dumbest person that would come to my mind would be that falling girl.

I wonder if she keeps falling everywhere, at the busstand, at the classroom, at the canteen maybe at the bathroom. She deserves a prize for that. I have been noticing her for a few days. Even though she don’t know, I noticed the sly looks she have been giving me as if I am some kind of food.And it scares me at timestimes even though I find it quite funny.

Vrinda is terrible at making me laugh but I give this girl some points for making me hold my laughter. I still remember bits of food decorating her whole face while eating that samosa at canteen. And which grown up cry like that for a small fall. Poor thing. I feel pity for her. I wonder how she manages trying not to fall everyday. But still that girl made me laugh. The laugh that I was missing for many days maybe many years... .

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